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					If English is not your first language…
                                                        We would like you to:
If you would like to discuss this information with
someone who speaks your own language, please
fill in your details and return to the address below.   • Think about any new kitchen appliances
                                                          you might buy before your new kitchen
                                                          is designed
                                                        • Keep all appointments made – with               Decent Homes
                                                          RLOs, surveyors, designers, builders,
                                                          Ealing Homes representatives – and
                                                          we will endeavour to do the same                Your step-by-step
                                                        • Allow access to the builders
                                                        • Remove your personal belongings from            guide to work in
                                                          the work area, and empty cupboards
                                                          and move light furniture as necessary           your home
                                                        • Ask your RLO any questions you are
                                                          concerned about
                                                        • Look after your new kitchen and bathroom
                                                          once they have been completed

                                                        Who to contact:
                                                        1. Your Resident Liaison Officer
                                                        2. The Site Manager
Name                                                    3. The Contracts Manager
                                                        4. If you feel the problem has still not been
Address                                                    adequately dealt with, it is time to contact
                                                           the Ealing Homes Decent Homes Team:

                                                        Decent Homes Team
                                                        Ealing Homes
                                                        Westgate House
Postcode                                                Hanger Lane
                                                        London W5 1YY
                                                             020 8825 7641
Large print          Audio tape              Braille
Please return to: Communications Team, Ealing Homes,
       FREEPOST LON16139, London W5 2BR                      www.ealinghomes.net/decenthomes                 delivering decent homes
Ref: Decent Homes step-by-step
Step-by-step                                         Keeping you informed: before…                       Reporting problems
1. You will receive a letter of introduction from                                                        Your contractor is responsible for carrying
                                                     Before work starts in your home, you will be
the contractor who will carry out the works.         given a Resident Information Pack which             out any repairs related to Decent Homes works
                                                     will contain details from Ealing Homes and          for 12 months. This is referred to as the ‘Defect
2. Surveyors will visit your home to assess how
much work needs to be done. They might take          your contractor. This has been produced to          Liability Period’ and protects both you and us
photos for their records.                            give you further information about what to          against poor workmanship and/or substandard
                                                     expect when works happen in your kitchen            materials. If there is a problem with your kitchen
3. Your Resident Liaison Officer (RLO) will                                                              or bathroom installation contact the Decent
                                                     and bathroom.
visit you to explain what will happen and make
                                                                                                         Homes Team on 020 8825 7641. When the
the necessary appointments. At this time, you
                                                     Access                                              Defect Liability Period ends, tenant responsibility
must explain any special needs, disabilities,
                                                                                                         will return to that stated in the Repairs Handbook.
allergies or illnesses that could be affected by     The builders must have access to your home
the works. If you have any questions your RLO        to be able to complete the works. Please
                                                                                                         IMPORTANT NOTE
will be able to help.                                inform your RLO of any times that builders
                                                                                                         The Defect Liability Period responsibility does
4. If the surveyor decides you need a new            will not be able to get in, including any holiday
                                                                                                         not include any damage to the work due to
kitchen, a designer will visit to do a detailed      that you have booked.
                                                                                                         accidents or vandalism.
design of your kitchen space. Think about what
you would like before the appointment and, if
you are planning to buy any new appliances
                                                      IMPORTANT NOTE
                                                      After you have agreed to your kitchen
(cooker, fridge, dishwasher etc.), you must tell
                                                      design and signed the form to say you are
the designer at this stage – once the designs
                                                      happy, no changes can be made. Make
are finalised changes cannot be made.
                                                      sure you tell the designer at the planning
5. The RLO will visit you or arrange a time for       stage if you want to buy any new appliances
you to visit the site office when you will be able    for your kitchen, as this will affect the
to choose bench-tops, cupboard doors and              layout design.
handles, as well as colours. You have 48 hours
to change your choices.
6. A home electrical inspection will be made.        When the work is finished
                                                     When the work is completed and the builders
7. You will be given at least two weeks notice       have finished, an Ealing Homes officer will          Keeping you informed: after...
before work is due to start. You will be             need to check everything. Please make sure           When the works have been completed you will
reminded a week before and also the day              you are available to let the Ealing Homes            receive a guide to caring for your refurbished
before. Make sure you are in to allow the            representative into your home because this           home. This booklet will guide you through the
builders access to your home.                        will ensure works are completed to the high          new facilities and give you tips on keeping
8. Depending on what work is necessary,              standards required. You will also get the            everything like new.
builders should not spend more than four             chance to fill in a satisfaction survey about
weeks at your home. This varies depending on         the works on your home.                                    To get in touch with the
what needs to be done. They also may not be                                                                      Decent Homes Team
in your home everyday – your RLO will keep                                                                   call 020 8825 7641 or email
you informed of appointments and progress.

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