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									 How Do I Get Rid of an Unwanted
If It Works:
    •   Sell it or give it away through a want ad or at a garage sale.
    •   Offer it to a used appliances dealer. See "Appliances-Used" in the yellow pages.
    •   Donate it to a non-profit organization. See our Donation Agency List or call 777-3354 for info.
                  1. Salvation Army 1-800-SA-TRUCK (will also do minor repairs)
                  2. Cityteam Ministries 293-4657
    •   Pacific Gas & Electric has a rebate program to encourage residents to get rid of old, inefficient
        appliances. For a list of appliances and more information go to (, or
        call JACO Environmental customer service department at 800-299-7573.

If It’s Repairable:
    •   Offer it to a used appliances dealer. See "Appliances-Used" in the yellow pages.

To Recycle It (They Pick It Up):
    •   Los Altos Garbage Company 725-4020; call for pick up appt. (cost: for bulk goods; 1st item $25,
        each additional item $15).
    •   Scrap metal haulers may be willing to pick up and deliver your non-Freon appliance to scrap
        metal businesses. See our Scrap Metal Haulers List or call 777-3354 for more info.
    •   JACO Environmental will pick up large appliance for a fee (ranging from $15 - $50, $35
        minimum). Call 800-741-0172 for an appointment.

To Recycle It (You Haul It):
    •   Metal recyclers may accept your metal appliance for recycling. See our Scrap Metal Recyclers
        list for companies and items accepted, or call 777-3354 for more information. (Note: Metal
        recyclers are not equipped to remove Freon gas from refrigerator, freezers or air conditioners.
        They cannot accept these appliances for recycling. See note on Freon below.)
    •   Landfills (Call for cost)
              o BFI's Newby Island Landfill: 432-1234
              o Guadalupe Landfill: 268-1666
              o Zanker Road Landfill: 263-2385

    •    Large appliances are not accepted for disposal on “On-Call Disposal Days” (Individual items
         cannot weigh more than 50 lbs.).
    • Freon: If recycling or disposing of a refrigerator, freezer, or air conditioner, be aware that the
         appliance's Freon gas must be removed by a certified technician. Technicians are usually found
         at landfills and appliance repair shops. It is illegal to release Freon gas into the atmosphere.
         Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), and if it is not extracted from the appliance properly it will
         contribute to the depletion of the protective ozone layer in our atmosphere.
    • If recycling an appliance with a metal recycler, you may be required to remove the motor and any
         mercury switches before the appliance can be accepted. Be sure to ask before you haul it. If the
         appliance held Freon gas, the gas must be professionally removed before the motor can be
         removed. (Call the County Hazardous Waste Program at (408) 299-7300 for free appointment for
         the disposal of mercury switches).
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