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                                                                                                Appendix A

                        Topics of OTA Contract Reports
  The following reports were prepared by outside con-           benefits, Stephen M. Mount, Department of Bio-
tractors for the Office of Technology Assessment for            logical Sciences, Columbia University
this assessment. They are available on microfiche or          —Mapping the Human Genome: Experimental Ap-
as hard copy from the National Technical Information           proaches for Cloning and Ordering DNA Frag-
Service (NTIS), 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA          ments, Richard M. Myers, Department of Physiol-
22161; te]: (703) 487-4650.                                     ogy, University of California, San Francisco
                                                             —Mapping and Sequencing the Human Genome in
q   Mapping Our Genes Contractor Reports, Vol.                Europe, Peter A. Newmark, Nature
     1, Order No. PB 88-160 783/AS                           —Application of Human Genome Mapping for the
     —Bibliometric Analysis of Work on Human Gene             Global Control of Genetic Disease, Sir David J.
      Mapping, Samuel R. Reisher and Michael B. Albert,         Weatherall, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medi-
      CHI Research/Computer Horizons, Inc.                      cine, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University
     —Medical Implications of Extensive Physical and Se-     —In Search of the “Ultimate Map “of the Human Ge -
      quence Characterization of the Human Genome,            nome: The Japanese Efforts, Akihiro Yoshikawa,
      Theodore Friedmann, Center for Molecular Ge-             Berkeley Roundtable on the International Econ-
      netics, School of Medicine, University of Califor-       omy, University of California
      nia, San Diego                                         OTA also sponsored two workshops during this
     —Mapping the Human Genome: Some Ethical Im-           assessment, and the transcripts of those workshops
      plications, Jonathan Glover, New College, Oxford     have been submitted to NTIS as:
      University                                             Mapping Our Genes, Transcript of Work-
    —Mapping and Sequencing the Human Genome:                shop ‘(Issues of Collaboration for Human Ge
     Considerations From the History of Particle Ac-         nome Projects,)) June 26, 1987, Order No. PB 88-
     celerators, John L. Heilbron, University of Cali-        162 797/AS; and
      fornia, Berkeley, and Daniel J. Kevles, California     Mapping Our Genes, Transcript of W o r k -
      Institute of Technology                                                           —
                                                             shop “Costs of Human Genome Projects,
    —Mapping the Human Genome: Historical Back-               Aug. 7, 1987, Order No. PB 88-162 813/AS.
     ground, Horace Freeland Judson, The Johns Hop-           The following report was written for OTA but was
      kins University                                      not sent to NTIS because it will be available to the public
    —Long-Term Implications of Mapping and Sequenc-        through a law journal article:
     ing the Human Genome: Ethical and Philosophi-         q “Sharing of Research Results in a Federally Spon-
     cal Implications, Mark A. Lappe, College of Medi-        sored Gene Mapping Project, ” Susan Rosenfeld, Sci-
      cine, University of Illinois at Chicago                 ence and the Law Committee, Association of the Bar
q   Mapping Our Genes Contractor Reports, Vol.                of the City of New York, August 1987; to be pub-
    2, Order No, PB 88-162 805/AS                             lished by the Rutgers Computer and Technology
    —The Mapping and Sequencing of Genomes: A Com-            Law Journal, vol. 14, No. 2, 1988.
     parative Analysis of Methods, Benefits and Dis-


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