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My Sankalp Is My Life


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									                          My Sankalp Is My Life
         I am a follower of New Way Philosophy (i.e. New= Newton and Way = Vedas).
Swami Vijnanananda, founder of Rest New Way Ashram (Trust) was the First Thinker of
this philosophy. I did Sankalp of Jeevandan i.e. Oath of ‘Life donation’ for the cause of
social service in the presence of Swamiji on 21st May 1991 in Ashram. The day on
which Shri. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. At this time of oath, Swamiji told me that,
‘The God Has Accepted My Jeevandan’. On 21st May 1993, in a special meeting of 15
Jeevandani Sadhakas (life devoted seekers of New Way Ashram) Swamiji rendered
special spiritual powers to me to perform special social mission. On 18th November
1993 Swamiji, performed Prakash Samadhi (Liberation of Body from Soul) Prakriya by
sacrificing his Body from the 19th floor of New Administrative building, opposite
Mantralaya, Mumbai. After this Samadhi, as per Swamiji’s guidelines I did work with
ashram / trust for 2 years. I was always committed to Swamiji’s task and not to my
relatives, trust, any culture, cast, religion, political party or even my own beloved
institution i.e. Manshakti Research Centre. The Sankalp was always above all these
material things. So on 9th August 1995, I left ashram (but spiritrually, technically and
officially, I have not taken my Sankalp of Jeevandan back) and started work in Pune,
Maharashtra from ‘Zero Level’. Swamiji had once said to me, “that after completion /
fulfillment of his Task / Sankalp (14 years Tapshcharya) I would be able or be
rendered power to spread New Way Philosophy world wide”. Now I have completed
my Sankalp and waiting for next messages of Swamiji’s Shakti.
         From 9th August 1995 until today, i.e. last 12 years, I am working for leaders,
students and every aspect of society. Now after 12 years, I feel happy from the bottom of
heart that, I have completed the task (Sankalp) which was given to me by Swamiji. In
society I portray myself as a common man but, I also wonder how I could complete this
mission as a common man! Because I am from middle class family and have very simple
personality. I don’t claim myself as great or something extraordinary person. I never tried
to become celebrity. I never entertained hypocrisy in life.
         I predicted the rise and fall of 4 Chief Ministers in Maharashtra. I have also
developed ‘How to Study’ software for slow learner students.

On Swamiji’s philosophy and by applying my practical concept, my wife Dr. Manisha
Joshi did research in Ayurveda (M.D.) on the ‘Brainwaves of Children and its relation
with Ayurvedic Medicines’ first time in the world. I have also developed 10 Vcd’s for
Garbhsanskar for women with the help of my wife. In Maharashtra I conducted more
than 100 parenting meeting for more than 25,000 parents and rendered knowledge
services to more than 300 schools which benefited more than 5 lakh students. I had also
developed a VCD which explains how television affects children’s brainwaves. I feel
satisfied to see that, by watching this VCD, children avoid studying and food taking
before / while watching T.V. which helps them to save mind power, increase
concentration, reduce hyper activity, good digestion etc. In so many ways and means, I
have served the next generation without monetary gains. During this mission, I have lost
everything i.e. money, health, fame and personal life. But I got tremendous spiritual
power. In 11th Adhyay of Bhagwadgeeta it is mentioned that, “When One losses His
Spirit, He gets Material and Vice-versa”. I lost Matter! But got spiritual Power i.e Non-

       - How Leaders Suffers From the Effects Of Jealousy or Envy -

         I have had given knowledge services to all sections of society on the basis of
Swamiji’s philosophy of Mind Power. In 1958, Swamiji, first time in the world, had made
definition of Human Mind in scientific terminology, “That which transcends the
velocity of light is ‘Mind’ (Now, we all know velocity of light is near about 3 lakh k.m. /
sec and it takes ‘Sunlight’ 8 minutes to reach Earth. On the contrary, for Human Eye it
doesn’t even take a fraction of second to ‘See’ the Sun. That means even fraction of a
second is enough to reach our ‘Mind’ on or to the Sun).
         As per Swamiji’s New Way theory, ‘Every human being has a natural wavelength
which radiates and releases different forms of energy patterns’. People who visit
Vastues of Political Leaders have high expectations in mind but when they don’t get
satisfied, then feel jealous about leaders, which stimulates ‘Beta’ activity in their brain. It
means emitting 15 to 30 beta brainwaves / second from their brain particularly right part
of it. In this way, tremendous bad energy is stored in leaders Vastues over the years.
(here I must clarify one thing that, every visitor of leaders Vastu doest not emits ‘bad’
energy, if he is satisfied then he may liberates or resonates Mind Power to the leaders
and or his Vastu). So the process of accumulation of ‘thought pollution’ in every leader’s
house / office starts and it reaches its ‘saturation point’ through cycles from 90 days to 7
years. Slowly these cycles starts affecting leaders Mind and ultimately their future. As
per the law of Thermo-dynamics, “The energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is only
converted either in kinetic or potential form” Now this principle is also applied to this
theory. By applying this and other scientific experiments, Swamiji had correctly
predicted, rise and fall of 14 Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, in the context of Jealousy or
envy effects in Varsha Bungalow, which is official residence of C.M. of Maharashtra.

   - Swamiji Could Transfer Power To The Leaders From Distance -

        Swamiji had also given more than 100 scientific evidences that how, Human
Minds Can Resonate Each Other from any distance / part of the world. Swamiji used to
pray and release energy for more than 200 leaders, social workers of different political
        In fact, this research is very useful for leader’s to increase their mind power and
also for their followers, relatives well wishers to save these leaders energy from the bad
effects of jealousy. So every political party should use this knowledge to make their
future more brighter and to serve the Nation more effectively. These leaders can take
the benefit of Swamiji’s knowledge in The Rest New Way, Ashram, lonawala, pune.
The website of this institution is www.manshakti.org (Though I am not technically
concerned with this institution, I have full faith in the existence of Swamiji’s power of
Tapacharay of 36 years in the Vastu of this institution. leaders should study Swamiji’s
books and attend seminars on the subjects of Matsarghat mukti)
        This is my prayer from the bottom of the heart for leaders, Nation and Humanity
at large, as we will be facing more serious threats to integrity of our society in the coming
decade, because of this increasing corrupt mindset of every section of society. So we
should not blame only for leaders, rather we should pray for them.
        In an interview, published on 23rd March 1999 in a polpular weekly Chitralekha, I
had predicted, That Shivsena Will Be Defeated In 1999 Assembly Elections,
Because Of Rampant Corruption! In this same interview I also had cautioned about
coming age of ‘Economic Slavery on India’ through the silent process of globalization
process. In this issue of Chitralekhe I had also commented on the pros and cons of
predictions of Nostradamus from the period of 1999 to 2006! Unfortunately most of my
observations have proved to be true!
        Here I should mention an example which will explain the importance of Swamiji’s
philosophy for the sake of whole Humanity. Swamiji had predicted the attack on ‘Twin
Towers in New York’ (i.e. 9/11 incidence), much before in 1988 in Manashakti magazine
by ‘Contacting’ the thoughts of Nostradamus.

            - Is ‘Corruption’ More Dangerous than ‘Terrorism’? -

         Now leaders should understand one thing that, because of corruption of political
parties the jealousy or envy in the minds of people increases to dangerous level, which
ultimately results in their parties electoral defeat. In fact our National security is in more
danger because of corruption rather than terrorism. That’s why; Swamiji had taken
Samadhi from the Governments Building to protest against the corruption in
Administration. Swamiji’s this Samadhi process was also a contribution in the battle
against corruption.
         In society the word “Corruption” is commonly uses as substitute to the word
“bribe”. In fact, The word, ‘bribe’ has to be used regarding illegal money transaction or
purely money (monetary) matter. And the word, Corruption has a very wide meaning,
which is not only concerned with money but it is a state of Mind, which it includes every
act of inequality / injustice/ against the Natural laws. Swamiji had done research and
also written books on the effects of this corruption on Mind and health.
         When a person does an ‘Act’ or creates ‘Action’ which is unethical in social
context or against the Impressions Of his Sanskars On his Brain / Mind / personality,
then his involuntary systems (heart beats / blood pressure / skin resistance / brainwaves
/ pulse rate / breathing) shows abnormal changes. These changes make another
Impression or create ‘Reaction’ on Mind / Body and which ultimately leads to the
diseases or 8 types of tragedies in life.
         This process also reduces Mind Power (because when you accept “Sukh “you
lose energy! And vice-versa!!) As this act of Mind Corruption is it self against The Laws
Of Nature. Now it has mathematical, logical evidence also.
         After taking birth, our Mind Power starts spending energy to get ‘Sukh’ which is
indicated through the vibrating pulse. Our pulse vibrates 140 / minute in womb and at
120/ minute at the time of Birth. At the end of life, our Pulse vibrates at the approx 60 /
minute. (Of course these average figures) It means life in terms of Mathematics is, from
140 pulse rate / minute to 60 pulse rate / minute. If we calculate for 60 years of life the
energy, then it shows, we spend …………energy in life and energy remains after death
is 3 Billion, 15 Crore, 35 lakhs Pulse beats.

        There are scientific evidences to prove the existence of ‘Mind’ after death.
Throughout the life, this mind spends Crores of calories/ pulse beats to get “Sukh” which
ultimately converted into the ‘Dukh’, as per the ‘Law of Compensation’. This result is also
supported by, The Newton’s ‘Third law of Motion’ which states that, “To every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This law is also applicable to human body also
as the body is Matter and the Mind is non-matter. Once the Mind spends its power to
get any material so-called “Sukh” it never gets that energy back, as there is no reversible
process in Nature! What we can do is only channelise Mind Power in fulfilling our
wishes. And to do this, there are 2 ways only, One- is Selfless Sacrifice and another is,
        Now I am 42 and my date of birth is 12th February 1966, it means, I have spent
………….. energy until today. I have dedicated last 16 years of my life to complete
Sankalp which was rendered to me by Swami Vijnanananda. Now today, I feel satisfied
that I could do it. Of course the credit of completion of this Sankalp goes to those
peoples, who have had helped me to complete it. I have very high regards about all
Seekers of New way Philosophy, Jeevandani’s of Rest New way Trust , Manshskti
Research Centre and I am also thankful to every person (visible or invisible), vastu’s
who have helped me to complete this task. Amen!


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