How Do I Look How Will I Look I Look Good by barbaros


									                                                  How Do I Look?
                                                     Body Image is how you
                                                     see and feel about your
                                                     physical appearance.

                                                  How Will I Look?
                                                    Patients may refuse an
                                                     AV Fistula because of
                                                  concerns about Body Image.

                                   I Look Good.
                                  Focus on the Facts
                                Express Your Concerns
                                    Stay Informed

 Taking the Fear out of
      AV Fistula Placement.
                     Fistulas provide better dialysis.
                   Fistulas have fewer complications.
                     Fistulas have fewer infections.
              Fistulas are linked to fewer hospitalizations.
                           Fistulas last longer.
              Fistulas are the first choice for hemodialysis.
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