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									                         Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
                         Volume 47, No. 8
                         August 2008

Military youths get
VIP treatment page 4-5
Challenges of life                                                                               There was a comedian by the
By Chaplain, Maj. Kenneth
Brown/445th Chaplain
                                            Know your                                        name of Gallagher, very popular
                                                                                             in the 80’s, who was known
                                                                                             mainly for smashing
    Central to Air Force organiza-
tion are flow charts that show how
                                            limits                                           watermelons on stage with his
                                                                                             “Sledge-O-Matic”. But he had a
                                                                                             line in one of his comedy
the chain of command works. The             By Col. Roger
entire Air Force may be catego-             Gallet/445th                                     routines that I thought was not
rized by MAJCOMs, NAFs to the               Operations Group                                 only very funny, but also very
smallest units. Structure is                                                                 true. He was talking about how
critical to good planning and is a                                                           he had recently broken his arm,
                                                                      Colonel Gallet         and that as he was getting older,
necessary component to good
leadership and defining of roles.               I can’t believe                              he could no longer do the things
Good strategy and plans are essen-          that it’s mid-July and we’re                     he used to do. He said
tial to sucessful military cam-             already half-way through                         something along these lines:
paigns. However, such neat                  summer! Where did the                            “You realize that you’ve reached
diagrams can sometimes make                 summer go? Colonel Goeman                        an age where you don’t ever
life seem so easy. Experience               and I were talking about this                    want to be in a position where
indicates otherwise.                        today, and I remarked that                       your butt is higher than your
    I recently came across an               summers seemed to last forever                   head.” Gallagher had come to
article in my office entitled               when we were kids. Remember                      recognize his own personal
Murphy’s Laws of Combat. One of             when you were a kid, playing                     limitations, and he vowed never
these laws states that no plan              outside all day until it got dark?               to exceed them.
survives the first contact intact.          I do. I also remember some of                        That’s what safety is all
The foot soldier caught in the              the crazy things we used to do,                  about – knowing your personal
midst of enemy fire has no time to          taking risks, being reckless,                    limits, and never allowing
worry about organizational struc-           and pushing our young bodies to                  yourself to get into a situation
ture. He must fight to save his             their limit. There was no such                   where you’ll be likely to exceed
life. With all due respect to his/          thing as personal protective                     them. That’s it. Pretty simple.
superiors, his mind is not occupied         equipment (PPE); we didn’t know                  I have reached the age where I
with organization or categories but         or care about risk management.                   don’t want my butt to be higher
with the struggle to stay alive.            We were kids – we would live                     than my head. I’m not a kid
    We plan, organize, and schedule         forever! But you know, we’re not                 anymore, and that’s true for
many months or years in advance             kids anymore. You may have                       most of us. Before you engage
only to find that life gets in the          guessed that this editorial is                   in an activity, think about your
way. Wouldn’t it be nice if our life        about safety, and you’re right.                  personal limits. Be safe and
could fit into neat, clean, compart-        But I’m going to put a different                 enjoy the rest of the summer.
ments, never subject to disrup-             spin on it.
tions or problems? Then again life
minus problems and distractions            animals and clean up the stench                   We must be willing to accept the
would be death. No plan survives           to receive the rewards of our                     challenges life brings us and apply
the difficulties of life intact. Noth-     work.                                             our faith to work through them.
ing of worth can be achieved in life           Failure to deal with the                         A journey of faith and
without adjustments in our think-          messes of life denies reality.                    obedience can produce fruit only if
ing. Life brings us messy, dirty,          Nothing ever works out exactly                    we step in the muck and get our
and ugly situations. The Old               according to plan. God never                      hands and feet dirty. Come to
Testament says Where no oxen               assures anyone that our faith in                  think of it, wasn’t Jesus born in a
are, the manger is clean. The              Him will yield a life full of neat,               manger filled with hay? Where no
only clean barn is an empty one.           clean packages. The stench of life                oxen are, the manger is clean.
A clean barn meant there will be           is at times difficult to deal with.
no eggs from chickens, no bacon            Buckeye Flyer                  445th Airlift Wing (Air Force Reserve Command)
from pigs, no beef from cows. One
                                                           Editorial Staff                    This funded Air Force Reserve newspaper is
must be willing to fill the barn with                                                         an authorized publication for members of the
                                              Col. Stephen D. Goeman.....Commander
                                              Maj. Cynthia Harris...Chief Public Affairs      U.S. military services. Contents of the Buckeye
    Cover photo: Devin Ware from            Maj. Jose Cardenas...Asst.Chief Public Affairs    Flyer are not necessarily the official views of, or
    Operation Purple Camp checks out           Mary Allen...Public Affairs Asst./Editor       endorsed by the U. S. Government, Depart-
                                                                                              ment of the Air Force or Department of De-
    the C-5 tires as Senior Airman              Laura Darden...Administrative Clerk
                                                                                              fense. Editorial content is edited, prepared and
    Travis Egger, 89th Airlift Squadron,        Tech. Sgt. Charles Miller....NCOIC/PA
                                                                                              provided by the 445th Airlift Wing Office of
                                               Staff Sgt. Martin Moleski.... Staff Writer
    explains the landing gear. (U.S.        Senior Airman Kenneth LaRock..Audio Visual
                                                                                              Public Affairs. Photographs are U.S. Air Force
    Air Force photo/Laura Darden)                                                             photographs unless otherwise indicated.
                                                                                                  U.S. Government Printing Office 5-00001-445AW

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Doing their part along the Great Miami River
By Maj. Jose A. Cardenas
445th Public Affairs
    Armed with garbage bags, gloves
and a desire to give back to their
community, two 445th Airlift Wing
Reservists teamed up to canoe along
the Great Miami River from Indian
Lake to Franklin as part of a
campaign to beautify the area July 12.
    Master Sgt. Karen Miller, 445th
Airlift Wing Command Post, and
Senior Master Sgt. Alice Collingwood,
445th Logistics Readiness Squadron,
participated in the annual Clean
Sweep of the Great Miami River,
which brought hundreds of
environmentally conscious volunteers
together to remove trash from the
    Five years ago, while visiting her
library, Sergeant Miller noticed a flyer
advertising what has grown to become        Master Sgt. Karen Miller, 445th Command Post, canoes on the Great
an annual event seeking volunteers to Miami River picking up debris along the way. (Courtesy Photos)
help clean up the river . Deciding to
step up to the challenge, she realized this would be a that another crew found was a safe from a robbery in
great way to do something for the environment and         Piqua,” Sergeant Miller stated recalling some of the
give back to the community as well as provide an          more unusual items she has retrieved or seen over
excellent opportunity to bond and do something            the years.
unique with her stepson who was then a student in             The event is always in July, typically on a Friday
high school.                                              or Saturday, with flyers advertising the Clean Sweep
    Sergeant Miller explained that she “wanted to         of the Great Miami River about a month in advance.
teach my stepson what happens when things get             “You definitely get dirty, but it gives you a good
thrown out by careless people …it can get pretty          feeling knowing you are helping out.”
overwhelming to see all the trash you pick up along           If you are interested in more information about
the three mile canoe trek”. Sergeant Miller teamed        the Clean Sweep of the Great Miami River, contact
with her stepson for three years and became               Sergeant Miller at Karen.Miller1@wpafb.af.mil or call
regulars in the cleanup force. “Now he’s in college       257-3551 after 3:00 p.m.
and teams with his friends …it kinda sprouted, but I
needed a partner so I talked it up at work to make                                                    Senior
up a team. When I get the chance, I put in a plug for                                                 Master Sgt.
the Reserves. I would really encourage husband and                                                    Alice
wife teams or parents to team up with their teens.                                                    Collingwood,
It’s a good bonding experience and it’s great fun!”                                                   445th Logis-
    At the end of the three mile stretch the teams                                                    tics Readi-
are greeted by trucks and additional volunteers to                                                    ness Squad-
help unload their day’s find of trash, bottles, cans                                                  ron, collects
and other items people have pitched that litter the                                                   debris while
waterway. Then they sit down to a well earned                                                         participating
lunch and receive a T-shirt for doing their part in                                                   in the annual
the volunteer project.                                                                                Clean
    “People dump tires, refrigerators, shopping carts;                                                Sweep.
one year I found a full steering column and a car
door … but probably one of the more unusual finds

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Military youths get VIP treatment
By Maj. Cynthia Harris
445th Public Affairs

    Operation Purple Camp,
hosted by Wright-Patterson Air
Force Base, was held July 6-19
at Camp Graham in Clarksville,
Ohio. Each year, the National
Military Family Association
(NMFA) sponsors the camp. The
free, overnight camp was
created in 2004 to help military
children struggling with the
stress of a deployed parent.
    Children attending camp
were from all over the country,
including Hawaii, Alabama, and
throughout Ohio. Of the 180
campers attending this year’s
camp, 10 were from Wright-
Patterson AFB families. This
year’s camp was the first two         Master Sgt. Larry Unger, 89th Airlift Squadron, talks to a group of
week camp offered. In addition        children from Operation Purple Camp during a tour of a 445th Airlift
to enjoying the camp’s hiking         Wing C-5 Galaxy. (U.S. Air Force photos/Laura Darden)
trails, campfire site, fossil-laden
creek, swimming pool, and
canoeing, the 9 to 16 year old
campers also visited Wright-
Patterson AFB and Springfield
Air National Guard Base.
    While at Wright-Patterson,
the group had an opportunity to
visit the 445th Airlift Wing’s
survival equipment shop and
the aircrew flight equipment
shop. They also toured the C-5,
and watched military working
dog demonstrations by the 88th
Air Base Wing Security Forces
    Tech. Sgt. Kimberly Weber,
445th Airmen and Family
Readiness Center, was a
member of the wing’s family
support center when the camp            Tech. Sgt. Michael Pennington, 445th Security Forces Squadron,
was created. “Our office worked         has Operation Purple campers participate in a hands-on exercise
with the NMFA, active duty, the         with a blue simulated rifle during their visit to the Security Forces
Springfield Air National Guard          building. Children who attended the camp were from all over the
and the Ohio State 4-H                  country, including Hawaii, Alabama, and throughout Ohio.
Extension Office to jump start
the program,” Sergeant Weber

4                                               www.445aw.afrc.af.mil                             Buckeye Flyer
    This year’s camp is
Sergeant Weber’s fifth. She
helps coordinate, set up tours
and get children registered.
Weber finds fulfillment in
working with the children year
after year. “You see some of
the same kids each year and
it’s great to be able to talk to
them and find out how things
have been going for them. We
also get to see new kids and
give them the opportunity to
interact with other kids in the
same situation.”
    Sergeant Weber said she’s
moved to see how the children
are doing as they get older. It’s
fun to see the kids learn
something new or what their
parents do. The camp is the
                                      Master Sgt. Edward Engle, an Air Reserve Technician with the Survival
only time you get to see some of
                                      Equipment shop, has Operation Purple Camper Michael Shaffar
the children all year, she
                                      demonstrate how quickly a life vest inflates. These life vests are used
                                      on the C-5s.
    Three of the campers were
children of 445th Airlift Wing
members. One of
the campers
expressed his
excitement about
the camp. “The
staff was great-
tastic. There
were cool field
trips, and we
learned about the
jets at the
Springfield Air
Guard Base —
that was great!”
exclaimed Neal Miller, age 11,
son of 445th noncommissioned
officer in charge of Public          Left, Tech. Sgt. Michael Pennington, 445th Security Forces Squadron,
Affairs, Tech. Sgt. Charlie          gives instructions to camper Trey Gumbert during a hands-on exercise
Miller. “Overall, it was a pretty    with a blue simulated rifle at the Security Forces building. Above,
cool experience,” he added.          Tech. Sgt. Troy Fenhoff, an Air Reserve Technician with the Aircrew
    Planning the camp is a huge      Flight Equipment shop helps camper Sean Shaffar try on a Air Ace
feat and couldn’t be                 Aircrew Survival Vest.
accomplished without the
support of personnel at Wright-Patterson AFB and          Weber at 656-1502 or email her at
Springfield ANG. Thanks to all the organizations that Kimberly.Weber@wpafb.af.mil.
opened their doors for the campers, Sergeant Weber            To find out how to register your child for the
concluded.                                                camp, please visit the National Military Family
    Organizations or individuals who would like to        Association website at http://www.nmfa.org.
support Operation Purple Camp should call Sergeant

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Commander of largest Air Force Aeromedical
Evacuation Squadron assumes command
By Staff Sgt. Martin Moleski
445th Public Affairs

    Lt. Col. Linda Stokes-Crowe
assumed command of the 445th
Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
(AES) July 12 in a ceremony presided
by Col. Roger Gallet, commander,
445th Operations Group.
    Colonel Stokes-Crowe assumes
command from interim commander,
Lt. Col. Catherine Siebert, who has
served as commander following the
relinquishing of command from Col.
Allen Gilbar this past April. Prior to
assuming command Colonel Stokes-
Crowe was the AES Director of
Aeromedical Operations.
    “We thank you for choosing leaders
with integrity, who ably lead the
mission, who motivate us in our work
and service and, ultimately, promote
freedom in the world by developing fine
                                            Lt. Col. Linda Stokes-Crowe accepts the guidon from Col. Roger
Air Force Airmen,” said Capt.
                                            Gallet, 445th Operations Group commander, as she assumes
Jonathan Kollmann, 445th Protestant
                                            command of the 445th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron. (U.S.
Chaplain, during the invocation prior
                                            Air Force photos/Staff Sgt. Martin Moleski)
the official assumption of command.
    The selection of Colonel Stokes-
Crowe is a significant change for all members of AES
because she will fill the position as a traditional
reservist, said Colonel Gallet. While the unit was
previously led by a full-time air reserve technician
(ART), the unit will now benefit by having two skilled
leaders, a traditional reservist and a senior ART, Maj.
Todd Mulhorn, Colonel Gallet added.
    “It is my honor to assume command of the 445th
AES, a unit with a long, proud history of excellence,”
said Colonel Stokes-Crowe. “Thank you for trusting
me to do this job. I will do my best to honor your
trust,” the colonel added.
    Colonel Stokes-Crowe assumes command of the
largest Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron in the Air
Force. The hard work of the 445th AES has been              Master Sgt. Mark Lyle, 445th Honor Guard, posts the
recognized throughout the Air Force. The unit has           colors at the 445th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron
received many awards, including the Air Force               Change of Command Ceremony July 12.
Outstanding Unit Award 2007, the Outstanding
Reserve Medical Quality Initiative Award and the Air
Force Reserve Command’s 2007 Outstanding                    remarks. “When I enlisted in the 144th Fighter
Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron.                            Interceptor Wing in the early days after Vietnam, I
    “This is definitely the high point of my career to      had no idea I would be standing here today. I accept
date,” said Colonel Stokes-Crowe in her concluding          the challenge and responsibility,” she added.
6                                                www.445aw.afrc.af.mil                         Buckeye Flyer
                                                               Welcome and Congratulations!
                                                                              SrA Clayton Creamer, 445 AMXS
Awards                                 SSgt Ashley Clark, 445 OSS
                                       SSgt Richard Johnson, 445 AMXS         SrA David Gordley, 445 ASTS
Congratulations to the following 445   SSgt Anthony Shepherd, 445             SrA David Holt, 445 AMXS
AW members who recently earned         AMXS                                   SrA James Kirk, 445 ASTS
an award.                                                                     SrA Karla Morton-Snead, 445 MSF

Meritorious Service Medal              Newcomers                              SrA Robert Webster, 445 CES
                                                                              SrA Christopher West, 445 CES
Lt Col Timothy Baldwin, 89 AS          Welcome to the following reservists,   A1C Joshua DeWitt, 445 AMXS
Lt Col Gretchen Mulhorn, 445           recently assigned to the 445th AW:     A1C Brandon Grajeda, 445 ASTS
AMDS                                                                          A1C Wolfgang Krenzer, 445 AES
Maj Theodore Theopolos, 445 AW         Maj Michael Bogacki, 445 AES           A1C Michael Mason, 445 CES
Maj Melissa Triche, 445 AMDS           Maj Cynthia Harris, 445 AW             A1C Michael Pitts, 445 MXS
CMSgt Bryan Floyd, 445 LRS             Maj Linda Moore, 445 LRS               A1C Jeremy Schwartz, 445 ASTS
MSgt John Chatman, 87 APS              Maj Stephen Simko, 445 AMXS            A1C Adam Sechrest, 445 ASTS
                                       1st Lt Kathleen Kossler, 445 AW        A1C Carson Wassmuth, 445 AMXS
Aerial Achievement Medal               1st Lt Mary Leovich, 445 CES           AB Kevin Horn, 445 CES
2nd Lt Francis Saul, III, 89 AS        MSgt John Grable, 445 AMXS
MSgt Brian Dawes, 89 AS                TSgt Rodney Allen, 445 MXS

Air Force Commendation Medal
                                       TSgt Nicholas Reed, 445 CES
                                       SSgt Earnest Geiger, 445 AMXS
                                                                              Congratulations to the following
MSgt Johnnie Tinkle, 445 MXS           SSgt Quincy Hampton, 445 ASTS          reservists recently promoted to the
TSgt Terry Reisinger, 445 AW           SSgt Alexandra Holmes, 445 SVF         rank indicated.
                                       SSgt Jason McClanahan, 89 AS
Air Force Achievement Medal            SSgt Lamon Pace, 445 LRS
Capt Jonathan Kollmann, 445 AW         SSgt Anthony Phillips, 445 CES
SMSgt Jo Mason, 87 APS                 SSgt Brandi Smith, 445 CES                     Airman First Class
MSgt Phillip Finnegan, 87 APS          SSgt Craig Stevenson, 445 AMXS                 Alex Blake, 445 CES
TSgt Jeffrey Engel, 445 CES            SSgt Natalie Storms, 87 APS                    Kyle Cramer, 87 APS
TSgt Richard Carey, 87 APS             SSgt Bryan Stover, 445 CES                     Ryan Henderson, 87 APS
TSgt James Hartsell, 87 APS            SSgt Shaleese Turner-Jenkins,                  Kyle Settles, 445 MXS
TSgt Ernest Haygood, 445 MSF           445 ASTS
TSgt Robert Rowe, 87 APS               SSgt Brian Williams, 445 MSF                   Senior Airman
TSgt Greg Wyatt, 445 AMXS              SrA Justin Browning, 89 AS                     Andrew Amodio, 445 MXS
SSgt Tyler Brewer, 445 MXS             SrA Mishay Castro, 445 AES                     Joseph Hawkins, 445 MOF
                                                                                      Jeremy Laird, 445 CES
                                                                                      James Mellenkamp, 87 APS
                Commander's First Call
                                                                                      Staff Sergeant
                                                                                      Bradley Burbage, 445 CES
                                                                                      Megan Cronkleton, 445 AES
                                                                                      Adrienne Hood, 445 LRS
                                                                                      Lisa Kontir, 445 ASTS
                                                                                      Michael Nelson, 445 CES

                                                                                      Technical Sergeant
                                                                                      Kevin Dobson, 445 OSS
                                                                                      Kelli Filson, 445 CES
                                                                                      Tiffany Watkins, 445 CES

                                                                                      Master Sergeant
                                                                                      Kristi Chase, 445 MXS
        445th Airlift Wing Commander Col. Stephen Goeman                              Anthony Katros, 445 MXG
        congratulates Senior Master Sgt. W. Tim Spradlin, 445th
        Civil Engineer Squadron, for receiving the Bronze Star at                     Captain
        Colonel Goeman's first wing's commander's call July 13.                       Tamara Thomas, 445 ASTS
        (U.S. Air Force photo/ Staff Sgt. Martin Moleski)

  August 2008                               www.445aw.afrc.af.mil                                                   7
News Briefs
Wing Picnic
                                      Weekend of Giving
Mark your calendar
for the Wing Picnic!
Sponsored by the
Chief’s Group on Oct. 5 starting
at 11:30 at the Maintenance
Complex (Hangars 4015 & 4016)
Activities and displays for all

Reminder! Uniform/
Individual Equipment Unit
items needing replacement
should be requested during the
August UTAs as Government
Purchase Cards are closed
August 10 as part of the end of
the fiscal year program.

GI Bill Website
The Dept of
Veterans Affairs GI
Bill website at http:/
offers additional
information on what the benefit
includes and who may be
eligible to participate. The site
also offers the opportunity to          Lt. Col. Keith Bond, Jr., 87th Aerial Port commander, leads
sign-up to receive e-mail               the way as more than 100 people gave blood for the
messages as new information             Armed Services Blood Drive June 22. The great turn out
becomes available.                      resulted in 72 pints of blood given for the program. In
                                        addition to the blood drive, reservists from the Aerial Port
New Maintenance                         Squadron collected 1,216 food items and donated the
                                        items to the Dayton Homeless Shelter. (Courtesy photo)
Change of Command for Maj Jay
Smeltzer, 445th Maintenance
Squadron                         445TH AIRLIFT WING/PA                            FIRST CLASS MAIL
is Aug. 3 at 3:00 in Bldg. 4026. 5514 MCCORMICK AVE                               POSTAGE & FEES PAID
                                 WRIGHT-PATTERSON AFB, OHIO                       USAF PERMIT NO. 1161
Softball Challenge               45433-5113
First Annual Active
Duty vs. Reserve
Softball Challenge
is Saturday, Aug. 2,
Dodger Field (Kittyhawk Area)
Exhibition Game: 6:00-7:30
p.m. Official Game: 7:30 p.m.

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