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									Word 97

Creating Borders, Shadows and Patterns
   Borders are often used to add emphasis and structure to document items such as
    selected text, tables, newsletters and even whole pages. By simply selecting an
    object, the Border and Shading feature in Word 97 can draw lines and boxes to
    enclose the object.

To add a border to an object

 Select the object, i.e. character, word, selected text, paragraph, graphic or table that
  you want to enclose in a border and then from the Format menu, click on
  Borders and Shading. The Borders and Shading dialog box appears:

Setting                                                                              Style
Allows you to                                                                        Allows you to define
define what sort of                                                                  the sort of line that
border you wish to                                                                   will be used for the
use, choose from                                                                     border
Box, Shadow, 3-D
or Custom. If you                                                                    Preview
are applying a                                                                       Allows you to
border to a table,                                                                   preview the effect
you will also have                                                                   of the various
the option of All                                                                    formatting
and Grid.                                                                            combinations you
                                                                                     have used to create
Colour                                                                               your border.
Allows you to
define the colour
used by the border
                              Allows you to define the thickness of the border.

 You can customise the border by using the settings above

To add shading

   Shading can be useful to highlight parts of a text or table and to add effects to
    publications. From the Tables and Borders dialogue box click on the Shading
    tab. You will see this box:

       Allows you to choose
       the fill colour

       Allows you to choose
       the depth and pattern of
       the shading

                                                                                  Ros Martin’99
Word 97

    If you just want a fairly simple border or shading, you can use the Tables and
     Borders Toolbar to do this quickly and easily.

                                                                          This adds shading to
                                                                          text , shapes and
                                                  Border Colour
    Line Style                                    This allows you
                                                  to choose the          Outside Border
    Allows you to
                                                  colour of the          This allows you to
    choose the style of
                                                  border                 choose where you
    your border
                                                                         want to place border
                                               Line Weight
                                               This allows you to
                                               choose the width
                                               of your border

You can fill borders with shading to add emphasis by going straight to the Shading tab
after you have selected you border from the Border tab.

                                         Shadows add interest to borders or pictures –
          Shadow                         experiment with different styles.

                                            Try different fill effects

                                                                             Ros Martin’99

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