marijuana by yehyazakariamisto


									      Marijuana legalization
Many organizations are pushing for the legalization of Marijuana as a
medical drug. Marijuana has many medical advantages. There are other
organizations that believe that legalizing marijuana is a good idea and others
also want to veto these suggestions from the pro organizations.
Marijuana has been a therapeutic drug for cancer and AIDS patients. Many
other research and studies dedicated to Marijuana has shown early signs
that it can also inhibit cancer cell growth in animals.
Other research studies have also pointed out that using Marijuana can
adversely affect the brain and the body. These are lifelong effects that can
manifest themselves long after an individual has given up using Marijuana.
The anti-marijuana organizations stress that there are other products in the
medical market that have the same positive effects of Marijuana with little or
none of the negative side effects.
In spite of these recent findings, many other organizations have tried to block
the legalization of Marijuana as a medical drug. These organizations cited
that only some isolated elements of Marijuana can be
regarded as medically helpful and that the practice of
smoking it does not necessarily have to be done.
The move to legalize the use and propagation of Marijuana
will always have opposition since this plant is controversial.
If the government does allow the use and propagation of
Cannabis, there will always be a loophole which will be used
by drug addicts and traffickers to be able to make money
from the lifting of the ban.

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