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									                       VICTORIA & CHELSEA METHODIST CIRCUIT

 Volume 34 No. 7
 May 2007
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        Yom Hashoah
Dear Friends,                                         inheritors of shared wisdom and tragic
                                                      misunderstandings, of proud hopes and
Our very dear friend, Deborah Lewis-Bill, gave        humble successes. Now it is time for us to
an address and said prayers before a recent           meet, in memory and truth, in love and
Council Meeting of the Royal Borough of               promise.
Kensington & Chelsea. At the invitation of this       In that which we share, let us see the
year’s Mayor, Councillor Tim Ahern, members of        common prayer of humanity. In that which
faith communities have led prayers according to       we differ, let us wonder at the freedom of
their tradition.                                      mankind. In the unity of our differences,
I believe that Deborah’s words should receive a       let us know the uniqueness of God. Amen.
wider hearing and so I am honoured that they
should be the lead article in our Methodist         Jewish history is long and filled with many sto -
newsletter. I am very grateful to Debbie for so     ries of slavery and freedom, sorrow and joy, per-
readily giving her consent.                         secution and redemption. After the horrors of
Affectionately,                                     the Holocaust, Jews decided on a day to
Jed                                                 comemorate this, our most recent tragedy and
                                                    decided upon a date which would sit within the
‘Good Evening Mayor, Councillors, Ladies and        span of the Warsaw Uprising, a period of Jewish
Gentlemen, thank you so much for inviting me        resistance against our persecutors, during the
to make this brief address at this time and point   years of awful slaughter when it appeared to the
in the calendar.                                    rest of the world that we went like cattle to an
                                                    abbattoir. So, on the 15th April, 2007, Jews
A prayer to begin with:                             around the world observed Yom Hashoah, the
   Lord of all Creation, we stand in awe            day of Remembrance of the destruction of the 6
   before You impelled by visions of the            million of our kin for no reason other than their
   harmony of humankind.                            other-ness.
   We are children of many traditions -                                           continued on page 3
Page 2                                                                              Number Eleven

                           CHURCH FAMILY NEWS
Baptism: On 29 April 2007, Mikayla Seline, daughter of Simeon & Melissa; born 5 March
2007. Our love and greetings to Mikayla Seline as she makes her entry into Jesus’ Church by
infant baptism and our best wishes and congratulations to Simeon, Simon and Melissa.

Our sympathy and prayers to Gloria Jalil & Jerry and the family both in the UK and the
Philiippines on the death of Gloria’s mother Conchita Agpalo on 11 April in Manila.

We continue to remember in our prayers those who have been bereaved: Karen & Darren Keogh
(Joyce Mowbray); Chrissie & Michael Adeyemi (Gloria); Taiwo Adeyemi (Olawale Ogunlaye);
Rosie Clover Brown (her father); Grace, John Christopher and Sharmaine (Jerry); Gary &
Christine and Joan Middleton (Millie); Richard and his family (Stephen); Eric Waldron
(Margaret); the family and friends of Elsie Philipps.

                          May those who mourn be comforted.
   Joan Middleton has returned to Chelsea          Hawkins (Royal Hospital, Chelsea).
after her time in hospital in Eastbourne.
                                                     Congratulations to Michael & Chrissie
  Gina Priddle has now been able to return to      Adeyemi who celebrated their 50th wedding
her home and to Ron.                               anniversary on 25 April (pictures on page 6-7).

   Dee Greet, along with Chris, was able to          Best wishes to Susie Scott-Kydd in her new
attend the recent Choir concert in memory of       home in Lewis Buildings.
Andrew Goode. Dee is still undergoing                Ellie & Brian Mowbray - Karen Keogh’s par-
chemotherapy.                                      ents - have now returned to Sydney, Australia.

  Our very good friend Harry Fowler has been         A welcome visitor in the Narthex was our for-
admitted into hospital; Harry is the husband of    mer guest Tony Yates (friend of our late brother
our beloved Kay (Tuesday yoga).                    Marcus Kerr). Tony looked very well.

  Ruby Jaggard is hoping to return to her            Eric Waldron (of Guernsey, CI) has once
home in Lewis Buildings after a short stay in      again been a welcome member of the Sunday
Chelsea & Westminster hospital.                    Service and morning prayers.

  We have heard from Cynthia & Tony                  A special greeting with our prayers to Gavin
Pascua now resident in San Diego, US, that         Davies as he conducted CMC’s choir and the
Cynthia’s mother is very ill.                      Chelsea Sinfonia in the memorial concert of
                                                   Mozart’s Requiem dedicated to his late partner
  We heard from Roz Carr that her mother,          and our beloved brother Andrew Goode.
Mary Willis, is considerably improved in health.
                                                     We send our greetings to Michael &
   We continue to remember in our prayers:         Chrissie; Susie Scott-Kydd; Ellie & Brian;
Joan and her family ; Gina & Ron; Dee &            Tony and his mother; Eric and Gavin and his
Chris; Harry & Kay; Ruby J; Cynthia & Tony;        family and friends.
Mary and Roz and her family; Betty
Thompson; Derek Eames; Gilda (and Val);              As ever, our greetings to all readers of
Sister Margaret McMullen (St. Wilfrid’s            Number 11 in the UK and the World Church.
Convent); Susie Scott-Kydd; Cecilia Spencer
(Meadbank Nursing Centre); Patricia Medley;        Jed
Pat Rule; Dennis Greenacre; Bernard
Number Eleven                                                                                     Page 3

                            continued from page 1 while Jews joined with the wider community by
Whilst prejudice appears in all socieites where         including commemorative prayers in Saturday’s
change is in progress and people feel anxious           Sabbath service and preaching in sermons
about others’ differences in appearance (‘how           against the evils of prejudice - its unreasoning
can you tell if they’re clean when they’re black’);     hatred against others - it was on 15th April that
diet (‘you don’t know what meat they use’);             Jews around the world mourned the loss of our
lifestyle (they’re not like us); or religion (‘they     own dead particularly.
don’t believe in God you know...); Jews have been
regarded as convenient scapegoats for centuries;        But we must all remember that prejudice,
famine - blame the Jews; economic depression -          hatred and the potential for prejudice and
blame the Jews; plague - blame the Jews. But,           hatred are not things of the past. Nor are they
until the time of Hitler’s Germany, deaths relating     necessarily feelings that everybody feels
to this blame tended to be localised. Awful that        required to disguise. We only have to have read
one, one hundred or one thousand should die             the papers, or, God forbid, to have watched the
because they prayed differently, dressed differ-        unedifying scenes from the Big Brother house,
ently, ate differently, but only at this time was the   to see ignorance, malice and lack of under-
government of an entire country determined that         standing in action! Fortunately, our Borough
wherever its remit held power, Jews - of all ages       supports an institution, well regarded amongst
and both sexes, peasants and intelligentsia -           others of its ilk, called the Forum of Faiths for
would be destroyed, root and branch. Whole              Kensington & Chelsea, in which it is possible to
areas cleared of Jews, Jewish music, Jewish writ-       see how both in ‘one-to-one’ and in larger
ings ignored, destroyed, burned - Jews ignored,         groups, people of good will of different colour,
burned, destroyed and socieities in which they          background and faith can talk openly together,
had lived and worked, remodelled, renamed as if         coming to agreement, or, if that is not possible,
they had never been. A Holocaust made possible          to an understanding of each others’ feelings
by the leadership of one country determining to         and needs which obviates the need of any
overrun a vast area and treat all those areas in        group to hate or misunderstand another. And
exactly the same way - remove the Jews from             Holocaust Memorial Day is, for the same rea-
every echelon, every workplace, every country           sons, a good thing, serving an excellent purpose
and transport them to the killing fields of             - reminding people that history is recent as well
Auschwitz, Birkenau, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen,             as ancient - reminding us that if we don’t
Sobibor and many other Concentration Camps,             remember the awful things that have happened,
where they could be starved, mistreated and             they can, so much more easily, happen again.
worked close to death before being gassed and
burned.                                                 Let us pray: Baruch atah adonai elohaynu
                                                                      melech ha’olam
We remember another racial group, the gypsies,            Blessed art Thou, eternal our God and
who suffered their own Holocaust, and we do not           God of all Creation. We gather here
forget the sufferings of the mentally infirm, physi-      before you, the children of many tradi-
cally disabled, homosexuals, deaf, bllind, Poles          tions, united by our respect for that spark
and Russians mistreated and killed during this            of the divine which exists in all your crea-
period which brought the total death toll to              tures. We pray for the day to come when
around 23 million, but one should remember                we will recognise that everyone is created
that the word Holocaust should only ever be               equal, whatever their colour, creed, culture
used to cover an ‘event’ affecting a single group         or sexual orientation. We pray for the
within a society, set upon because of a govern-           courage and strength to stand together
ment’s political will to destroy that group only          against the bigotry and hatred that disfig-
because of their colour, race or creed. The most          ures your beautiful world.
recent Holocausts we have seen have been in               May the time come, as the Prophet wrote,
Bosnia and Rwanda, but in neither case have we            when the Son of Righteousness will arise
seen the number of deaths nor the organisation            with healing in His wings. Amen.’
of deaths caused by Hitler’s Final Solution. So,                                    Deborah Lewis-Bill
Page 4                                                                                  Number Eleven

                                  ARENA NEEDS YOUR HELP

  When Rachel Ihetu’s brother, Nimrod, died             entrance exam. At any given time, we have
of AIDS in Kenya, she was determined to                 between four and ten children aged between
launch a charity for AIDS orphans and very              two and five years, and whenever possible
poor children in that country. She says that            the children are given breakfast.
AIDS sufferers are treated as outcasts by their
society.                                                 “Our aim is for every child who is an orphan
                                                        or from a very poor family to have nursery
  “I supported him financially and psychologi-          school education, one decent meal a day, and
cally, and established a very good relationship         access to clean water.
with him,” she explains. “We talked about the
love of God, and he told me that he was not               “We have raised £3,200, including a gener-
afraid to die, and asked forgiveness from               ous contribution from CMC, since inaugura-
those he had wronged.                                   tion. This money will provide fresh water, a
                                                        new roof for the building which needs renova-
  “Then I bought a piece of land, and we set            tion and a bore hole. There should be facili-
up a small nursery four years ago for the poor          ties for 30 children if we have another teacher.
and needy. It has been a slow process, but
now we have official charity status in the                “We are asking for monthly donors - for £10
name of ARENA , supported by CMC.                       a month, one child can receive basic require-
Trustees are Rachel Ihetu (founder and co-              ments - but we are happy to receive any
ordinator), Mr Goodacre, Anne Laughlin,                 amount people can afford. We are planning a
Amaechi Ihetu, Valerie Campbell, Valerie                fund-raising day on June 30th 2007 at CMC,
Potter, Lucy Macua (teacher at Arena School,            and the following will be on offer - all day
Kenya) and Asaph Ng’ethe, who is secretary,             breakfasts from 10am to 4pm; sale of Kenyan
in Kenya.                                               hand-made assorted baskets and carvings,
                                                        and any other items from around the world as

                                                          Rachel concludes, “For more information, I
                                                        can be contacted at 155a Kings Road, by
                                                        telephone 0207 376 5967, mobile
                                                        07764944206, email wihitu@AOL.COM -
                                                        Cash donations can be given to any of the
                                                        above trustees.

                                                          “Please publicise our charity among family,
                                                        friends and acquaintances. “Thank you.”

         Some of the children Arena is trying to help
                                                                                         Val Tarling
 Rachel continues - “So far, a number of                Note: We hope to run a profile of Rachel in
children have been admitted to primary                  next month’s issue.
school, after passing the
Number Eleven                                                                        Page 5

                         Special Services during May
On Sunday 13 May at the 11am Service we       This will be a ‘first’ as we celebrate Holy
shall celebrate our Church Anniversary.       Communion according to our Methodist order
We are delighted that our friend and col-     and I have been invited to preside at the
league the Revd Joe Moffat of St Lukes &      service.
Christ Church is our Anniversary preacher.
Our Anniversary Thanksgiving lunch will be    On Sunday 20 May, Aldersgate Sunday
served at 1.00pm in Hume Hall.                at the 11am service we shall welcome, as our
                                              preacher, Mary Ludlow of Putney M.C.. Then
On Tuesday 15 May CMC’s Women’s               after the morning service we shall make our
Fellowship celebrates their                   annual pilgrimage to the Moravian Church,
Anniversary. The speaker will be Mrs          World’s End, for a short service at the graves
Felicity Al-HAssan, better known to us as     of James Hutton and Peter Böhler who were
Felicity Budu-Manuel, our Church              great influences on John Wesley leading to
Administrator. The soloists will be Linda     his Aldersgate conversion on 24 May 1738.
Gilson and Joan Stokes.                       It was Mary’s late husband, Martin Ludlow,
                                              who encouraged us to hold this service with
On Thursday 17 May, Ascension Day,            our Moravian friends.
there will be an ecumenical service of Holy
Communion at St. Luke’s Church, Sydney St.    Jed

  ‘Strangers into Citizens’ Campaign

                                              At the London District Synod in April this
                                              year, we voted unanimously to support the
                                              ‘Strangers into Citizens’ campaign. It was
                                              proposed by Paul Regan and our own Jed
                                              Davis seconded the proposal.

                                              The weather is going to be great, invite your
                                              friends. A group is leaving CMC at 9.30am.
                                              Please speak to Daniella or Linda Lynn.
Page 6                                                                         Number Eleven

                       Celebration of 50 years of Marriage
                          Michael & Chrissie Adeyemi

         Michael and Chrissie are prayed for at the Holy Table

         Michael and Chrissie after Service. Don’t they look radiant!!

                  All photographs on this page courtesy of Ufuoma Okoro
Number Eleven                                                                                    Page 7

                Michael and Chrissie with Jed and Graham, who had earlier led

                              Baptism of Mikayla Seline

                Simeon and Melissa, surrounded by family and friends at the
                            baptism of Mikayla Seline.

                       All photographs on this page courtesy of Ufuoma Okoro
Page 8   Number Eleven
Number Eleven                                                                  Page 9

                                                        Chelsea Methodist Church
Congratulations to all the
London Marathon runners and especially to                    invites you to
Clare Ridgely and Dan Pascoe.

                                                             An evening
                                                              with the
                                                          Methodist Choir
                                                           New Brighton
                                                           Port Elizabeth
                                                            South Africa

                                                          On Sunday 10th
                                                           June 2007 at

  Clare breezes through the marathon with a smile -
                    or is it a grimace? What a star!!

So far, Clare’s managed to raise £895.00 for
the charity of her choice, Parkinson’s
Disease Society (it’s not too late to make a
You can find out more on her fundraising

                 SKILLS IN
      *      READING
      *      SPEAKING
  PLEASE CONTACT: STEVE BRADDICK                         Admission at church door
         ON 020 7352 9305 EXT. 21
   Fees vary according to individual circum-
      stances; the work is subsidised by
          ChelseaMethodist Church.
Page 10                                                                          Number Eleven

          birthday calendar                          Humour in Unexpected Places
 Congratulations to the following members or
                                                1) A notice seen in a hospital washroom
 friends of CMC on their birthdays, with best
                                                recently read: “hold your hands under the tap,
 wishes for the future:
                                                they are automatic”. Funny, I hadn’t
 2 May         Jane
 2 May         Paul Brown Jr.
 4 May         Amna Ahmed
                                                2) Sombre Good Friday, with the unadorned
 5 May         Valerie Campbell
                                                cross, crown of thorns and nails hammered
 8 May         Edith MacMahon
                                                into wood, had a lighter moment for me this
 9 May         Jade Taylor
                                                year when Pontius Pilate (aka Brian Mowbray)
 11 May        Linda Lynn
                                                spoke with an Australian accent!
 12 May        Hilda Weallans
 15May         Victoria Okoro
 16 May        Arleen Van Vijfeijken
 17 May        Merlie Tique
 20 May        David Hendtlass
 30 May        Mildred James
 Best wishes also to everyone else who is
                                                                                   Val Tarling
 celebrating a birthday this month.

                                      flower rota
            6 May Linda Lynn                     20 May       Taiwo

            13 May Y. L. Ong                     27 May

       Sunday Service                            every Sunday 11.00am
       Lunchtime Service                         every Thursday 1.15pm
       Morning Prayers                           daily Monday to Friday 9.30am
       Open House Fellowship                     most Wednesdays 7.30pm
       Chelsea Women’s Fellowship                every Tuesday 2.30pm
       Girls’ Brigade                            every Thursday 6.15pm (term-time)
       Chelsea Bus Stop Counselling              every Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-8pm
       Laundry for homeless people               every Tuesday & Thursday 8.30am-3.30pm, last
                                                 wash 1pm
       Alcoholics Anonymous (2 different groups) every Monday 1pm & every Wednesday 7pm
       Yoga classes                              every Tuesday 11am & 7pm (Hatha, run by
                                                 Kay Fowler)
                                                 every Thursday 10.15 - 11.15am & 11.30 -
                                                 12.30pm (seated, run by Open Age)
       Blueberry Playsongs for toddlers          every Monday and Friday from
                                                 9.30am (term-time)
       JigsawParents and Toddlers under 5        Wednesdays 11.30 - 2.30pm (Free to all)
       Friday Club                               6.00 - 9.00pm every Friday (Activities for 7-12
                                                   year olds)

               Concessionary rates are available for Blueberry and Yoga Classes.
Number Eleven                                                                         Page 11

                Sunday 6 May      11.00am      Sunday Service with Prayer for Healing &
                Easter 5                       Wholeness
                                               (Richard Goldstraw & Edwina Adjei)
                Sunday 13 May     11.00am      Church Anniversary Sunday

                Easter 6                       Service with Holy Communion
                Church Anniversary             (Jed Davis & Joe Moffat) followed by monthly
                                               Church lunch
                Thursday 17 May   7.30pm       Service of Holy Communion for Ascension Day

                Ascension Day                  Methodist Order of Service at St. Luke’s,
                                               Sydney Street, SW3
                Sunday 20 May     11.00am      Sunday Service with Infant Baptism
                Easter 7                       (Jed Davis & Mary Ludlow)
                Aldersgate Sunday after        Aldersgate Service at the Moravian Burial

                            morning service    Ground (World’s End)
                                  6.00pm       Reflective Evening Service
                                               (Linda Gilson, Graham Cannon & Caroline

                Sunday 27 May     11.00am      Sunday Service with Holy Communion
                Pentecost                      (Huw Thomas & Linda Gilson)

                Monday 7 May                  LONDON CITIZENS DAY OF CELEBRATION &

                Bank Holiday                  ACTION (see Church Notice board for details)

                Tuesday 8 May     7.30pm      Hugh Price Hughes lecture: Prof. Paul Chilcote of
                                              Duke University, USA at Hinde Street MC, W1

d               Thursday 10 May

                Saturday 12 May

                                              WLCHC Trustees meeting at CMC

                                              Marriage of Clare & Martin at CMC

                Tuesday 15 May    2.30pm      Women’s Fellowship Anniversary

                Wednesday 16 May12.45pm       Chelsea Churches Ecumenical Meeting at St.
                                              Wilfrid’s Convent, Tite St, SW3

r               Thursday 17 May

                Monday 21 May

                                              Ascension Day Service of Holy Communion, St.
                                              Lukes Church, Sydney St, SW3

                                              Preachers’ Meeting with Holy Communion

                Wednesday 23 May12.30pm       MICCG (London) meeting at Kings Cross MC,
                                              speaker Kate Gavron.
  Jean Vanier visited Edinbugh, as part of the city's fourth International Festival of
Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace. Jean's visit was organised by L'Arche and Faith
                                and Light in Scotland

           "Be yourselves, but be open.
      The danger in our world is of closing up.
              Keep your love in flower
as it's the only important thing - if you do that -
           you will discover how precious
               you are to the world."
                                                     To the students of St David's
                                                       High School, 1 March 2007

  "The big experience is to discover you're OK.
  We have to find where our anger comes from.
  What will help me live with reality, with pain?
  What is the experience that will transform me?
              Each one of us has to become
                    a witness of hope:
         if one person can say 'I have changed',
             others can say 'I want to change.'
     If you have no peace now, try to remember
      moments when you felt peace in the past.
          We will begin to forgive ourselves
          when we have had an experience
               of being loved by God."
                                        To prisoners and members of staff in the
                                        Chapel of HM Prison Saughton, Scotland.
                                                          Also on 1 March 2007.

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