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									            CABINET MEMBER ACTION TAKEN
Originating Officer: Sue Grace, Cultural Services Manager
Ext: 30825

Issue to be decided: The arrangements for subsidies and remissions for
Essex Music Services for the academic year 2003/4

Date of Decision:

Representation regarding this Decision: To be made to the Cultural
Services Manager during the five days call in period following publication of
this report.

Implementation: The subsidies and remissions relating to this decision will
be implemented in the academic year beginning in Autumn 2003.

Forward Plan: Notification of this decision is in the Forward Plan.

Geographic Area Affected: Essex Music Services work covers the whole of
the County.

Resource Implications: The recommended subsidies and remissions are to
be met from within the current budget available to Music Services through the
Standards Fund allocation for 2003/04.

Consultation: These recommendations are based on principles established
in consultation with Music School Teachers in Charge during the 2001 Review
of Music School funding and through Essex Music Services annual feedback
from schools engaging the Peripatetic Music Service.

1. Proposal for the hourly charge to schools/parents for individual
instrumental tuition and the related Standards Fund subsidy

It is proposed to increase the current charge to £17.15 per hour, (from £16.15
per hour) for instrumental tuition 1 for the Academic Year 2003/4.

The cost per tutor hour, following a 3.5% pay award, and increased employer
costs associated with rises in Employer’s Contributions to Teachers Pension
Scheme and National Insurance costs, is a maximum (dependant of the Scale
point at which a tutor is paid) of £20.93. Therefore the subsidy, to be met from
Standards Fund 310 (Protecting and Expanding LEA Music Services), will
amount to £3.78 per hour in 2003/04. This will be the first increase in the
hourly charge since 2000. Standards Fund 310 has been set at the same
level for 2003/04 as 2002/03 and does not include an inflationary increase.

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2. Proposal for the Value of Instrumental Tuition Vouchers and
remission of travel and accommodation fees for members of Essex
Youth Orchestras and Ensembles

2.a) It is proposed that the value of Tuition Vouchers, available to young
people from families in receipt of State Benefits, will increase to £32.50 per
child, per term, for lessons with Essex Music Services Tutors in school, and
£65 per child, per term, for young people enrolled at an Essex County Council
Music School. This represents a subsidy of approximately 75% of the cost of

2.b) It is proposed that, in line with Tuition Vouchers, remission of fees for
membership of Essex Youth Orchestras and Ensembles for young people
from families in receipt of State Benefits will continue to receive a subsidy
amounting to 75% of the cost of travel and accommodation costs for courses,
workshops and tours.

Recommendation: That the Cabinet Member for Environment, Heritage and
Culture agrees the proposals outlined under points 1. and 2.

                             Signature                                           Date
Cabinet Member

of the county’s Music Schools the hourly rate for the individual tuition element will be charged
at £17.15 however, the overall fees to parents for 2003/04 in Music Schools will change in line
with the funding formula agreed following the Review of Music Schools in 2001 – Cabinet
Member Action Taken June 2001

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