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Youth Inclusion Support Panel


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                    Youth Inclusion Support Panel

                               Terms of Reference
                                      Consultation Draft

1.0 Introduction

Youth Inclusion Support Panels are multi-agency committees sharing information
and agreeing actions to ensure young people at risk in a particular geographical area
receive the support they need in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

Through research it is suggested that joined up services will prevent young people
becoming involved in crime and/or reduce offending behaviour.

The Youth Justice Board (YJB) has introduced the idea of “Youth Inclusion Support
Panels” as a way of co-ordinating services around young people „at risk‟.
The YJB hopes it will mean young people in any area where there is a YISP will not
fall through the net of patchy community and statutory services, they will receive
effective support they need and organisations will be accountable to ensure
promised actions are delivered.

The Youth Justice Board have produced guidance on the structure, makeup and
delivery of YISPs. With this in mind these terms of reference are written with a view
to those who attend the panel, to sign up to and offer long-term commitment.

2. Delivery of Youth Inclusion Support Panels in Portsmouth

In Portsmouth there will be two YISP‟s. One in Paulsgrove and Wymering (age group
8 - 13 Years) and one in Portsea (0 - 17Years).

3. Accountable Bodies and Funding

The Children‟s Fund and the Youth Offending Team has overall responsibility for
ensuring that YISPs are delivered in Portsmouth.

In delivering the YISP, PYOP will be responsible for implementation and will work in
conjunction with Motiv8 in achieving this.

There is funding to support the implementation of the YISPs; in particular the delivery
of additional services if required.

How the funds will be spent will be decided by the YISP and will be to further the
aims of the YISP as laid out within the Terms of Reference.

Consultation Draft. Terms of Reference.   Portsea YISP         L.Waller/B.Roberts 29.9.03
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4. Mission

The collective mission of the YISP will be to:

             Reduce offending and anti social behaviour in Portsea, through
             effective assessment, early intervention and the social inclusion of
             young people and their families. This will be achieved by
             maximising life chances, empowering individuals to develop and
             ensuring     that   appropriate   needs     are   identified   and   met

5. Aims of the Portsea YISP

   1. Reduce crime and anti-social behaviour amongst young people 0 – 17 years
      with preventative services.

   2. Increase the confidence of young people and their families living in the area,
      by increasing pride in the area

   3. Improve relationships and communication between young people and adults
      in Portsea as well as between young people and their peers.

   4. Achieve greater active participation of young people in mainstream and
      specialised activities.

   5. To enable the young people to have ownership of their individual action plan.

   6. To ensure the YISP initiative endeavours to meet the needs of young people
      and their families.

   7. Through commitment to the YISP initiative, panel members will have the
      opportunity to achieve greater cohesion between services.

   8. To ensure panel members are accountable for service provision and
      consequent outcomes.

   9. Enable young people to better realise their dreams and goals.

   10. Improved school attendance and reduce truancy rates.

Consultation Draft. Terms of Reference.   Portsea YISP               L.Waller/B.Roberts 29.9.03
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6. Why are the benefits for your agency in being an active member of the YISP?

   1. The YISP can be an efficient and effective way of sharing information about
      young people.
   2. Meetings will lead to rapid action and as such, will contribute to positive
      outcomes for young people and their families in Portsea.
   3. Your agency will be able to access increased resources for interventions and
      support for young people in Portsea.
   4. YISP meetings should increase your organisations ability to meet young
      peoples needs through:

              Increased knowledge of interventions and support being provided to
               shared clients
              Closer working relationships with other service providers in the area
              Increased awareness of issues and services across the patch in

   5. Access to support and training for your staff.

7. Membership of the Youth Inclusion Support Panel

Membership of the YISP will remain open. It is anticipated that membership will be
made up of organisation and agencies that already provide services to children and
families in the Portsea area. Membership is open to any individual or group that does
or can, have an impact upon the development of children and young people.

It is suggested that members should:

      Commit to regular attendance of the Panel meetings.
      On an individual‟s non-attendance, members should endeavour to send a
       “briefed” substitute to meetings or written report.
      Accept ownership and accountability of any agreed actions.
      Refer to panel any relevant young person where their risk factors outweigh
       their protective factors. (See attached Portsmouth‟s Risk and Protection
      Members should keep written records of interventions and outcomes.

In addition to ongoing membership, specific service delivery agencies may be invited
from time to time to attend one or more meetings or part of a meeting. The purpose
of this will be to share information on a new service or contribute to the action
planning for a particular young person.

Consultation Draft. Terms of Reference.   Portsea YISP        L.Waller/B.Roberts 29.9.03
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8. Meeting Structure

   1.   Introduction
   2.   Last meetings Minutes
   3.   Updates
   4.   New Referrals
   5.   Agreed actions
   6.   AOB
   7.   Date of next meeting

8.1 Frequency and Venue

Meetings will take place monthly at the John Pounds Centre, from 1.00pm till 3.00pm
in the large hall.

8.2 Contacts and Minutes

Minutes of the meetings will be taken by the YISP Administrator, based at PYOP at
Darby House. The contact details are:

Name: Sarah Heaward
Address: The Brook Club
        Sackville Street

Tel: 023 92 733619

The PYOP YISP Co-ordinator and MOTIV8 Co-ordinator will support and facilitate all
the work of the Portsea YISP.

PYOP                                                MOTIV8
Co-ordinator Name: Larry Waller                     Co-ordinator Name: Bryn Roberts
Address: The John Pounds Centre                     Address: U2 Floor, The Guildhall,
St James Street, Portsea, PO1                       Guildhall Square, Portsmouth
                                                    PO1 2AL
Tel: 023 92                                         Tel: 023 9283 4027
Mobile: 07813871390                                 Mobile: 07980 903507
E-mail:                                             E-mail: bryn.Roberts@pcsp.org.uk

All agenda items should be passed to the administrator by e-mail, telephone or post,
a week before the meeting is due. The administrator will s ervice the meeting and
send out minutes along with the actions to be undertaken by panel members within a
week of the Panel having met.

Consultation Draft. Terms of Reference.   Portsea YISP           L.Waller/B.Roberts 29.9.03
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8.3 Decisions and Actions from Meetings

The Chair will ensure actions are appropriate; which can be confirmed with PYOP
and/or the Children‟s Fund if necessary.

Organisations commit to implementing actions, which will be followed up by the Co-
ordinators before the next meeting. Individuals who accepted tasks will be asked for
progress updates before the next meeting and it is vital that members take actions
on board seriously.

9. Referrals

   1.      Any agency, organisation or resident can make referrals to the YISP.

   2.      Referrals can only be made with the informed parental consent of a
           relevant adult family member.

   3.      All referrals need to be made on the relevant Children‟s Fund Referral

   4.      The YISP Referral Form is available from The Children‟s Fund and YISP
           Co-ordinators. On completion, the Referral Form can be given or posted
           Larry Waller at the above address.

   5.      A Joint Assessment will be made about referrals before the YISP
           meeting. No young person will be discussed prior to the initial assessment
           being completed. However, if the need is great, panel members may bring
           concerns to the meetings and initial assessment will follow.

   6.      For the YISP to take up a referral the young person must experience four
           or more risk factors for offending behaviour (see attached Portsmouth‟s
           Risk and Protection Model).

10. Information Sharing

The YISP has adopted the Portsmouth City Council Information Sharing Protocol.
This means that all members agree to adhere to the policy and procedures
described in the protocol. The protocol cam be found at:


The sharing of information in the YISP context is for the purpose of safeguarding the
protecting the welfare of children. Sharing of information is essential between
practitioners to ensure clear, precise and effective outcomes.

It is also recognised that the work being carried out by the YISP will link closely to
the Information, Referral and Tracking developments currently being carried out by
PCC. Active links will be maintained with the Development Manager for IRT.

Consultation Draft. Terms of Reference.   Portsea YISP         L.Waller/B.Roberts 29.9.03
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The Co-ordinating agencies together with all member agencies will ensure all
information pertaining to the YISP, in particular any notes or minutes which have
personal information about young people are kept safe within their own agencies,
and not available for public viewing.

When referring to the YISP or passing comment to the panel, please distinguish
between fact, hearsay and opinions. Only information, which, as far as can be known
is accurate, will be recorded in the minutes.

12. ADP (Anti Discriminatory Practice)

The YISP expects all its members will not discriminate against any young person,
their family or panel member because of their gender, sexuality, religion, disability,
age, cultural diversity or ethnic background.

13. Evaluation

Evaluation of the YISP will be carried out by, Rachel Forrester from The Children‟s
Fund. At this stage she proposes to evaluate the YISP using:

      The Goodman questionnaire.
      Case Study.
      Closer analysis of the framework of assessment.

  If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms of reference, please
     feel free to contact either Bryn Roberts or Larry Waller on the above numbers.

Consultation Draft. Terms of Reference.   Portsea YISP         L.Waller/B.Roberts 29.9.03
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