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									BEE 5330                                                                               Spring 2009

                        BEE 5330 Engineering Professionalism
                                                1-2 credits
                               (1 credit for FE review; 1 credit for ethics)

Room 125 Riley-Robb Hall
The FE review portion of the course is the first hour of the class (7:30-8:50 pm Wednesday evening); the
2nd session from 9:00-10:00 pm is the professionalism portion (ethics and other topics) of the course. A
student can enroll in the FE only (1 credit) or the ethics portion (1 credit), one is not required for the

   • Graduate Standing or Senior
   • Student must take the NY Fundamental of Engineering (FE) exam held in late April which
       requires pre-enrollment by November 1 (see
       programs/courses/bee533.cfm for application forms) or apply for the November exam during the
       Spring semester.

Lecture                  W: 7:30-10:00 pm Room 125 Riley-Robb Hall
TA Help Session          Monday & Tuesday 7:30-9:00 pm Carpenter Hall Accel Lab (TA will have sign)
Office Hours             Variable, changes each week (depends on weekly faculty leader’s schedule)

Instructors              M. Timmons (BEE) and J. Stedinger (CEE)
FE Topic Leaders         R. Rand (T&AM), L. Albright (BEE), J. Hunter (BEE),
                             K. Gebremedhin (BEE), J. Bartsch (BEE), J. March (BEE), and
                             D. Aneshansley (BEE)

Final exam               Take-home practice FE exam

Other Requirements       Saturday 8 hour FE exam required on April 25, 2009 (Cornell Campus)

Grading      Letter grade or S/U (to count as engineering elective, student must sign up for letter grade).

Attendance (1 per cent each week attended, 9% maximum, 7% to reach 100%)            7%
Weekly Homework assignment (9 assignments, 8 required at 6% each)                   48%
Final Exam (taking the practice FE exam)                                            25%
Final Exam proficiency (% score x 20%, so maximum is 20%)                           20%
                                                     Total                          100%
A ≥ 90%; B≥80%; C≥70%; D≥60%.

Plus submitting application for the NY (or state of your choosing) FE test.

   •    Lindeburg, M.R., 2006. FE Review Manual, 2nd Ed. Professional Publications, Inc. Belmont, CA
        Text available to ASABE student members for $55.00 (non-members $59.95), see (may be available in Cornell book store).
    •   Tetteh, M.O. and M.B. Timmons, 2003. The Engineering Code of Ethics and Its Application
        (130 pages). Cayuga Aqua Ventures, Ithaca, NY. Available on Blackboard.

BEE 5330                                                                             Spring 2009

Course Description
The 1-credit version of this course (first half of the Wednesday evening lectures) will be dedicated to
review materials associated with the NY Fundamentals of Engineering exam. Significant out-of-class
time will be required to successfully pass the FE exam. Weekly FE exam questions done in self-selected
groups of up to 5 students. The final exam is a practice FE exam. The 2nd half of the course (1 credit)
provides a review of an engineer’s professional responsibility to the health and welfare of the public and
discusses pertinent management principles for a professional engineer. Case histories on engineering
ethics will be reviewed. Students are required to write their own personal statement on integrity.

Content of FE Exam (General Exam, not Discipline Specific)

                               Morning     Afternoon
 Subject Area                  Subjects    Subjects
 Mathematics                      15           10
 Computers                        7             0
 Biology                          0             5
 Chemistry                         9            0
 Electricity & Magnetism           9           12
 Engineering Economics            8            10
 Probability & Stats              7             9
 Statics & Dynamics               10           13
 Fluid Mechanics                   7           15
 Engineering Materials            14           11
 Thermo & Heat Transfer            7           15
 Ethics                           7             0
 Total                           100          100

Where to find more information
        •   The Cornell Biological & Environmental Engineering (BEE) website
            ( has the
            application forms needed for applying for either Part A or Part B for professional engineering
            licensing. Details are provided on BEE 5330 Professional Engineering, a 2-credit hour spring
            course that covers engineering professionalism (ethics) and provides a review of subject
            matter contained on the FE Exam Part A.

        •   NYS Professional Engineering – Licensing requirements
                  Jane W. Blair, PE, Executive Secretary
                    NY State Boards for Engineering and Land Surveying, & Interior Design
                    Office of the Professions - New York State Education Department
                    89 Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12234; 518-474-3817 ext. 140 518-473-6282 – fax

        •   NYS Professional Engineering – Application forms

BEE 5330                                                                                   Spring 2009

        •   Nadine Porter: Administrative Assistant, Civil & Environmental Engineering
                   Cornell University, 221 Hollister Hall

        •   Debbie Higgins: Administrative Assistant, Biological and Environmental Engineering
                   Cornell University, 324 Riley-Robb Hall

        •   Michael Timmons: Professor, Biological and Environmental Engineering
                   Cornell University, 302 Riley-Robb Hall

FE Examinations are administered twice a year, in April and October, throughout NY State. The FE
Exam is now given on Cornell’s campus (exam date is April 25, 2009; accommodations will be made for
Sabbath observers.)

                 To take the exam in April, your complete application (Form 1 and Form
                   2) must be postmarked by November 1 of the previous year. (All
                 Cornell students may turn in their forms to Debbie Higgins in Room 324
                                            Riley-Robb Hall.)

                     To take the exam in October, your complete application must be
                                 postmarked by May 1 of the same year.

To fill-in the New York State Professional Engineering Form electronically, go to:
     ****Macros Must Be Enabled****

Licensure Exam Fees
    •   Part A: $70 application fee. If your application is approved by the NY State Education Department
        (NYSED), then you will receive a schedule of available dates and places to take the FE exam. Reply
        directly to NYSED as to your preference of location and date along with an additional check for $125 to
        secure your seat for the examination.


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