How do I print a Whiteboard by barbaros


									How do I print a Whiteboard?

To print any of the Whiteboard screens:

          1. Open the Select Screens dialog by clicking on the             Print button in the menu bar
             and selecting Whiteboard in the dropdown.

          The Select Screens dialog box appears.

          2. Choose whether you want to print all the screens in the Current Screen Group, only
          the Current Screen or Selected Screens. If you choose Selected Screens, you will then see
          a list of all the screens. Select the screen(s) from the list. Use the Shift or Control (⌘) key
          to select multiple screens. Then click OK.

          3.   The Page Set-up dialog box appears.

          4.   In the Page Setup dialog box, specify your preferences and click OK.

          If the Whiteboard is protected no one, including the moderator, can print
          any screens.


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