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This Deed of Agreement made on this the 05th day of August,


Mrs. Nita Das , aged about 39 years, W/o – Sourya Sundar Das,
residing at Mukur Press Premises, Bhasakosh Lane, Nimchouri.
P.O – Chandnichouk, P.S – Lalbag Town and District – Cuttack in
ONE PART (herein after called party of the FIRST PART / LAND
LADY / LESSOR which term shall unless repugnant or contrary to
the context includes her heirs, assignees, executors, successors,
legal representatives and administrators.)


Srinibash Behura, aged about 19 years, S/o – Srikanta Behura , At-
BagasarPur , P.O - Chanyanpal, Dist- Cuttack .Pin – 754204 the
OTHER PART( herein after called the party of the SECOND
PART / TENANT / LESSEE which expression includes his heirs ,
assignees, executors, successors, legal representatives and


Where as the party of the First part , the LAND LADY is the
owner in possession of the property mentioned in the Schedule
appended to this agreement having absolute right , title, interest,
ownership, possession and holding and is desirous of letting
desires to let out the said extent of property as per the schedule.


Where as the party of the Second Part, the TENANT approached
the party of the First Part , the LAND LADY to let out the above
said premises on rent. Where as the party of the First Part, the
LAND LADY has agreed to let out the said premises on rent to the
said TENANT on the basis of TENANCY AT WILL and both the
parties have agreed with each other on the terms and conditions
herein after described.


  1. That it is agreed by the TENANT to pay a monthly rent of
      Rs.3,500 /- ( Rupees Three Thousand and Five Hundred )
      only for use of the schedule premises and the TENANT shall
      pay the agreed monthly rent on or before the 10 th day of the
      beginning of every English Calendar month and in default of

     payment of rent by the tenant for two consecutive months,
     shall entail the liability of eviction without notice.

2. That the TENANT shall pay a sum of Rs.15,000 /-(Rupees
     Fifteen Thousand ) only as advance to the LAND LADY and
     the same shall be retained as Security Deposit and shall be
     refunded to the TENANT at the time of expiry of Tenancy
     without any interest subject to adjustment of expenses
     incurred / to be incurred for repairing of the premises owing
     to disfiguring or misuse by the tenant during the tenancy

3.     That the tenure of tenancy is to commence from the 1 st day
     of August 2005 and will be valid for eleven months , ending
     on 30th June, 2006 and the period of tenancy may be renewed
     by the LAND LADY for any further period on mutual
     agreement of the parties and at a rent to be mutually agreed
     upon by the parties.

4.     That it is agreed upon by the parties that if the Lease
     Agreement is not renewed for any reason after the expiry of
     the above period of eleven month , the TENANT shall give
     back vacant possession of the premises to the LAND LADY
     without any demur, immediately. If the TENANT fails to

     give vacant possession and / or deliberately avoids to do the
     same, the LAND LADY reserves the right to take back the
     possession with the help of police.

5.    That the TENANT shall pay the electric charges to the
     authorities as per the charges levied by the authorities from
     time to time , regularly and the copies of receipts of such
     payments shall be deposited with the LAND LADY or her
     authorized representatives.

6. That the LAND LADY shall under take all major repairs, if
     any, and minor repair shall be undertaken by the TENANT .
     That apart the Tenant shall keep the premises, fittings and
     fixtures (mentioned in the schedule – B, below) in good
     condition and shall not disfigure or misuse the premises in
     any manner other than the specific purpose for which the
     same has been tenanted , failing which the tenant shall entail
     the liability of being evicted without prior notice and shall
     also be liable for the damages so caused by him or his agents,
     assignees during the subsistence of tenancy.

7. That the TENANT shall use and occupy the premises solely
     for residential purpose and not for any other purpose and if it
     is found that the premises is used by the lessee for any other

  purpose than the professed one the LAND LADY reserves
  her right to determine the tenancy period and in that event the
  tenant shall be evicted with out notice , with the help /
  assistance of local police.

8. That the tenant agrees not to sublet the afore said premises
  to any other person / agency / organisation , nor shall store
  any obnoxious materials or explosives or contraband
  materials in the tenanted premises nor shall use the premises
  for any other purpose than what has been spelt out in
  paragraph 7 (seven).

9. That it is agreed by the parties that the tenant shall maintain
  the tenanted premises in good condition including the doors ,
  windows and other fittings subject to reasonable wear and
  tear being exempted .

10.     That notwithstanding any thing contained in the
  agreement, during the period of tenancy it is open for either
  of the parties to terminate the tenancy by giving fifteen days

11.     That the tenant shall make sure to reside in the premises
  law fully without trafficking or harbouring any unlawful
  activity and shall upkeep the integrity of the LAND LADY

  failing which the TENANT shall entail the liability of
  eviction without notice .

12.     That the LAND LADY shall have a right to inspect the
  tenanted premises and in that event the tenant is only to be
  intimated regarding such inspection and he shall have no
  objection whatsoever in allowing the LAND LADY, her
  agent(s) to have her inspection .

13.     That it is further agreed that the LAND LADY shall
  give letter of consent , if at all , required to the tenant for the
  purpose of installing a telephone in the name of the tenant at
  his expenses .

14.     That the tenant shall keep cordial relationship with the
  LAND LADY and other flat owners in Metro Sweet Home
  Campus. The lessee shall not do any sort of activities which
  will have the effect of annoying / jeopardizing          peaceful
  living of other owners of the apartment and the lessee shall
  abide by the decision taken by the apartment owners of the
  flat in Metro Sweet Home Campus .

15.     That each party shall have the right to suggest for
  modification and termination of any clause or clauses of the
  agreement by giving three months prior notice in writing to

        each other , and the same shall be carried out subject to the
        consent and approval of the other party .

            In witnesseth where of the parties as aforestated have
put their respective hands and seal on this date , month and year
herein above mentioned .

   Dist / Town – Cuttack , Mouza – Ramgarh ,
   Building – Metro Sweet Home .
   Plot no – 1435 (p) Khata no – 1031,
   Flat no- 3 B / Top Floor.
   Area – 913 sq.ft.
                                    SCHEDULE – B

Fan ( SEC make ) – 04 Nos.                   Cub board in dinning space –01No.
Tube Light (Kusum make)- 04Nos.              with glass fittings.
Bulb – 05 Nos.                               Sofa - 01 set
Basin –03 Nos.                               Mirror – 02 Nos. in Bathrooms.
Commode – 02 Nos.                            Wooden glass shelves – in kitchen.
Cub board-cum-dressing table-01 No.
Cub board – 01No. with glass fitting .
Cub board in Master Bedroom – 01 No.
with fittings.


   1.                                                EXECUTANTS

   2.                                            FIRST PARTY ( LAND LADY )

                                                 SECOND PART ( TENANT )

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