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Step by Step Guide:
NHSP Website Instructions for Schools
	 	 	 •		   Let’s	begin!	-	Registering	your	school

	 	 	 •		   National	Audit:	how	your	school	can	achieve	National
	 	 	 	     Healthy	School	Status	products

	 	 	 •		   Products

	 	 	 •		   Website	Overview	-	Sections	Explained

Let’s begin!
Registering your School
Go	to,	and	click	the	Register School	button	at	the	top	of	the	

Under	Contact Details	you	will	be	asked	to	enter	your	name	and	contact	details.	Take	care	
when	entering	your	email	address	as	future	communications	will	be	sent	to	this	address.	
Click	on	Find School	which	will	enable	you	to	select	your	region	(and	after	a	short	pause	to	
refresh	screen)	you	can	select	your	location	(this	is	your	local	programme)	followed	by	school	
type	(i.e.	primary,	secondary	etc).	Now	click	Search.

Once	you	have	found	your	school	from	the	list	supplied,	click	Select.	If	you	are	happy	that	this	
selection	is	your	school	click	Register.	An	automated	message	will	appear	confirming	your	
registration	application	has	sent	a	message	to	your	Local	Programme	Co-ordinator	and	you	
will	receive	an	email	containing	their	contact	details	as	well	as	an	on	screen	message	with	
the	same	information.

Your	Local	Programme	Co-ordinator	will	receive	a	Task	and	an	email.	The	Local	Programme	
Co-ordinator	will	then	login	and	verify	the	school	and	name	of	the	new	user	on	the	application
–	details	of	which	are	noted	on	the	Task.	Once	the	Local	Programme	Co-ordinator	is	happy	
with	the	application,	they	will	approve	and	an	email	containing	their	user	name	and	
password	will	be	sent	to	the	school	applicant	via	the	email	address	supplied	at	STEP	2.	This	is	
a	security	feature	to	ensure	that	only	authorised	persons	may	access	the	system.

We	suggest	that	the	first	time	you	log	on,	you	copy	and	paste	the	password	to	ensure	that		
it	is	entered	correctly.	You	may	then	change	it	once	logged	on.	Just	go	to	Control	Panel	and	
click	on	Change Password.	Enter	current	password,	enter	new	password	and	confirm	new	
password	–	your	password	must	contain	at	least	seven	characters	and	a	punctuation/
symbol	character.	

Once	a	school	user	has	logged	on,	you	can	manage	your	
own	contact	information,	conduct	self	validation	and	access	
resources.	Read	on	for	more	details.
National Audit
This is how your school can achieve National Healthy
Schools status.
Your	school	must	be	registered	with	the	website	to	complete	the	National	Audit	
(see	previous	section).

Go	to,	and	click	the	Log in	Link	at	the	top	of	the	page.

Once	a	school	user	has	logged	in	via	the	Log In	link,	you	will	notice	at	the	top	of	the	screen		
a	schools	tab	(you	will	have	been	automatically	redirected	to	this	page).	
NOTE:	school	tab	only	appears	when	the	school	is	logged	in.

This	screen	is	showing	the	National	Audit	and	should	be	completed	as	you	work	towards	
achieving	National	Healthy	Schools	status.

Click	onto	each	theme	and	tick	each	criteria	as	you	meet	the	minimum	evidence	for	the	criteria.		
Remember	to	click	the	Update	button	to	save	your	ticked	boxes.

If	you	have	completed	the	minimum	evidence	for	all	of	the	criteria	you	may	click	on	the	tick all	
button	at	the	top	which	will	select	all	criteria	and	indicate	that	you	have	completed	that	theme.	
Again,	please	remember	to	click	the	Update	button	to	save	the	information.

Minimum	evidence	is	adjacent	to	each	criteria,	together	with	prompts	to	help	clarify	the	
criteria	in	more	detail.	You	will	also	see:

Help Box 	-		Use	this	to	request	help	from	the	Local	Programme	Co-ordinator.	Once	this	is	
completed	and	sent	it	will	be	added	to	the	Local	Programme	Co-ordinator’s	Task	section.	
They	will	then	know	you	have	asked	for	help	and	will	communicate	with	the	school	by	
sending	them	a	response	task.

My Notes Box		-		Use	this	to	leave	notes	for	yourself	or	other	colleagues,	for	example,	date	
of	policy	in	place	or	when	it	needs	a	review.	(This	is	a	confidential	area	which	can	only	be	
added	to	and	viewed	by	the	school	users.)

Evidence	–	Here	you	can	state	whether	the	evidence	is	oral,	written	or	observed	and	where	it	
is	stored.	Note	of	caution:	on	My Notes	and	Evidence	sections	please	make	sure	you	use	the	
Save	button	and	not	the	Update	button.
When	minimum	evidence	is	met	for	all	the	criteria	within	a	theme,	the	system	will	automatically	
launch	two	outcome	boxes.	These	are	two	text	boxes	to	which	the	user	must	add	qualitative	
and	quantitative	outcomes.	Until	September	2007,	it	is	mandatory	to	record	qualitative	
evidence;	the	quantitative	evidence	is	optional.	If	you	choose	not	to	record	quantitative	
evidence,	please	enter	‘n/a’	in	the	box.	N.B.	It	is	not	possible	to	save	outcomes	with	default	text	
only	or	with	nothing	in	the	boxes.
From September 2007, both qualitative and quantitative outcomes must be completed.

Also	tick	a	minimum	of	one	outcome	for	Every	Child	Matters	depending	on	what	outcomes	
have	been	achieved.

Within	each	audit	theme,	you	will	see	an	Actions to Complete	tab	to	the	bottom	right	of	the	
coloured	audit	area.	This	is	essentially	a	record	of	actions	which	should	be	completed	to	
achieve	the	criteria.	N.B.	The	Local	Co-ordinator(s)	responsible	for	your	school	can	view	but	not	
edit	the	section.

Once	this	information	has	been	added	for	all	four	themes,	you	can	press	Submit	to	send	the	
Self	Validation	Form	to	your	Local	Programme	Co-ordinator.	You	can	also	print	out	the	Self-
Validation	Form.	This	needs	to	be	signed	by	the	appropriate	representative	in	the	school	and	
sent	to	the	Local	Programme	Co-ordinator.	The	Local	Programme	Co-ordinator	will	receive	a	
Task	to	let	them	know	you	have	completed	all	four	themes	and	therefore	achieved	the
required	status.		

What happens if Self-Validation is not acceptable?

If	a	school	has	submitted	its	Self-Validation	and	the	Local	Programme	Co-ordinator	is	not	
satisfied	with	the	outcomes	provided,	the	Local	Programme	Co-ordinator	may	click	on	
the	Unlock	button	and	provide	a	note	as	to	reasons	why	they	feel	that	the	outcomes	are	
unsuitable.	The	Self-Validation	form	is	now	in	an	editable	format.

The	school	will	then	receive	a	task	in	their	task	area.	They	can	
then	revisit	their	outcomes	and	make	any	necessary	changes	
before	resubmitting	the	Self-Validation	form.

The	Local	Co-ordinator	will	receive	a	new	task	asking	whether	
they	will	Record	or	Unlock	the	Self-Validation.	Provided	they	
are	satisfied,	they	will	select	Record.	That	action	will	lock	the	
validation	process	until	the	next	set	of	reviews	take	place.
View an array of Healthy Schools products at our online
shop. Type into your address bar...

Come in and have a browse!

Here you will find a home page with tabs for different sections of the shop:

Promotional	items	are	available	for	purchase	such	as	pencils,	pens,	water	bottles,	T-shirts,	
goody	bags	and	much,	much	more.

Events	Materials
Visit	this	area	to	find	vibrant	newly	designed	display	stands	to	decorate	your	schools	for
celebrations.	We	will	be	adding	more	event	materials	as	the	programme	develops	–	any	
suggestions	please	email	us	at

Corporate	Stationery	
Let	everyone	know	your	school	has	achieved	National	Healthy	School	status	with	our	
selection	of	Compliment	Slips,	Business	Cards,	Letterheads	–	all	of	which	can	be	personalised	
with	your	details.

Support	Materials	
Further	copies	of	Support	Material	may	be	purchased	here.	You	can	select	everything	from	
Governors’	Guides	to	the	School	Support	Book	which	contains	guidance	for	the	four	themes.	
The	section	also	contains	the	QA	training	material	and	DVD.

Once	you	enter	the	shop,	just	add	in	the	quantity	of	each	item	required	to	your	basket,	then	
when	you	have	finished	shopping	click	Place Order.

Please	note	a	purchase	order	will	be	required.		Should	you	need	any	help	or	can’t	find	what	
you	are	looking	for,	please	call:-	0845 6017848		or	email	us	at

Did	you	know?	
A	percentage	of	the	profits	go	back	into	the	National	Healthy	Schools	Programme.

The	National	Healthy	Schools	Programme	branding	(and	Guide	for	use)	is	available	for	
download	at:
Website Overview - Sections Explained
On	your	home	page	you	will	see	a	summary	of	your	current	activity	status	with	the	Self-
Validation	process.

The	News	Section	has	three	areas:	

NHSP	News	–	provides	up	to	date	information	about	the	Programme	–	for	example	
information	about	new	resources	being	launched,	new	members	of	staff	and	reviews	of	
past	conferences.

Related	News	Section	–	is	full	of	News	stories	relevant	to	the	Programme	such	as	
updates	from	the	School	Food	Trust,	information	on	new	initiatives	being	introduced	to	
schools	such	as	a	Year	of	Food	and	Farming,	and	the	introduction	of	pedometers	to	school	

The	Media	Centre	–	is	the	third	and	final	area	within	News	and	contains	resources	to	
assist	with	handling	the	Media.	There	is	a	downloadable	‘Press	Pack’	containing	a	sample	
Press	Release,	Information	about	the	Programme,	Objectives	and	Targets	and	much	more.

This	section	highlights	upcoming	Events	relevant	to	the	Programme	such	as	Healthy	
Schools	Network	Meetings	and	forthcoming	useful	courses	in	Sex	&	Relationship	Education	
(SRE)	and	Drugs,	Alcohol	and	Tobacco	Education	for	both	Primary	and	Secondary	school	
children.		Events	that	appear	in	this	section	could	relate	solely	to	your	region,	or	are	generic	
and	open	to	all.

About	Healthy	Schools
The	content	in	this	section	stays	static	across	the	whole	Programme.	It	mirrors	the	
information	in	the	new	“Introduction	to	the	NHSP”	booklet	that	is	part	of	the	Support	

The	Themes	section	is	the	National	Audit	content	in	static	form.	This	can	be	viewed	by	
everyone,	including	non-logged	in	users.	Alongside	this	information	are	teaching	and	
learning	materials	that	relate	to	each	theme.

Beyond	NHSS
This	section	will	be	managed	as	central	content	and	will	hold	the	latest	information	on
future	developments	and	ways	to	support	schools	to	reach	beyond	current	NHSS	standards.
An	extremely	useful	section	divided	into	five	sections	of:	
	 	 	 •	      Teaching	and	Learning	Materials	
	 	 	 •	      Non-Statutory	Guidance	
	 	 	 •	      Effective	Practice	
	 	 	 •	      Policy	and	Reports	
	 	 	 •	      Marketing	and	Promotion	

The	sections	contain	useful	content	and	information	which	can	be	shared	by	
Local	Programme	Co-ordinators	and	schools.	We	are	continually	looking	at	
ways	to	develop	further	this	section	and	we	will	keep	you	updated.

Progress	reports
Progress	is	a	high	level	overview	report	on	the	National	Healthy	Schools	

This	section	describes	how	the	NHSP	is	organised	i.e.	the	National,	Regional	
and	Local	Structures	and	their	respective	function.	By	clicking	on	one	of	these	in	
the	left	hand	control	panel,	you	will	find	full	contact	details	for	every	National,	
Regional	and	Local	team	member	of	the	NHSP.

This	section	has	a	click	to	the	NHSP	Product	Centre,	an	online	facility	to	help	you	
with	all	your	promotional	requirements	e.g.	merchandise,	events	materials.

This	contains	a	Frequently	Asked	Questions	(or	FAQ)	document	to	help	you	with	
many	aspects	of	using	the	website	as	well	as	help	for	schools	in	conducting	
online	auditing.
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