The haves and have nots

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					                                                            The have’s and have not’s

                 LEDC’s tend to have….                                                         MEDC’s tend to have

Dependence upon just a few primary products (like cocoa           A wide range of goods are exported, including manufactured goods and
or timber) for exports                                            services.

Not much industry, which means they can’t make many
goods .. so have to buy them from other countries – or do
without them.

…and women the poorest of all, with less education and
less chance of paid work … but working very hard without

Poor infrastructure, - roads, electricity supplies, water
supply and so on … which makes it harder to set up

Many people living in great poverty.

Great inequality, with most people poor, but a small %            … but note that every country in the world has inequality.
very wealthy.

High unemployment – many people can find no paid work
to do.

A high % of the population living in rural areas … and
surviving by farming.