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 by piyurofi

My hands shake like never before. My neck, totally tight. My back, sweaty ...

I'm sitting, watching the teachers shared those dreaded exams.
Moving row by row, with zigzag among its victims, almost in slow motion. The paper
falls into my hands. "Part of ... "" Recuperatorio of ...", "End ..." The title does not matter
... "Who lie!? If partial, increases fear of not knowing that they will kill us. If
recuperatorio, fear increases as the last chance. If an end ... Stays in my notebook!.

I have no escape. Pego a first quick read, and seems to be reading in Arabic. I close my
eyes, hit a deep breath, and I try again. First point ... Basic Chinese. Second point
... Somewhere I heard about this. Third point ... Something I can invent. Fourth item
... This question was in the folder! "Why not study!?

Seconds pass slowly, a few words out of my ballpoint. There are only seven minutes to
deliver and someone asks a question aloud, answer these questions included. I'm
convinced that they know the life, practicing to perfection study skills, and ask the
question just to prove to us mere mortals, that we are inferior in that area.

With your question I begin to remember something the first point, and started writing as
hopeless. The words are illegible, look as if spellbound. My pen moves as never
before. A spark of hope arises in my mind, thinking that I get to approve. I'm still writing,
still smiling as ever ...Everything perfect, everything too perfect. I had to get that word,
that damn word to spoil everything ... "TURN!". Try to score more, but the teacher
threatens to leave, and I know that's my final.

Decadent No? Insurance happens to many of you.
In my life is something that occurs frequently. Too much. But the circle does not close

Start the new semester. I promise myself I will not repeat the scene described
above. How to study: "If I have to read 260 sheets in a month, to read 10 a day, I would
stay a moment to review before the test.
"If I solve a practical guide per week, the last I'll be able to exercise testing. Sounds
good, right?. Sounds perfect. One of the most perfect study skills. In theory.

First week of school. It is already quite late and I'm traveling home. I'm going to keep my
mind focused on his own goal. But in my room, the bed is too attractive. And throw me
to sleep.Overall, it's the first week. We must take time to get used to the schedules.

Second week. I come home, and a chapter of The Simpsons Halloween interrupts my
view of textbooks.

Third week. I arrive, and how not to be chatting with that nice girl who lives for only 2000
miles away!
I have found millions of excuses not to sit down and get to read.
Momento! Momento! Momento! I almost forgot! "How not to study this weekend!? Yes,
sometimes it is possible ... But make no mistake:

Friday night. Whether going to the movies or dance, we need to forget about that damn
theme bothered us for five days.
Saturday morning. If we left last night, this time does not exist. We skip at noon. If they
pursue a subject that ... Poor! I've been there twice. At what Son of P. .. occurs to him to
schedule at 7 am on a Saturday?!
If none of the two, you can get up 9:30, y. .. Here we have two hours to study! Will you
be able to do so? (I did).

Half Day Saturday lunch alone. We sit watching TV to finally hook some movie we've
seen a hundred times for not having to think. We sailed a bit on the Internet, without us
noticing ... "It's 19:30 and still not organized anything! My Saturday is lost! ". Which is
not true, but we got good scare.
Saturday night. In all my life, I swear I did not hear anyone say that he studied in this
holy moment. Do not think there is any religion that prohibits things like studying for a
Saturday night, but if I meet a culture that makes it: the student. And now I decree is
law. It is forbidden to study a Saturday night, no matter if we decided to stay at home
doing nothing.

Sunday morning. A while ago I erased this moment in my life. I can not get up before
12:30, with luck.
Sunday at noon. Must be the longest meal of the week. Start the 13 with an entry. 13:30
lunch is ready, that does not end until 14:30. Coffee, a pudding, cake and / or
chocolates to accompany the talk about all the things that happened in the week. Y.
.. Clunk! What a dream!(with everything we ate, how we will not have one). An hour and
a half nap, football or TV. And it's already 19:30. Time to eat something and read the
Sunday paper.
Sunday night: Maaaaaaaaaa! What do we eat?

It seems an exaggeration, but it is not. We can change some activity. For example, on
Sunday we go for walks with friends. But the time the weekend passes as ever.

And as I left the matter with the weekend, we fly over the weeks of class. And without
realizing it ... IN TWO DAYS IS THE REVIEW!
All is not lost! We still have some time. Get Organized. Today at night, with three hours
to finish reading everything that I read in a month and a half: 90% of 260 pages, it is not
impossible, tomorrow night and do a general overview. What a good plan!
Night comes. I finish dinner, and the voices of "Lethal Weapon 3" (choose a good movie
if any) out of the living room TV. What evil person have invented this wonderful
device?! And in 1 hour, "read" 225 pages. The titles, bold things, boxes, and the
summary of 3 blades I got from a teammate. Exhaustive terms.

Before the test: I have 18 hours to study. With food and other distractions are many
6. The take reading again and again the summary.
It's already 0:30. My eyes dropped. Some prefer to keep awake, and sleeping in the
final few hours. Personally, neurons no longer respond to me. I prefer to sleep 4 hours
and wake up fresh as a rotten tomato the next day. The bed received me as warmly as

Finally the big day arrives. I wake up 4:30 AM! Stuck a read the summary. I try to read
the notes. All in a hurry. And I wonder how they can give so much of study
material. Nobody has time to read so many things. I start reading, skipping more and
more. I read the title, knowing that only serve to remind me in considering that the item
was there, and I did not read pure lazy.No more time. I grab everything (like you still
have time to read it all again), and leave my house in hopes of finding a teacher strike, a
threat of collapse, or any catastrophe to give me a few days. I know that I would only
repeat my routine, but the hope is the last to die. Nothing happens. I arrive and find a
seat in the middle ...

My hands shake like never before. My neck, totally tight. My back, sweaty ... And
everything closes.

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