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									Offsite Storage Location Audit
Plan to visit and inspect the storage facility using this list of questions as a guide. Some of the questions
might not be applicable to the type of storage that you decide to use, but this list will help get you started.

                           Facility Issues                                     Yes           No          N/A

Is the structure built up to earthquake code/and or other construction
standards? A combination of steel and concrete provides dual

Is the facility far enough away from your location that a disaster is not
likely to affect both you and it as well?

Is the facility close enough to your location such that storage media
retrieval can be carried out efficiently and effectively, within reason?

Does the facility have adequate access roads, including alternate
routing if necessary? Low-traffic and rural areas can be more secure.

Does the facility have a backup power supply and insurance

Does the facility have backup heating and air conditioning systems?

Does the facility have adequate floor drainage and water detectors?

Does the facility have an air filtration system?

Is the facility safely distant from any environmentally unsafe or
hazardous areas (e.g. flood zone, petroleum plant, train tracks)?

Does the facility offer methods to adequately physically protect the
privacy/security of your information?

Does the facility have a minimum number of windows?

                     Media Handling Issues                                     Yes           No          N/A

Is the offsite facility aware of the proper techniques for the care and
handling of the storage medium?

Is the storage medium stored in protective casing?

Are there unmarked bins/areas to store the media? The exact location
of your stored contents should not be obvious to everyone.

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