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					                                  STEP BY STEP GUIDE

On how to obtain a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Driver Licence

You must have held a FULL British DVLA driving licence for at least 1 year prior to application.
This is the policy of Middlesbrough Council

STEP 1:      Enclosed are the instructions on the Criminal Records Check Procedure. Once
             you receive a Criminal Records Check form, you may continue with your
             application. The Licensing Section is unable to accept any application
             without this form.

STEP 2:      Contact the DSA and arrange to take the driver test for ‘Private Hire’ Vehicle. If
             you require an earlier test date you should ask to be put on the “Call Back”
             system at the time of making your appointment.

Please Note –
The Licensing Section cannot accept an application before you have obtained a date for your
driver test from the DSA who will issue you with a reference number required by the Licensing
Section upon your application.

STEP 3:      Arrange to have the medical form completed by your own GP or by a doctor who
             has full access to your medical records, if you hold a HGV/PSV Licence a
             medical form is not required.

STEP 4:      Complete the application form for Hackney Carriage/Private Hire/Combined
             Driver Licence (green form). Read the application form carefully and ensure that
             EVERY section of the application form is completed.

             The referees must have known you personally for 3 years or more and CANNOT
             be a relative or connected to the ‘Taxi Trade’.

STEP 5:      Contact your prospective employer and have them complete the top section of
             the Confirmation of Offer of Employment (orange form). You should then
             complete the bottom section of the form yourself. Again, read the form carefully
             and ensure that all areas are completed correctly.

STEP 6:      Complete the appropriate sections of the Criminal Records Check form.
             Section B of the form should be completed as follows:

             Position Applied for:       Taxi Driver
             Organisation Name:          Middlesbrough Council Licensing
             Organisation Address:       PO Box 65, Vancouver House, Gurney Street,
                                         Middlesbrough, TS1 1QP

Sections X, Y and Z are for official use only and should NOT be completed by the applicant.
STEP 7:       You should then bring the following items to the Licensing Section at Vancouver
              House, Gurney Street, Middlesbrough

          •   Completed Application Form (Green)
          •   The correct fee (£52 for Hackney Carriage/Private Hire driver, £77 for a Combined
              driver). Cheques made payable to Middlesbrough Council
          •   Completed CRB Check Form with the appropriate proofs of identification (minimum
              requirements attached), cheque or postal order for the current fee (see CRB check
              application form) made payable to the Criminal Records Bureau and a 1st class stamp.
          •   Completed Confirmation of Offer of Employment form (Orange)
          •   Your DVLA driving licence, (both the Photocard and Paper part), old style paper driving
              licences will still be accepted
          •   The completed medical form
          •   The reference number and test date issued to you by the DSA

STEP 8:       You will be given a booklet giving details of the rules and regulations relating to
              the Taxi Trade and a date will be arranged when you will be tested on these rules
              and regulations, your knowledge of the highway code and your knowledge of
              various routes in the Middlesbrough area.

STEP 9:       Having passed both the Council’s knowledge test and the DSA’s practical test
              and your application has been completed i.e. the Council has received the
              Criminal Records Check form from the CRB and this has been found to be
              satisfactory, your references are on file and you have an offer of employment
              form duly signed by a prospective employer, you will be eligible to be licensed as
              a Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Vehicle driver.

If the CRB check is not satisfactory, then your application may need to be considered at the
Council’s Licensing Committee who will determine your suitability to hold a Hackney Carriage
or Private Hire Vehicle Driver Licence. Should this become necessary, you will be informed of
procedures at that time.

Office hours are as follows:

Monday to Thursday               : 10.00am to 4.00pm
Friday                           : 10.00am to 3.45pm

Telephone lines are open from : 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday
                                8.30am to 4.30pm Friday

You can contact the Licensing Office on 01642 729777 or

Visit Vancouver House (Ground Floor), Gurney Street, Middlesbrough