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15 January 2010. Durham

Whether you are a writer, agent, producer, broadcaster or distributor you will need to re-evaluate
your business model to adapt to the changing landscape. This isn’t something you can worry
about at a later date – you need to do something about it now. The pace of change is
accelerating, as is the economic impact on your
business." Patrick McKenna, BAFTA Lecture, 2009.

The creative and communications industries are experiencing a period of rapid technological
development which is causing fundamental changes in almost every aspect of their business.
Producers and suppliers across all sectors have a wide range of opportunities to work with new
buyers and commissioners and IP owners are also increasingly able to exploit their existing
assets in new ways. There are also many new opportunities for partnering and collaborating with
companies across the creative digital industries, in online, film and television, games, mobile and
other areas.

But for many companies and individuals with experience in a specific sector of the audio-visual or
creative industries, it can be difficult to adjust to the new media ecology. Crossover's Sustain
workshop is a unique, interactive event designed to help participants to explore the creative and
commercial challenges of developing a projects and businesses in this environment.

Lead by practitioners with extensive and recent experience in film, television, new media and the
arts, Sustain will:

       examine business models afforded by digital technology in emerging media markets,
        examining what opportunities exist regionally, nationally and internationally, where
        obstacles currently lie and what the future may hold;

       explore original ideas for cross-platform products and services, using a range of
        techniques from classic brainstorming, lateral-thinking techniques, Stanford Research
        International’s Innovation methodology and other tools;

       introduce techniques for developing and assessing proposals

       help participants explore appropriate approaches to building sustainable businesses in
        the emergent media economy.

Who Should Attend

Producers, senior creatives and business development professionals, from film, TV, games,
mobile and interactive companies, who are keen to explore the potential of cross-platform
collaboration first-hand and gain a greater understanding of new markets.

How to apply

Places for this workshop are extremely limited. To express interest, and for more information,
please email Charlie Phillips at charlie@sidf.co.uk stating your Name and Company (or if you are
freelance), along with a one-page pitch for the project that you’d like to work with at the workshop
and a brief CV or biography. Your project can be at any stage of development, but must be a
crossover project.
Deadline for applications – Monday 21 December 2009

About Crossover

Crossover facilitates the creative and commercial development of innovative new media projects
and businesses, providing a comprehensive ladder of progression for people and companies
developing public service media content for the digital age. The labs provide access to world-
class creative and commercial mentors, who facilitate the pooling of diverse talent and help steer
the creation of ground-breaking digital media prototypes and products. Crossover has recently
formed a three-year partnership with Channel 4 to provide cross-platform training across the UK.

This workshop has been made possible through the kind support of Skillset North’s
Sustain programme

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