Presenters Poster Title DDPW01 - Poster Session A - Tuesday 18

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					                 DDPW01 - Poster Session A - Tuesday 18 August 2009
Board #         Presenters                          Poster Title
   1    Huang Hao                 The short-timescaled variation of the SED of the disk resulting
        Te Ke                     from the stellar X-ray flaring
   2    Annabel Cartwright        A new switch for Artificial Viscosity in SPH Simulations of
                                  Accretion Disks
   3    Catherine Braiding        The Hall Effect in Star Formation
        Mark Wardle
        Catherine Espaillat       Pre-transitional Disks: The Missing Link for Planet Formation in
   4                              Disks
   5    Chagelishvili G.D.        Hydrodynamic stability and mode coupling in Keplerian discs
        Tevzadze A.G.
        Zahn J-P.
   6    Chao-Chin Yang;        Planetesimal Dynamics in a Turbulent Protoplanetary Disk
        Mordecai-Mark Mac Low;
        Kristen Menou
   7    Duncan Forgan;         Stellar Encounters: A Stimulus for Disc Fragmentation?
        Ken Rice
   8    Natalia Dzyurkevich       Conditions for the trapping of the dust grains at the inner edge
        Turner, Neal              of the dead zone: 3D global MHD simulations
   9    Farzana Meru              Exploring the conditions required to form planets in realistically
        Matthew Bate              modelled self-gravitating discs
  10    George Mamatsashvili      Velocity shear induced coupling of vortices and density waves in
                                  protolpanetary discs
  11    Hanno Rein                Resolving Planetesimal Formation: Requirements for
        Zoe Leinhardt             Convergence
        Geoffroy Lesur
  12    Kaitlin Kratter           Accreting Protostellar disks: fragmentation, multiplicity, and
        Chris Matzner             planets
        Mark Krumholz
        Richard Klein
  13    Ken Rice                  Time-dependent models of the structure and stability of self-
        Phil Armitage             gravitating protoplanetary discs
  14    Kevin Flaherty            Mid-Infrared Variability of Transition Disks
        James Muzerolle
  15    Kyoung Hee Kim            Statistics of the transitional disks in five young stellar clusters
        Dan M. Watson
        Manoj Puravankara
        Bill Forrest
        Elise Furlan
        Nuria Calvet
        Joan Najita
16   M. K. McClure         Environmental effects on mid-infrared spectral classification and
     E. Furlan             analysis of the pre-main-sequence population in the Ophiuchus
     P. Manoj              molecular clouds
     D. M. Watson
     N. Calvet
     W. J. Forrest
     L. Hartmann
17   M.M. Fragner          Planet Formation in Warped Protoplanetary Discs
     R.P. Nelson
18   Man Hoi Lee           Formation Environment of the Galilean Moons
     Neal J. Turner
     T. Sano
19   Mario Flock           A High-order Godunov MHD scheme as a tool for exploring the
     Natalia Dzyurkevich   MRI energetics in 3D simulations of protoplanetary disks
     Hubert Klahr
20   Markus Flaig          MRI Turbulence in Radiative Protoplanetary Discs
     Ralf Kissmann
21   Martin Pessah         On the Saturation of the Magnetorotational Instability in non-
                           ideal MHD
22   Mitsuhiko Honda       Water Ice Grains on the Surface of the Circumstellar Disk Around
                           HD 142527
23   Natalie Raettig       Particle Accretion during the Runaway-Growth of Giant Gas
24   O.C. Winter           The congenital formation of the coorbital satellites
     A. Izidoro
     M. Tsuchida
25   Paul Clark            The early stages of disc formation in young stellar clusters.

26   R. Kissmann           The Influence of Radiation Transport on Accretion Disk
     M. Flaig              Turbulence
     W. Kley
27   Sebastien Fromang     The role of the magnetic Prandtl number in MRI simulations

28   Shantanu Basu         Self-Consistent Formation and Long-term Evolution of
     Eduard I. Vorobyov    Circumstellar Disks
29   Shu-ichiro Inutsuka   A Hybrid Scenario for Planet Formation
30   Snytnikov V.N.        Astrocatalysis Hypothesis and Planetesimals Formation

31   Stadnichenko O.       Computer Simulation of Protoplanetary Disk Initial Stages
     Snytnikov V.
32   Suren Khachatryan     2D Nonlinear Density Wave Models in Gravitating Discs

33   Tomoyuki Hanawa       A New Scheme to Solve Gas Disks around Stars
34   Tristen Hayfield      A comparison of early disc properties in isolated and binary
     Lucio Mayer           systems.
35   Yamila Miguel          Studying the obliquities distribution for extrasolar planets

36   Olga Zakhozhay         The Results of Preliminary Calculations of the Circumsubstellar
     Zakhozhay Vladimir     Disks Spectra
37   Zhaohuan Zhu           2-D Simulations of FU Orionis Disk Outbursts
     Lee Hartmann
     Charles Gammie
     Jonathan C. McKinney