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					Section Seven: Conclusion

    Module 26: Wrap-Up
                          Module Objectives

     After completing this module you will be able to:
       Describe the subjects learned in this course
       Explain the appropriate use of each Siebel eBusiness Application
        Integration strategy
       Select the most appropriate Siebel EAI strategy for any
        application integration project

     Why you need to know
       The ability to select appropriate EAI strategies is one of the
        course's main goals

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                                       2 of 16
                     What We Learned in the Course

     Data replication with Siebel Workflows for EAI
       Data representation with Siebel and external integration objects
       Data mapping with Siebel Data Mapper
       Data mapping with scripts
     Data routing with EAI Dispatch Service
     Data transport with Siebel Transport Adapters
     Custom integration with scripted business services
     Data sharing with Siebel Virtual Business Components
     Data replication with Siebel Connectors to popular applications
     Batch data transfer with Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager
     Data exposure with Siebel Object Interfaces
     Effective integration implementation with EAI best practices

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                                  3 of 16
                            Integration Approaches

  1. Synchronize Siebel data with external data
  2. Display external data in Siebel applets
  3. Display Siebel data in an external system
  4. Control a Siebel application from an external system
  5. Export Siebel data to an external system

        Siebel Application            4           Non-Siebel Application

           User Interface                     3
                                  2                    User Interface

           Business Logic                 5            Business Logic
             Raw Data                     5              Raw Data

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                                      4 of 16
      Siebel eBusiness Application Integration Strategies

     Workflows for EAI
     EAI Dispatch Service
     Virtual Business Components                       Siebel
     eBusiness Connectors                               EAI
     Enterprise Integration Manager
     Object Interfaces

                                             for EAI
                                       Dispatch    VBCs
                                  eBusiness               Object
                                  Connectors      EIM   Interfaces

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                                   5 of 16
                                Workflows for EAI

   Provide bidirectional data replication between a Siebel
    application and a non-Siebel application
   Use integration objects mapped to property sets
   Use data transformation business services
   Use industry-standard transports

                       Siebel                   Non-Siebel
                     Application                Application

                 Account data                       Customer data

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                       Data Replication Workflow Relationships
SRF                                                                                                 Object
            Business                       Siebel (Internal)                     External
             Object                       Integration Object                Integration Object                   DTD of
                                                                                                                XML from
                  BC                               IC                              IC
            SVF        SVF                   ICF        ICF                  ICF   ICF   ICF

Running                                                                                                         An EAI
                             EAI Siebel                         EAI Data                        An XML
        Instance              Adapter                         Mapping Engine                   Converter       Transport
         created                                                                                                Adapter
        by built-in             Query                                                            To XML
       Siebel code                                              Data Map                                       Transport
                                Upsert                                                         From XML

Instances                                                                                                               Data
                                                                                                            XML         Layer
      Business Object                      Property Set                       Property Set                 Stream
                                Copy                                                              Write
            Contact                          Contact                           Customer
                                Modify                                                            Read
        Pat            Li                   Pat         Li                   Dr.   Pat    Li

SQL                    select
            insert, delete         Siebel Database                             External Application                 Queue
                                                                                                                    or File
Module 26: Wrap-Up                                                                                              7 of 16
                          EAI Dispatch Service

   Uses rules to evaluate the structure and contents of property
    sets (instances); data that matches a rule is sent to a specified
    workflow or business service
   Optionally transforms the data before sending it
   Example: Dispatch rules scan incoming documents for various
    patterns, then send each document to the proper workflow
                                                           Workflow or
                     Message Queue   Dispatch Rule Set
                                                         Business Service
                      Order Status   1. New Contact?
       External                                          Update Contact
      Application     New Contact
                                     2. Order Status?     Update Order
                      Order Status
                                     3. New Price?        Update Price
                      Order Status
                                     4. Unknown?           Write to File
                       New Price
                      New Contact

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                     Virtual Business Components

     Enable the display and manipulation of non-Siebel data from
      within Siebel applets without storing it in the Siebel database

                                                             Siebel Data

                                                            External Data

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                                 9 of 16
                          eBusiness Connectors

     Provide end-to-end integration between Siebel applications and
      other industry-standard applications
       Oracle
       SAP R/3
       Siebel-to-Siebel

                       Siebel      BAPI      SAP R/3
                     Application            Application

                 Order headers                  Order details

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                              10 of 16
                Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM)

     Uses interface tables to exchange large volumes of data in
      batch mode between the Siebel database and the external

                                               Mainframe Database

                 Siebel Database


                     Batch job     Batch job

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                                  11 of 16
                                Object Interfaces

   Expose Siebel objects to programmatic access from Siebel
    Visual Basic scripts, eScripts, or external applications
   Enable external applications to control the Siebel application or
    access the Siebel database

         An Excel spreadsheet button
          calls the Siebel COM Data
        Server to update Siebel contact
            data from Excel values

                                                     Siebel COM Data Server
                                          Database     Siebel Application

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                                     12 of 16
                         Other EAI Strategies

     ActiveX Data Control (ADC)
       Displays the Siebel UI in a non-Siebel application, or displays a
        non-Siebel application's UI in a Siebel application
     Client-side Import/Export
       Exchanges data between a Siebel database and files
     Siebel Sync
       Synchronizes data between a Siebel database and a mobile Web
        client, Siebel Microsoft Outlook, Palm, or Windows CE handheld

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                                   13 of 16
                              The Application Network

                                          Trading Partners                          Public Internet

                                     Partner Portal
                                                                              Company Web Site

                           Supply Chain                                  Firewall
                         Management (SCM)
                                                                   Real-Time Content
               Enterprise Resource
                 Planning (ERP)

      Customer Relationship
       Management (CRM)

                                                       Desktop / Email
 Employee Relationship
  Management (ERM)

Partner Relationship                                                         Mainframe
                                              J2EE Systems
Management (PRM)                                                            Applications

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                                                         14 of 16

     Fellow students
     Student Guide and Labs from the course
     Bookshelf documentation
     SupportWeb
     Other Siebel University courses
     Siebel Audio Conferences
     Siebel Global Services for EAI
         EAI Design Review (3 – 5 days)
         EAI Kickoff (2 – 4 days)
         EIM Mapping & Design Review (1 – 2 days)
         SAP Connector Design Review (3 – 5 days)
         SAP Connector Kickoff (2 – 4 days)

Module 26: Wrap-Up                                   15 of 16

     This module showed you how to:
       Describe the subjects learned in this course
       Explain the appropriate use of each Siebel eBusiness Application
        Integration strategy
       Select the most appropriate Siebel EAI strategy for any
        application integration project

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