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					                                     THE HAMPSHIRE CRICKET BOARD

Minutes of the 11th Annual General Meeting held on Thursday, 24 January 2008 at the Hampshire Rose Bowl.

Jeff Levick (Chairman), Mark Readman (Chairman, Finance & Membership Committee), Mike Rose
(Treasurer), Ben Thompson (Cricket Development Manager), John Cook, Greig Stewart, Rajesh Maru (Cricket
Development Officers), Chris Westbrook (County Pitch Advisor), Colin Savage (Board Administrator) and
representatives of Member Clubs and Organisations.

1. Welcome
Jeff Levick welcomed representatives from over 40 clubs and organizations. Once again the formal business
would be followed by a series of short presentations on topics which it was hoped would be of significant
interest and benefit to members. The Chairman hoped that this format would be helpful and encourage
attendance at future meetings.

2. Apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Tim Tremlett (Hampshire Cricket), Alan Bundy (Chairman, Club Cricket
Committee and Facilities Committee), Polly Rhodes (County Welfare Officer) and 22 clubs and organisations.

3. Minutes of the last meeting
The minutes of the 10th Annual General Meeting held on 30 November 2006 were taken as read and agreed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes
There were none.

5. Annual Report for 2006/2007
5.1    The Chairman explained that instead of posting out paper copies of the Meeting Notice and the Annual
Report to every member, the Meeting Notice had been sent by email where possible and the Report had been
published on the Board website (, with paper copies available on request.
This procedure saved a considerable amount of time and expense and it was hoped that it was acceptable to

5.2    Jeff introduced the Annual Report by means of a PowerPoint presentation. As always, he offered the
Board’s grateful thanks to the many volunteers in Leagues, Districts, clubs and schools throughout the county
for their untiring efforts.

5.3    The Chairman also paid tribute to Clive Surry and Richard Hindley, who had recently moved on after
excellent service to the Board as Cricket Development Manager and Cricket Development Officer respectively,
and wished them well in the future. He welcomed their replacements, Ben Thompson (formerly CDO) as CDM
and Grieg Stewart, and also Mike Pollard who succeeded Ben. John Cook had moved into a full-time CDO role
after working as the Southampton Community Cricket Coach.

5.4    As already explained, several of the major topics mentioned in the Report – the Performance pathway
to junior County Squads and beyond, Coach Education, NatWest Cricket Force 2008, ECB ClubMark, Focus
Clubs, County Board Funding, Sources of Funding for Clubs - would be the subject of presentations at the
conclusion of the meeting.

5.5 Jeff also drew attention to the proposed change in membership categories, limiting Category 3 to Focus
Clubs, which was thought to be fairer to the 12 clubs who paid the highest membership fee but were not
currently Focus Clubs.

5.6       Among the other points in the Report highlighted by the Chairman were
          County Squads won 65% of their matches in 2007 – led by the Under 17 National Champions
          Six Focus Clubs will be involved in the “Chance to Shine” programme in 2008
          Girls cricket at County and District level continued to progress
          the Coach Education programme, now led by John Cook, produced 136 new Coaches in 2006/07
          Holiday courses continued to thrive and helped to support the four part-time Community Coaches
          the Board website was now well established and it was hoped would be a valuable source of
           information to members
11th AGM Minutes                                       1
       the Board’s thanks were due to John Wolfe, who stood down as Chairman of the Facilities Committee
        after 10 years.

5.7 The Report was adopted.

6. Presentation of Annual Accounts to 30 September 2007
6.1 Mark Readman, Chairman of the Finance & Membership Committee, presented the Accounts.

6.2 Copies of the Financial Statements, including the Auditors’ Report, Income and Expenditure Account and
Balance Sheet, were available at the meeting.

6.3 Having budgeted to break even over the year, the accounts showed a surplus of £70k despite increased
spending on County squads, women and girls and grants to clubs. The surplus was mainly due to extra
income from ECB and additional sponsorships to help support the County Squads, for which special thanks
were due to Raj Maru, Performance CDO.

6.4 Reserves now totalled £248k, of which much was already committed to Cricket Development Officer
posts which were partially, but not wholly, funded by grants and sponsorship. The Board is still aiming to
ensure that the reserves are sufficient to fund the CDO posts for at least two further years.

6.5 This was a healthy position, following a period of uncertainty over ECB funding. The situation was now
clearer and more encouraging, although ECB payments will continue to be dependant on achieving essential
targets and meeting Key Performance Indicators. This was a considerable demand on the Development Office
and on Focus Clubs; the Board were fully aware of the increasing burdens on these clubs and were doing all
they could to support them. As already mentioned, the Presentations following the end of the meeting would
include an explanation of the County Board Funding system.

6.6 Caution was still required but the question now was how much of the reserves should be invested in our
member clubs and Districts? Mark’s view was that in the coming year we should continue to increase
expenditure while aiming to break even, and one of the areas for extra spending should be the Board’s Club
Improvement Fund. Last year £10k was made available, of which £6k was paid in grants for small projects,
and in the coming year it was proposed to allocate £19k [Post-meeting Note: in view of the response from
clubs the Finance Committee increased this amount to £30k]. Among the presentations following the meeting,
Ben Thompson would be asking for views on how to structure this fund.

As usual the Board would welcome suggestions for extra spending.

6.7 Mark wished to thank Hampshire Cricket for their support, which was greatly valued; the many
volunteers, particularly those playing essential roles in running the County Age Group programme; and Mike
Rose, the Honorary Treasurer, for his excellent work in managing the Accounts.

6.8 The Accounts were adopted.

7. Proposed amendment to the Constitution
All County Boards were now required to adopt the ECB anti-doping policy. Although the final version of the
policy was not yet available, the meeting agreed the following proposal from the Executive Committee.

Insert new paragraph 10 –
The Board is committed to Drug Free Cricket and adopts the ECB Anti-Doping Policy and Rules, and their
successors, for all Board activities.

Renumber existing paragraphs 10 and 11.

8. Election of Chairman
The Board Administrator confirmed that only one nomination had been received and declared Jeff Levick
elected for the seventh year. The Board were very fortunate that Jeff was once again willing to give
considerable time, expertise and energy to the Board.

11th AGM Minutes                                      2
9. Any Other Business
There being none, the Chairman thanked all those attending for their interest and support and closed the
meeting at 8.05 pm.

11th AGM Minutes                                     3