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									Operating Agreement between DEP
           and SFWMD

               Anita Bain, Director
     Natural Resource Management Division

               August 18, 2006
   1994 – Original Operating Agreement developed
    for ERP
   Activity-based split between agencies to avoid
    duplication of ERP permitting at state level
   1998 - Current agreement implemented
   All water management districts and DEP have
    developed proposed changes concurrently
   August 9, 2006 – District Governing Board
    approved initiation of rule development
    Revisions to Operating Agreement
   Clarify which mining projects are retained by DEP
   Provide that the District will review boat docks,
    seawalls associated with residential development even
    if the upland development qualifies for a no-notice general
   Provide that the District can review utility lines which are
    contained within projects under the District's review
   Eliminate Aquaculture from the agreement, which is now
    reviewed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and
    Consumer Services
   Clarify/update process for review or transfer of incorrectly
    submitted applications
   Provide a revision of the threshold for District review of
    single family homes to four or more contiguous lots
Comments should be directed to:

Jan Sluth jsluth@sfwmd.gov

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