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We supply a wide range of ATEX certified Air, Hydraulic and Battery operated
Tools, Equipment and Lamps for use in hazardous areas in a variety of
Agrochemicals, Gas, Mining, Oil, Paint, Paper, Petro-Chemical,
Sewage & Water Treatment and Transport.

This product summary has been produced to provide a general indication of
available and the main features of each product.

The vibration levels shown are provided for guidance. They can increase or
depending on working conditions and operator technique.

More detailed information is available on separate product literature sheets,
format for some and on the undernoted websites :-

Cengar Ltd                         
Maxim Power Tools                  
Wolf Safety Lamp Company           

Please contact us for technical information, a quotation, demonstration or if
have any questions to ask.

Explosive atmospheres can be caused by flammable gases, mists or vapours or by
combustible dusts. If there is enough of the substance, mixed with air, then all it needs is a
source of ignition to cause an explosion.

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) place
duties on employers to eliminate or control the risks from explosive atmospheres in the

What is an explosive atmosphere ?
In DSEAR, an explosive atmosphere is defined as a mixture of dangerous substances with
air, under atmospheric conditions, in the form of gases, vapours, mist or dust in which, after
ignition has occurred, combustion spreads to the entire unburned mixture.

Where can explosive atmospheres be found?
Many workplaces may contain, or have activities that produce, explosive or potentially
explosive atmospheres. Examples include places where work activities create or release
flammable gases or vapours, such as vehicle paint spraying, or in workplaces handling fine
organic dusts such as grain flour or wood.

What is ATEX?
ATEX is the name commonly given to the framework for controlling explosive atmospheres
and the standards of equipment and protective systems used in them. It is based on the
requirements of two European Directives.

1) Directive 99/92/EC - minimum requirements for improving the health and safety
   protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres.
2) Directive 94/9/EC - equipment and protective systems intended for use in
   potentially explosive atmospheres.

What does DSEAR require?
DSEAR requires employers to eliminate or control the risks from dangerous substances.

Classification of areas where explosive atmospheres may occur
Employers must classify areas where hazardous explosive atmospheres may occur into

Selection of equipment and protective systems
Areas classified into zones must be protected from sources of ignition. Equipment and
protective systems intended to be used in zoned areas should be selected to meet the
requirements of the Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially
Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 1996. Equipment already in use before July 2003 can
continue to be used indefinitely provided a risk assessment shows it is safe to do so.
When must the workplace requirements be met?
The specific DSEAR requirements dealing with explosive atmospheres come into effect at
different times depending on when the workplace is first used.

Workplace                                                    When requirements must be met
Workplace in use before July 2003                            Workplace must meet requirements
                                                             by July 2006

Workplace in use before July 2003 but modified
before July 2006 requirements from the time the
modification takes place

Workplace comes into use for the first time after            Workplace must meet
June 2003                                                    requirements from the time it
                                                             comes into use

The Regulations apply to all equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres,
whether electrical or mechanical, and also to protective systems.

Manufacturers/suppliers (or importers, if the manufacturers are outside the EU) must ensure
that their products meet essential health and safety requirements and undergo appropriate
conformity procedures. This usually involves testing and certification by a ‘ -party’
                                                          certification      third
certification body (known as a Notified Body) but manufacturers/suppliers can ‘ -certify’
                                                  manufacturers/   suppliers       self
equipment intended to be used in less hazardous explosive atmospheres. Once certified,
the equipment is marked by the ‘ ’
                                 EX symbol to identify it as such.

Certification ensures that the equipment or protective system is fit for its intended purpose and
that adequate information is supplied with it to ensure that it can be used safely.

EXAMPLE        Cengar Air Powered Saws

                               II 2 G     T5

Explanation of Classification

               Manufacturers declaration of product compliance to all relevant E.U. Directives

               Specific mark for Explosion Protection

   II          Industrial applications –Surface Industries

   2           Equipment Category. High protection Zones 1 and 2

   G           Gas atmosphere

   T5                                                              100
               Temperature Classification –surface does not exceed 100
LIST OF ATEX Certified Products High Protection

N U T IL O E     n   NN      T n 6 I
I D S R A Z N S1a d2MI I G M” 5a dT A R

Bandsaws                        120 to 180mm Square                             Mining
Chainsaw                        270,430 and 630mm Bar                           Industrial & Mining
Drills          Corner                       dia.
                                23 and 32mm dia.                                Mining
                D Handle                     dia.
                                13 and 15mm dia.                                Mining
                Hammer          SDS Plus and 13mm                               Mining
                Magnetic        Up to 53mm capacity                             Industrial
                Pistol                       dia.
                                10 and 13mm dia.                                Mining
Fans                            300, 500 and 600mm dia                          Industrial& Mining
Lights          Wolf            Bay and Floodlight                              Industrial and Min
Impact Wrenches                   t          v
                                      S u r re
                                ½”o2½” q aeD i                                  Industrial & Mining
Motors                          Over 1,000 different types                      Industrial & Mining
Nutrunners                       , a d /” q ae r e v
                                ½” ¾” n 78 S u r D i                            Mining
Saws         Cengar®
             Cengar®            Up to 6mm thick & 300mm dia                     Industrial
           Reciprocating                    dia.
                                Up to 600mm dia.                                Industrial & Mining
           Sabre                            dia.
                                Up to 150mm dia.                                Industrial
Starters                                                                        Mining

Impact Wrenches                                v
                                  a d ” q ae r e
                                ¾” n 1 S u r D i                                Industrial & Mining
Saws         Reciprocating                  dia.
                                Up to 600mm dia.                                Industrial & Mining

A wide range of hand held ones –low voltage, primary cell and re-chargeable battery type
for use in Zone 0, 1 and 2
DRILLS AIR                       Spitznas
Pistol & D Handle        10, 13 & 15mm dia
Feed Spindle             20, 23, 32 and 50mm dia drilling
                        17, 26 and 32mm dia reaming
Corner                  15, 23, 32 & 55mm dia drilling
                        12, 17, 26 & 50mm dia reaming
Core                   160mm dia & 300mm dia with Hydraulic
Magnetic                up to 53mm dia.
Hammer                  SDS Plus 25mm Concrete

Classification IM2cT6
Please Note : Hydraulic version Corner, Core and Hammer Drills available

 Straight                         For Reaming to 36mm.
                                  Expanding to 70mm and
                                  Threading to 40mm.
 Eye Guide                        20 r.p.m.      1800 Nm
 Flange and Starter Wheel         20 and 45 r.p.m.
                                  630, 590 and 260 Nm
 Lateral Output Drive             24, 67, 100, 125 and 250 rpm
                                  280, 93, 66, 50, 28 and 19 Nm
 Angle Drive                      55 rpm          120 Nm
 Angle Drive with Flange          75 and 110 r.p.m.
                                  133, 90, 85 and 57 Nm
 Accessories                      20mm Square Bush,
                                  ½” and ¾” Square Drive and
                                  No. 2 MT Spindle Sleeve
 Classification II 2GcT6
 Please Note: Hydraulic version of most of the above available

  FANS AIR                         Spitznas
 8.1611                           300mm
 Air Consumption                  52 Cfm (1.48 m/3/min)
 Air Flow                         1,590 Cfm (45.0 m3/min)
 Air Pressure                     5 Bar
 Weight                           13.0 Kgs
 Noise Level                      88.0 dBA
 Classification II 2GcT6

 8.1534                           600mm
 Air Consumption                  135 Cfm (3.84 m/3/min)
 Air Flow                         12,360 Cfm (350.0 m3/min)
 Air Pressure                     4 Bar
 Weight                           58.0 Kgs
 Noise Level                      86.0 dBA
 Classification II 2GcT6
 Please Note : Type 8.1533 500mm also available, details on
Light, Standard and Heavy Duty
½” ¾” 1”
   ,    ,   and 1 ½” Square Drive
Bolt Capacity 17 to 85mm.
Torque         610 to 4400 Nm
Classification II 2GcT6 and IM2cT6

½” and ¾”  Male and Female Square Drive with load
speeds 22, 67 and 100 r.p.m. and Stall Torques of
137, 193 and 578 Nm
Classification IM2cT6

SAWS AIR                       Reciprocating
Spitznas 5.1212 Safety Lever Throttle
Supplied complete with a Metal Carrying Case
Cutting Capacities 600mm dia. Pipes or 300mm wide
Flat Sections.
Air Consumption        51.2 C.f.m. (1.45 m3/min)
Weight                 6.4 Kgs
Strokes per Minute      330
Noise Level             86 dB(A)
Vibration Level         1.73 m/s2
Classification II 2GcT5
Hydraulic and Underground versions and Automatic
Feed Accessory available.
Bow Saw Guide to ensure straight cuts especially
useful when cutting Pipes over 300mm diameter.
Pipe Clamp - Please specify Pipe diameter.   Profile
Blades 200, 300, 400, 450, 530, 600 and 770mm long

 SAWS AIR                       Reciprocating

 Cengar JSZ Locking Trigger
 Cutting Capacities 300mm dia Pipe or 200mm wide.
 Flat Sections.
 Air Consumption            5.75 C.f.m. (0.168 m3/min)
 Weight                     6.85 Kgs.
 Strokes per Minute         400/600
 Noise Level                80.5 dB(A)
 Vibration Level            under 2.5 m/s2 not hand held
 Classification II 2GT5

 Clamp adjustable for Pipe and Profiles.
 Bow Saw Guide to ensure straight cuts
 Blades        300 and 450mm long
SAWS AIR                          Reciprocating
Cengar CL with Trigger action & Emergency Stop
CL75 with 19mm Nosepiece
Ideal for cutting Pipe and Sections up to 150mm dia./wide
Can be fitted with a Clamp for straight cutting
CL50 with 12mm Nosepiece
For cutting a wide variety of materials.

Air Consumption                   5.75 C.f.m. (0.168m3/min)
Weight                            2.5 Kgs
Noise Level                       82.9 dB(A)
Vibration Level -                 Trigger 3.2 m/s2
                                  Front 1.7 m/s2
Strokes per Minute                1200
Classification II 2GT5
Cengar PL905 with 12 or 19mm Nosepiece.
For all types of metal and plastic. Increasingly used for cutting
Gas Pipes and heavy GRP sections
Air Consumption                   4.0 Cfm (0.116 m3/min)
Weight                            2.4 Kgs
Vibration Level Trigger           1.9 m/s2
                  Front           1.1 m/s2
Strokes per Minute                2000
Classification II2GT5

19mm             Cengar Blue Bi Metal Machine Blades
                 150, 200, 250 & 300mm long
12mm             Cengar 220mm long or Bi Metal Hacksaw Blades

SAWS AIR                          Others
 Cengar JP901 10,000 Strokes per minute for cutting thin sheet metal, sections and GRP
 Classification II 2GT5
 Spitznas Bandsaws with cutting capacities of 120 and 180mm square
 Classification IM 2cT6
 Spitznas Chainsaws with 360, 520 and 702mm long Bars
 Classification II 2GcT5

 Ideal for all Air driven Tools and Equipment because
 it emulsifies with water and contains a rust inhibitor.
 Available in 250ml, 5, 25 and 210 litre containers
A wide range of Lamps, Lights and Torches
Primary Alkaline Cell, Rechargeable Battery, Low Voltage and Air Powered.

Air TurboliteA-TL44A and 45A           Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22
Bay Light and Floodlight versions 250w Halogen
Air Consumption               26.5 C.f.m (0.75 m3/min)

 Hazard Warning Lamps HL95 Zones 0, 1 and 2
 Available with Amber, Red and Blue LED’     s.
 Primary Cell long life batteries, 500 to 1500 hours

 Headtorch HT200                Zones 0, 1 and 2
 Option of using three, five or seven LED’ s
 Primary Cell batteries LR6 lasting up to 50 hours

 Re-Chargeable type available on request
 Zones 1 & 2 only

 Lamps Handheld          Zones 1, 2, 21 & 22
 H-4DCA    Primary Cell LR20 Batteries    2.4w Halogen
           lasting up to 20 hours

 H-251A     Rechargeable up to 10 hours use 2.8w Halogen
            Charger 12-32v or 110/230v

 Leadlamp LL12, 24 & 42 Zones 1 and 2
 Available in 12, 24 or 42v versions
 Transformer 110v with 2 or 4 24v outlets
                 230v with 2 or 4 24v outlets
Litetracker Zones 0, 1 and 2
Small but very visible warning lights
available in Amber, Red, Green, Blue and
Fitted with a Belt Clamp or Bicycle Clip
Primary Cell batteries LR03 lasting between
10 and 50 hours
The White one can double up as a torch
because of its high quality LED’s

 Penlite PL01       Zones 1 and 2
 Pen size weighing only 60g. Ideal for
 instrument inspection and for use in
 confined spaces.
 Primary Cell Batteries AAA lasting 5

 Torches Handheld            Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
 TS24 Straight and TR24 Right Angled
 T4 Class 1.7w Xenon up to 12 hours
 TS26 Straight and TR26 Right Angled
 T6 Class 1.2w Halogen up to 5 hours
 Primary Cell Batteries LR20 and R20 respectively

Torches Rechargeable Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
R30           4.0w Halogen
R50           3.0w LED

Both used with Vehicle Charger 12-32v RC200 and if for
Mains supply plus Plug Top 230 110v RC300
A new product generating a stronger, brighter light than
Most hand Lamps.
Battery condition indicator 500 charges Twin power

                              USEFUL CONVERSIONS
   e gh ”
  Lnt 1                        =        25.4mm
  Weight 1 Kg                  =        2.205 lbs
  Air Pressure 1 Bar           =        14.503 psi
  Air Flow 1m3/min             =        35.31 Cfm
  Power 1Nm                    =        1.366 Ft/lbs
          1 Ft/lbs              =         0.733 Nm
NON ATEX                           PRODUCTS & CONSUMABLES
  Air & Hydraulic Hammer Drill
  32mm capacity in Concrete

  Air Driven Vacuum Cleaners
  50 and 200 litre capacity

  Electric Reciprocating Saws
  For pipe up to 300mm dia.

 Air Driven Needle Guns

 Fibre Glass Ventilators

   rm  t    S ur r v
  Fo ½” o2½” q aeD ie

  Abrasive Cutting & Grinding Wheels

 Cutting     50 to 300mm dia for all Metals including special Iron Oxide free for
             Stainless and 0.8mm thin Wheels for cutting high tensile Steels
 Finishing   Standard and see through Flap Discs for standard and Stainless Steels
 Grinding    100 to 230mm dia for all Metals including special Iron Oxide free for
             Stainless, Cast Iron and Aluminium