Client Step-by-Step Guide by vasana


									                                    Client Step-by-Step Guide
                 Important Information You Need to Know
Step 1) (Completed) Your insurance order has been submitted.

Step 2) (20-25 minutes) Within 48 hours an insurance company representative will phone you
   for additional information that will be used to complete your life insurance application. This
   information is required by the insurance company to evaluate your application for insurance
   and will cover your medical and personal history. If you are prepared with the names, addresses
   and phone numbers of your doctors and medical care providers, and a list of medications you
   take, this call will require less of your valuable time. Your driver’s license number will be needed
   as well.

   At the end of the call they will schedule a medical exam at a time convenient for you. It will be
   helpful if you can schedule your exam on this call. You can use the space below to write down
   dates within the next two weeks that you will be available.

DATE: ______________________________ TIME: _______________________

DATE: ______________________________ TIME: _______________________

Step 3) (Less than 2 minutes) The examiner will phone you one or two days before your scheduled
   exam to confirm the appointment. Be sure to return any calls or messages left by the examiner.

Step 4) (30 minutes) You and the examiner will meet at the time and location you scheduled. Your
   exam is comprised of; a brief series of medical questions, measuring your height, weight, blood
   pressure and pulse. A blood and urine specimen will be collected. Upon completion they will
   ask you to sign your completed application and the other important forms.

Step 5) (Two to six weeks) The insurance company will review your application and medical
   exam. A report from your doctor(s) or health care provider(s) may be required depending
   on the insurance company’s guidelines. If any are required, they will be obtained by the
   insurance company. When your application is approved, the policy is issued and your financial
   representative will contact you to make arrangements for policy delivery and payment of the
   initial premium.


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