DRUNK JAILED FOR
                                                               RACIST ABUSE
                                                          Torbay Herald Express - 03 Dec 03

                                                 A Brixham man, who hurled a torrent of racist abuse at
                                                 takeaway restaurant staff and then walked off smiling,
         Rural Racism Project                    has been jailed for six months.

                                                 Barry Stone, 44, was convicted by a jury of causing
       South West                                racially aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or
                                                 distress to Shazad Ramzan at Exeter Crown Court
   Rural Racism Digest                           yesterday.

                                                 During the trial the court heard that Mr Ramzan, a chef
No 2 ……………………………December 2003                    at Pappas restaurant in Torbay Road, Paignton, was
                                                 subjected to a stream of abuse from Stone who was
The Monitoring Group Rural Racism Project        drunk. The court heard Stone had raged in the
has produced this monthly Digest, which          restaurant: "You, Pakis, niggers ... you can't even
highlights some of the local press-headlined     speak English."
stories reporting racist violence and other
forms of racism present in this region.          Mr Ramzan told the jury Stone had done it before and
                                                 on this occasion it was made clear to him the police
This Digest is aimed at stimulating wider        were being called. At that Stone just smiled and
public discussion on the reality of racism in    walked off to a nearby public house where he was later
                                                 arrested. When he was interviewed Stone said he
the Far South West and how this impacts on
                                                 could not remember anything about the incident but
people and communities and to develop            denied he had been racially abusive. The court had
effective responses to combat the misery and     been told earlier by Mr Ramzan that Stone had been to
suffering caused to black and minority ethnic    the restaurant before shouting abuse and on this
people . We invite you to copy and distribute    occasion he was told the police were being called.
this Digest as you see fit and we would
encourage you to discuss the contents with       Mr Ramzan told the jury: "He started for no reason at
others.                                          all. "He was basically just coming out with it. He was
                                                 not bothered who heard him. It was directed at staff in
Established in 1979, The Monitoring Group        the restaurant. He just gets racist when he's drunk. He
(TMG) is a leading anti-racist casework,         knew we were going to call the police but he was not
campaigning and training agency, empowering      bothered." Asked by prosecutor David Sapieca how he
vulnerable individuals and communities. The      felt about the race hate attack Mr Ramzan replied: "We
                                                 felt upset, no one has the right to come into the
TMG Rural Racism Project has been set up,
                                                 restaurant and start shouting that sort of thing."
with support from the Community Fund South
West, to provide Racist Incident Victim          Stone, 44, of Greenswood Road, had pleaded not
Support Services for those living in Devon,      guilty. Passing sentence, Judge Bassingthwaighte told
Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.                   Stone, that his behaviour had been despicable and
                                                 there was no place for racial abuse on the streets.
Contact us if you require advice and support
following a racist attack or police harassment
against you, your family, your business or               'RACIST' PANTO SHOULD
your community.                                            BE STAGED SAY BNP
                                                          Western Morning News - 03 Dec 03
Visit our website if you require more
information about the work of The Monitoring     An extreme right wing political party has entered the
Group in the South West.                         row over whether a pantomime entitled Snow White
                                                 and the Seven Asylum Seekers should be allowed to
                                                 go ahead. Senior figures in the British National Party
    24Hr Emergency Helpline                      have caused a furore after speaking out in favour of the
                                                pantomime branded racist by some civil rights groups.

    0800 374 618                                The play was originally banned by the Merton Village
                                                 Hall committee in West Devon after it took advice from
 Freephone Advice and Support Service for        the Devon Race Equality Council and the Commission
  victims of racial violence and harassment      for Race Equality which warned it risked legal action if
                                                 a complaint was made by a member of the audience.
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The plot concentrates on seven asylum seekers called:          Civil Rights South West retaliated by urging people to
Chemical Ali, Comical Ali, Back Ali, Dark Ali, Bowling         picket the show in protest.
Ali, Ali-G, Ali-Kiss-Angel. The panto will now take place
at nearby Langtree in the village hall on two dates in         Mr Harrod said the rows over the play had got too
the new year.                                                  much. "I am very disappointed to cancel but I think it's
                                                               the only thing I can now do. It isn't racist and was
Campaign group National Civil Rights South West have           always intended to be fun but it's now got out of hand.
condemned the BNP for using the pantomime, claiming            People didn't have to buy a ticket if they didn't want to,
they are doing it to "spread their agenda of hate in           did they?"
North Devon and recruiting new members in rural
areas". They are also calling for the panto to be              The decision was met with disappointment by cast
scrapped altogether.                                           members. Anne Copp was to play one of the asylum
                                                               seekers, Back Ali. She said: "I think the whole thing has
The BNP have published the story about the panto row           been blown completely out of proportion. We never
on its website. Dr Phill Edwards, national spokesman           wanted to upset anyone."
for the BNP, told the WMN yesterday: "We have
highlighted the story because it illustrates political         The show was originally due to be performed at the
correctness gone mad. This panto is not racist."               village hall in Merton, near Okehampton, but was called
                                                               off after advice from the Devon and Exeter Racial
However, Bob Harrod, author and producer of the                Equality Council, the Community Council and the
pantomime said he would be concerned if the play was           Commission for Racial Equality. It was granted a
being used as a vehicle for BNP propaganda. "I want            reprieve when the parish hall committee at Langtree,
nothing to do with them. This is a fun pantomime and           about ten miles from Merton, agreed to host the
we just want to get on with rehearsals now. It is not          pantomime.
racist, the people here do not believe it is racist and I
would not do it if I thought it was."                          The play was due to be performed on January 23 and
                                                               24, with all proceeds going to charity. Mr Harrod said
                                                               he would still consider writing another panto for next
         'RACIST' PANTO IS AXED                                year but warned that it could still cause some offence.
          AMID THREAT OF RIOTS                                 "It will be so politically correct, you won't believe it.
         Western Morning News - 04 Dec 03                      Even then, I'm sure someone will complain. I'm just
                                                               sorry that the charities won't get a penny now. That is
A pantomime entitled Snow White and the Seven                  the real shame about the whole thing."
Asylum Seekers has been cancelled after fears that it
could cause a riot in a Devon village between
protesters and racist groups.
                                                                   TAKEAWAY BOSS TO RELIVE
                                                                   RACE ATTACK IN COURT FOR
Bob Harrod, the panto's writer and producer, said he                     SECOND TIME
still believed the show, which was due to be held in                         Taunton Times - 08 Dec 03
Langtree, near Great Torrington in North Devon, was
not racist but decided to pull the play after just one         A Chinese takeaway boss, who was subjected to a
rehearsal when he was warned that he could risk                racist attack by a soldier, will have to relive the incident
criminal proceedings if any complaints were made after         in court for a second time. Steven Wong, manager of
the show.                                                      the New World in the Market Place, Chippenham, was
                                                               subjected to a drunken attack by squaddie Neil Barton
Police diversity officer Alan Oaker contacted Mr Harrod        just before Christmas last year.
yesterday after a letter was sent to the Chief Constable
about the contents of the play. He said Mr Harrod              The 28-year-old, who was based at Hullavington, was
risked breaching the Public Order Act 1986 for putting         one of two soldiers accused of attacking Mr Wong at
on the play if it stirred up racial hatred. If found guilty,   his work premises during a night out. Following a
Mr Harrod faced a maximum sentence of seven years              three-day trial last month, a jury found his colleague.
in prison.                                                     Lance Corporal Colin Best, not guilty of common
                                                               assault and racially aggravated common assault.
Mr Harrod was concerned about demonstrations and
possible riots which were planned to take place outside        Swindon Crown Court heard that the two men had
the village hall. He said yesterday: "What happens if it       been out drinking at the Four Seasons bar in the town
comes to performance night and there are                       centre on December 18 and were drunk when they
demonstrators there shouting and chanting? I can't take        went to get some food.
the risk for the cast so I have thrown the towel in."
                                                               After being abusive, they were asked to leave, but
Civil rights groups were angered by the title of the           Barton refused to go and attacked Mr Wong, punching
panto after extreme right-wing political party the British     and kicking him. Lance Cpl Best claimed he was
National Party included the story about the play on its        intervening between the two men as they fought, and
website and campaigned for it to go ahead. National            was pushing his pal back when he was struck from

                                                                                                          Page 2 of 7
behind by what he thought was an iron bar. He said he                     MAN SUBJECTED
turned and threw a punch in self defence.
                                                                         TO RACIAL ABUSE
At an earlier hearing, Barton, of Fazacheley, Liverpool,            Taunton Times - 10 December 2003
accepted he had carried out racist attacks and pleaded
guilty to three offences. However, he only admitted         A man was racially assaulted as he queued at a
racially aggravated common assault on Mr Wong and           supermarket checkout in Taunton. He had been
counts of racially aggravated threatening behaviour         shopping in Asda in Creechbarrow Road at 7.40pm on
against Mr Wong's wife and neighbour, Parminderjit          Saturday November 29 when a man began to shout
Singh. Mark Worsley, prosecuting, told a judge: "He         racial abuse at him.
admits his presence at the scene, he admits racial
abuse, admits assault, but says there was provocation.      As the victim left the store he was followed by the
"He says Mr Wong came out and assaulted him." The           offender who continued to shout abuse and then kicked
case was adjourned for a hearing before a judge who         his trolley. After a brief exchange of words the victim
will hear the evidence from witnesses, including Mr         began to make his way back to his car in the
Wong, and decide which version of events is correct.        supermarket car park but realised the man was
                                                            following him again on a bicycle from the supermarket
                                                            foyer. The offender then slapped the victim on the
        RACIAL ABUSE HURLED                                 back of the head before riding off from the car park. He
       AT GIRL, 15, COURT TOLD                              is described as white, mid-20s, 5ft 8ins-5ft 10ins,
         Torbay Herald Express - 10 Dec 03                  medium build, wearing a dark top and a blue baseball
A Brixham schoolgirl was subjected to a tirade of racial
abuse as she chatted with other teenagers late at night     Police would like to speak to anyone who may have
in the street, a court heard.                               witnessed the man shouting abuse in the supermarket,
                                                            or who may have seen the assault take place in the car
Exeter Crown Court was told the victim was with her         park. Anyone who can help should contact the force
boyfriend and two other people in New Road, Brixham,        through their secure Crimestoppers contact form at
at a little after midnight. Around that time a window       www.avonandsomerset.police.uk, or call Crimestoppers
opened in a block of flats and a man shouted down:          on 0800 555111.
"Keep your mouths shut, or I will come and shut them
for you."      It was alleged Mark Thomson, 30, then                 'RACIAL ABUSE MADE
emerged on to the street and went up to one of the                   PUPIL CONFRONT MAN'
teenage boys and said: "Don't you understand me                      Torbay Herald Express - 11 Dec 03
when I say shut your mouth." It was claimed by
prosecutor Gareth Evans that Thomson then briefly           A mixed-race Newton Abbot schoolboy was subjected
turned his attention to an elderly lady who was walking     to a four-month campaign of racial harassment by a
by and said to her: "Keep out of it before I do             former pupil at the school he attended, it has been
something to you, you old bag."                             claimed.
The jury heard Thomson then walked up to the 15-            During the autumn term last year Matthew Grice
year-old victim and invited her to fight him saying: "Do    repeatedly racially abused the boy who was a pupil at a
you want some because I will go right now." At that         Newton Abbot secondary school, Exeter Crown Court
stage a friend of Thomson tried to calm him down and        was told.
usher him away. But Mr Evans claimed Thomson
continued shouting at the group saying: "If you don't go    Prosecutor David Evans said Grice would drive past
by the time I count to three I will knock you out."         the boy as he walked home from school and shout
                                                            abuse at him. He would also park up outside the
As the group started to walk away Thomson then              playing fields and abuse the teenager while he was
allegedly started shouting racial abuse at the schoolgirl   playing football. Matters came to a head on December
saying: "Carry on walking you little black bitch. "Go       29 outside the Queen's Hotel in the town when the pair
back where you came from you nigger. "Walk like you         confronted each other. They were both with friends
normally do, like a dog." Thomson was later arrested        and Grice allegedly shouted: "Here comes the little
and when interviewed admitted speaking to the group         nigger."    The teenager then lost his temper and
of youths outside his flat and asking them to keep the      attacked Grice, later being reprimanded by the police
noise down. They in turn shouted abuse at him when          for the assault.
he went downstairs. Thomson claimed that he was the
calm and placid one and it was the teenagers who were       The schoolboy told the jury that it started last
loud and abusive. He denied emphatically that he said       September when Grice drove past him and another
anything of a racial nature.                                schoolboy in the car shouted racial abuse at him. The
                                                            court has heard that that 15-year-old has already
Thomson, of Prince William Court, New Road, Brixham,        admitted a race charge. The victim said several times
denies causing racially aggravated fear or provocation      Grice would be parked in a layby near the playing fields
of violence making the girl believe that violence would     and direct race abuse at him. "Usually I would turn to
be used against her. The trial continues.
                                                                                                    Page 3 of 7
him and tell him to go away and then I tried to ignore     During the two-day trial the court had hear that the 15-
him," said the victim. "He did it at least two or three    year-old victim was with a group of friends in New
times involving racial abuse. It made me feel degraded     Road, Brixham when the defendant opened his flat
and put the spotlight on me. It is depressing to have      window and shouted at them to be quiet. He then
someone shouting racial abuse at you all the time."        came downstairs into the street and continued to shout
                                                           at them to be quiet. As the group walked away
He said the incidents culminated in the confrontation      Thomson started shouting racial abuse at the teenage
outside the Queen's Hotel. He was in a group of about      schoolgirl. After he was arrested Thomson admitted
13 or 14 and Grice was with another group of about 11      that he had gone down to the street to remonstrate with
or 12. "I saw Grice standing on the corner with his        the group and ask them to keep the noise down as it
brother when he shouted at me. "That's when I lost my      was after midnight. But he claimed that he was calm
temper because of everything that had happened             and placid while the youngsters were shouting abuse at
before. It was the pent-up aggression in me. I hit him     him. He emphatically denied that he had said anything
on the side of the head and he stumbled back. The          of a racist nature to the schoolgirl or any of her
police were called and after I was interviewed I was       companions. Thomson of Prince William Court, New
reprimanded for attacking him," said the schoolboy.        Street in Brixham will be sentenced after the reports
                                                           are ready.
Grice, 20, a catering assistant from Sussex Close,
Torquay, has pleaded not guilty to racially aggravated
harassment of the teenager by making abusive and                     RACIAL ATTACK PLEA
threatening remarks demonstrating hostility based on                 Sunday Independent – 12 Dec 03
his membership of a racial group. The trial continues.
                                                           Taunton police are appealing for witnesses after a
                                                           racial attack at the Asda supermarket. A male shopper
 POLICE SEARCH FOR VICTIMS OF                              of oriental origin was at the checkouts in Toneway
 UNPROVOKED RACIST ATTACKS                                 when another man started shouting racial abuse.
       Plymouth Evening Herald - 11 Dec 03
                                                           As the victim left the store he was chased by the man,
Police are appealing for the victims of two unprovoked     who continued to shout abuse at him and started
racist attacks in Plymouth city centre to come forward.    kicking his trolley. After a brief conversation the victim
The suspected assailants have been arrested but            made his way to the safety of his car, but realised the
police are concerned that the victims, said to be of       offender was following him on a bicycle. The man then
ethnic origin, have not been identified. Sgt Alan Mobbs    slapped him on the back of the head before riding out
said: "We are treating these attacks as racially           of the car park.
motivated. "We are keen not to frighten off the people
involved but we need them to come forward so we can        The incident happened at around 7.40pm on Saturday,
proceed with our inquiries."                               November 29, and police are calling for people to come
                                                           forward with information.
The first attack occurred at 2.40am on Saturday
November 29 when a man was punched and kicked              The offender is described as white, in his mid-20s, 5ft
outside the Millennium nightclub complex in Plymouth's     8ins to 5ft 10ins tall, and of medium build. He was
Union Street. One of the club's bouncers witnessed the     wearing a dark top and a blue baseball cap.
attack and a 21-year-old man was arrested. He was
released without charge. The second happened on                       FOUR-MONTH RACIAL
Wednesday December 3 at 4pm when two unknown
men were assaulted in Exeter Street. Police arrested                   HATRED CAMPAIGN
three people at the scene - two 17-year-olds from                   Torbay Herald Express - 13 Dec 03
Plymouth, who were released on bail and a 16-year-
old, who was released without charge.                      A Torquay catering assistant has been convicted of
                                                           mounting a four-month-long campaign of racial hatred
Police are appealing for the attack victims to call them   against a mixed race Newton Abbot schoolboy.
on 08452 777444 or they can speak in confidence to
Plymouth Racial Equality Council or any of the refugee     At Exeter Crown Court 20-year-old Matthew Grice was
groups.                                                    found guilty by a jury of racially aggravated harassment
                                                           against the 16-year-old. During the trial the jury heard
                                                           Grice used to park outside Knowles Hill School in
   RACIAL ABUSE MAN IS GUILTY                              Newton Abbot and shout racial abuse at the boy while
         Torbay Herald Express - 11 Dec 03                 he was playing football. He also used to drive past him
                                                           as he walked home from work and abuse him them.
A thirty-year-old Brixham man who racially abused a
schoolgirl in the middle of the night has been remanded    The court was told Grice also shouted abuse at the boy
in custody while reports are prepared on him. At           from the fish and chip shop where he worked.
Exeter Crown Court Mark Thomson was convicted by a         The autumn term campaign finally came to a head
jury of racially aggravated fear or provocation of         outside the Queen's Head Hotel in Newton Abbot on
violence.                                                  December 29 last year. Grice shouted more racial
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abuse at the boy who lost his temper and allowed the          In Iles' defence, solicitor Malcolm Perry said: "He wants
pent-up frustration out by hitting Grice on the side of       to assure you that he is not racist by instinct, but had
the head. He was later formally reprimanded by the            said things in the heat of the moment. It was something
police for the attack.                                        he regrets. Iles was sentenced to 18 hours community
                                                              service and ordered to pay court costs of £130 and
He told the jury he found the racial remarks degrading        compensation to Mr Oakley of £100.
and depressing. Grice of Sussex Close, Torquay had
pleaded not guilty to the charge and said he never
racially abused the teenager at all. Sentence on Grice                   WE MUST SPEAK OUT
was adjourned for the preparation of a pre-sentence                         OVER RACISM
report and he was granted bail.                                             Western Morning News - 27 Dec 03

                                                              Incomers have been drawn to the Westcountry for
          NUISANCE NEIGHBOUR                                  many years, and as Britain becomes more multi-
               CONVICTED                                      cultural, so more of them come from the ethnic
              Bath Chronicle - 18 Dec 03                      minorities. But, as Ratna Lachman explains, a recent
                                                              report has highlighted the extent of racism facing
A man who led a campaign against youths terrorising           people from minority communities in rural areas.
his Bath street has been convicted of harassing his
own neighbours. Fed-up John Iles had appealed to              A report called "Multi-ethnic Devon - A Rural
police and local politicians to tackle problems in the        Handbook" commissioned by the Devon Race Equality
area around his home at Kelston View, Whiteway. He            Council uncovers disturbing evidence that two out of
said teenagers were terrorising the neighbourhood,            three people interviewed living in rural Devon have
making people feel trapped in their own homes.                experienced prejudice and racial discrimination.

But Bath Magistrates' Court heard that Iles' own              The report is timely, as it comes hard on the heels of
neighbours had also felt they could not go outside            the most recent census data, which shows the
because of his behaviour. Yesterday he admitted               country's ethnic population has not only doubled in the
harassment and a racially aggravated assault. The             last ten years but that black and minority ethnic people
court heard that Iles, 57, had harassed his next-door         are present in every ward in the country. Amazingly,
neighbours of almost 20 years, Patricia and Andrew            the report reveals that, contrary to popular belief, the
Oakley, from April last year until August this year. And      majority of Devon's ethnic population - 72 per cent -
he had also assaulted Mr Oakley, who is of mixed race,        lives in its countryside villages and small market and
on July 25 this year by spitting at him twice in the face     seaside towns.
and using racist language towards him.
                                                              The initial impetus for choosing a rural lifestyle for
Prosecuting, David Nicholas catalogued incidents of           minority ethnic people is based on "quality of life"
harassment which began after Mr and Mrs Oakley built          considerations, not unlike their white counterparts.
a conservatory at the back of their home. Iles used           However, the reality which they experience once they
abusive language towards the couple's three-and-a-            are settled is one of isolation, exclusion from
half-year-old daughter and made a habit of appearing          community life and racist attitudes. Black minority
outside his home at the same time as the Oakleys.             ethnic (BME) people interviewed in the report shared
                                                              experiences of being excluded from the social fabric of
Magistrates were told that his behaviour caused Mrs           their communities and unable to visit local facilities and
Oakley to hang her washing out at night and the family        entertainment venues. Others cite examples of racism
leading a more 'sheltered life'. Iles had been given an       within their neighbourhoods, which included "name
official warning by police in June 2002 about his actions     calling and campaigns of intimidation, including
and the families remained amicable until this year. But       petitions for eviction and fire bombing."
then Mrs Oakley refused to pose alongside Iles in a
picture which appeared in The Bath Chronicle to               While the impact of racism on their doorstep has a
publicise his campaign against the young tearaways,           profound impact on the lives of all victims, worryingly
fearing reprisals.                                            the most profound effect is on the mental health and
                                                              psychological wellbeing of children and young people
The court heard this triggered fresh harassment of the        living in rural areas. The failure of public sector
family, and again Iles was spoken to by police officers.      organisations to recognise the impact of racism on
But later in the month he tried to prevent Mr Oakley          victims explains why only a minority of the respondents
from entering the couple's home. When Mr Oakley               felt confident about reporting incidents of racial violence
went back outside moments later and got into his car,         and harassment. The resulting reliance by the county's
Iles stood in front of it and banged on the bonnet to         minority ethnic communities on self-reliant strategies,
prevent him from driving off. Mr Oakley, who called           or to suffer in silence, is an indictment on publicly-
the police from his mobile phone, told Iles he just           funded bodies who have a duty of care to their
wanted to 'Get on with my life', but Iles spat twice in his   communities and are required by legislation to provide
face and racially abused him. There were two more             equitable services to address social exclusion and
incidents of Iles either shouting or spitting at members      racist crime and disorder.
of the Oakley family, the court was told.                                                                   Continued…
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Significantly, the report illustrates that the increase in    apparent reference to the Ku Klux Klan, an American
the county's minority ethnic population over the last five    white supremacist group. However, the employment
years owes much to job relocation, establishing               tribunal has now thrown out Mr Rodrigues's claim for
businesses, studying, or joining partners in Devon. The       constructive dismissal and racial discrimination,
myth that it is the government's dispersal policy of          deciding that Howmet dealt satisfactorily with the
asylum seekers that is responsible for the population         incident internally.   The tribunal also found Mr
increase is challenged. Instead, what emerges is a            Rodrigues had waited too long after he left the firm to
positive picture of an ethnically diverse BME population      file a claim.
actively contributing to the local economy as
consumers, employers, employees and taxpayers. As             Mr Rodrigues is now considering whether to appeal
well as a darker picture of those same members of the         against the panel's rulings. He told the Echo: "This was
community experiencing violence, harassment and               never about money for me - this was about self respect.
hostility - because they are different.                       "I want to make sure others do not have to go through
                                                              the same ordeal I have been put through."
This evidence echoes research conducted in 1999 by
PROSPER which discovered that minority ethnic                 The worker who drew the offensive pictures was not
businesses contributed £50.7 million in financial             sacked by the US-owned engineering firm. Howmet
turnover to the Devon and Cornwall economy. Yet in            claimed at the tribunal it had dealt with the incident by
spite of their economic contribution there is                 an informal agreement, which managers claimed Mr
considerable disparity in terms of the investment of          Rodrigues accepted.        Howmet's human resources
public services to meet their needs or a recognition of       manager Stephen Pope said he had outlined to Mr
their positive contribution to the region.                    Rodrigues what action the company intended to take
                                                              against his colleague. He continued: "We were looking
                                                              for the man to provide an apology and then we would
     MAN PLEADS NOT GUILTY TO                                 reprimand him. I asked Roy if he would accept that and
       RACIAL HARASSMENT                                      he said he did. "We had proof the man had done the
         Taunton Times - 30 December 2003                     drawings but it was uncertain whether they were
                                                              intended for Roy. "At that stage, I decided to deal with
A 21-year-old man has been remanded in custody,               it in an informal way if Roy was happy with that. If he
charged with racially aggravated harassment.                  had not been happy, I would have been prepared to go
Magistrates sitting in Taunton heard that Justin James        ahead with formal disciplinary action."
Moore, aged 21, of no fixed address, allegedly carried
out the racially motivated attack in Taunton's Virgin
Megastore in North Street on Saturday December 6.
                                                                REDS LAUNCH 'RACISM' PROBE
Moore pleads not guilty to the charge. He will be tried                    The West Briton - 31 Dec 03
in the magistrates' court. He was remanded in custody
to reappear at Taunton Deane Magistrates' Court on            Redruth have launched an investigation into claims that
December 24.                                                  one of their players racially abused Camborne's
                                                              Tongan centre Movete Oto Ota during their Boxing Day
                                                              clash. Oto Ota was sent off by referee David May after
         APPEAL LIKELY AFTER                                  completely losing control, throwing a string of punches
                                                              with Camborne claiming he was reacting to a racial
        RACISM CASE REJECTED                                  comment made by a Reds' player.
         Exeter Express & Echo – 30 Dec 03
                                                              Camborne's director of rugby Roger Moyle told the
A foreign worker who was racially abused at Exeter's          Sport Briton that the "red mist" had descended on Oto
biggest private sector company has lost his claim for         Ota, who the club had suspended while they awaited
unfair dismissal.                                             the result of Redruth's investigation.        "He is
                                                              heartbroken with what he was subjected to and to how
Rui Rodrigues, known to workmates as Roy, is                  he reacted. "We cannot condone his reaction and we
Portuguese and worked at Howmet Castings, which               do not want any bad feeling with Redruth who I am
has more than 1,000 staff at its Sowton base, until           sure will act appropriately."
September this year.
                                                              The Tongan faces a lengthy ban when he appears
At an employment tribunal in November, he claimed             before a CRFU disciplinary committee especially as he
Howmet had not done enough to protect him from                appeared to lay hands on referee May after being sent
racism and told how he had found two drawings of a            off. There were also claims that a section of the crowd
face with a big nose, large lips and curly hair left on his   was guilty of racial abuse throughout the match, which
workbench in February. A Union Flag was drawn                 is also to be investigated by Redruth.
underneath with the words 'Enough is enough. No
more, close the door!'                                        Redruth secretary Roger Watson, who was at the
                                                              game, said they had launched an inquiry and expected
Howmet accepted the drawings had been done by a               to hold a disciplinary hearing at the club towards the
colleague, who also later allegedly told Mr Rodrigues:        end of the week. "Obviously we deplore and deprecate
"I'm getting a cloth hood and a gun for you," in an           any such behaviour from players or supporters. "We
                                                                                                       Page 6 of 7
are very sensitive on the issue as we have had
experience of this before directed against our own
players such as Marcel Gomez and player-coach
James Lancaster. "With regard to the alleged
comments from the spectators we will act accordingly if
we have any authority over them and we will be putting
a warning in Saturday's match day programme. "Any
such behaviour from players or spectators is totally
unacceptable and we are as shocked as anyone. "We
will be carrying out a thorough investigation and taking
any appropriate action."

The Boxing Day game, which Camborne won 40-17,
was a highly-charged affair with a mass punch-up at
the start of the game before seeming to calm down, at
least on the pitch. However, a Camborne supporter
has been banned by the club for a month after offering
a touch judge a pair of glasses - an incident which
needed the intervention of referee May to sort out and
could have sparked more problems.

But with 14 minutes left Oto Ota, who has been a key
player in Camborne's success this season, became
incensed after apparently being the subject of racist
abuse from a visiting player. He refused to calm down
as he continued to lash out seemingly indiscriminately
before being red carded by May, who in truth had no
other choice. The referee then had to come over to the
touchline to ensure the Tongan went to the dressing
room, which he did although somewhat reluctantly. It
brought a sour end to what was a generally entertaining
match with Camborne scoring five tries, one from Oto
Ota, to the three of Redruth, who fielded virtually a
second string side.



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