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									                                       Team Contract
Project Name: Finn Addict Website Project
Project Team Members Names and Sign-off:
Name                                                    Sign-off on Team Contract
Robin Moore                                             Robin Moore
Shane Uecker                                            Shane Uecker
Philip Nelson                                           Philip J Nelson
Code of Conduct: As a project team, we will:
       Be considerate of what is best for the entire project team.
       All comments will be constructive instead of placing blame
       Do your best to provide support and guidance for team members.
Participation: We will:
       Respond to others request in a timely fashion to assist project progress.
       Provide ideas or thoughts that can be debated by other team members.
Communication: We will:
       Enter into every situation with an open mind.
       Use e-mail as the primary method of communication, arranging phone conferences when
       Will provide information to inclusion onto the team’s project web page no later than 3pm on the
        day that it is due, preferably earlier
       Express concerns or questions we needed.
Problem Solving: We will:
       Work together as a team to assist finding a solution in a timely fashion
       Everyone is encouraged to contribute in the problem solving process, regardless of problem
        ownership, while taking advantage of each team member’s strengths
       Be open minded to new solutions and ideas.
Meeting Guidelines: We will:
       Regularly check emails and promptly respond to questions and/or problems
       Keep a record of all e-mails between team members since this is the primary communication
        method and face-to-face meetings will not be held
       Meet deadlines set forth by team.

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