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     Volume 15, Issue 2 February 2010 Sacramento Chapter
                                         New Laws Affect Rental Forms
Rental owners and property managers must update several current rental forms to comply with state law changes and new interpretations
of existing laws. Some rental forms were modified to make them more user-friendly. The rental forms approved by the California
Apartment Association (CAA) may be ordered from the RHA office.
Rental forms are approved by CAA and undergo a rigorous review process. CAA’s Compliance and Forms Committee, which is
comprised of landlord/tenant attorneys, property managers, rental owners and association staff, review existing forms for legal accuracy
and relevancy and develop new forms to address new state laws, court rulings or changing business practices. CAA’s rental forms are
recognized by California courts for their legal accuracy.
Forms listed under “NEW RENTAL FORMS FOR 2010” are designed to help members comply with new or existing federal, state
and local laws.


Domestic Violence Lease Termination (Form 21.2)
●This new form was created to help residents comply with the new state law allowing victims of domestic violence to terminate a lease.
●Optional for residents who wish to use it.

Spare the Air Addendum (Form 37.0)
●This new form allows owners to recover any fines or costs from the resident when the resident fails to comply with local rules on wood
●Optional, but may be useful to inform the resident and recover costs.

Ninety-Day Notice on Foreclosure Properties (Form 7.3)
● This new form complies with the new federal law requiring a 90-day notice on foreclosed property with a current occupant.
● Mandatory for those who must comply with the new federal law.

House Rules in Spanish (Form 17.0)
● This form has been translated in Spanish.
● Optional for those who want to provide the rules in Spanish.

Proposition 65 Instruction Sheet
●This new instruction sheet provides guidance on how to comply with Proposition 65 and placement of signage.
● Mandatory for those who must provide signage and notification to residents.

County of Sacramento Resident’s Rights Form (RESRGHT)
● This new form was created by RHA; it is not offered by CAA.
● This form has been approved by the County of Sacramento.
● This form complies with the new County of Sacramento rental inspection program for owners and managers who are required to
provide an information document to residents at the inception of the tenancy.

County of Sacramento Property Maintenance Service Consent Form (SACCON)
●This new form was created by RHA; it is not offered by CAA.
●This form is intended to help owners and managers comply with the new County of Sacramento rental inspection program by
obtaining consent from a resident when conducting the self-inspection.
● Use of this form is optional but may make the inspection process more efficient.

New and revised forms can be ordered at

 President’s Message
                                                                             2010 Board of Directors
 Leisa Wells                                                                    Sacramento Chapter
 President, Sacramento Chapter
                                                                                Leisa Wells              995-8027
For all of you who were not able to join us at the January luncheon, it         President Elect
was a GREAT one. Sylvia Hill delivered a great message as always,               Derek Clark              990-9000
                                                                                Vice President
and the new board was installed. We are extremely pleased to have
                                                                                Roger Cornette           988-5357
some fresh faces on board and with that there will bring some new               Secretary
and exciting ideas that will benefit us all. We are all here for you and        Alejandro White          395-7703
are working to make the upcoming year the most successful                       Treasurer
                                                                                Stephannie Matsis        213-5982
yet. Please contact any of us with ideas, comments or concerns.
                                                                                Janet Regan, MPM®        961-7368
I would also like to give a HUGE congratulation to three members who            Janelle Nord             988-5300
recently passed their broker’s exam! Not only passed it, but passed it          Barbara Barrows          920-0561
                                                                                Deborah Henning          353-1900
the FIRST time (which I can tell you from experience, is not an easy
                                                                                Membership Chair
task).                                                                          Bob Thomas               974-6005
                                                                                Education Chair
                       DEBORAH HENNING                                          Lyn Ivans                429-4563
                                                                                Legislative Chair
                       MICHELLE DEBACH
                                                                                Shawn Collins
                       BOB THOMAS                                               Publications Chair
                                                                                Sarah Laroa              429-4567
We also have a great speaker lined up for the March luncheon so mark            Affiliate Chair
                                                                                Dean Peterson            599-8003
your calendars and register early. Ryan Sharp will be talking about
                                                                                Fundraising Chair
things in the economy that directly affect our industry. We are also            Kelly Zambrana           408-2496
looking into inviting Mike Lyon with Lyon Real Estate to speak on the           Events Coordinator
health of the real estate world which as you all know directly affects all      Bev Hoeft                648-2100
of us whether it be personally or professionally.
                                                                                Dimitri Matsis

Also, we will be auctioning off the Easter Baskets that were handed             Sacramento Chapter of NARPM
out. All the proceeds will be benefiting and going to Toys 4 Tots and           P.O. Box 292951
                                                                                Sacramento, Ca 95829
the SPCA so bring your check books. These are two great
organizations and not only a great opportunity to give back to our
community but what a great feeling to be able to help out in areas of           California State Chapter
dire need.
                                                                                Robert Winger, MPM® 446-6663
Thanks again to my board of 2009 for making it a superb year. They
made it possible to being one step closer to Chapter of The Year and
in 2010 we WILL BE ON TOP!


                                                                                              I N C O R P O R A T E D

                                                                                        AFFORDABLE QUALITY
                                                                                            SINCE 1981
           You have to walk carefully in the beginning of
                                                                                                  PO Box 5100
          love; the running across fields into your lover's                                   Fair Oaks, CA 95628
          arms can only come later when you're sure they                                         (916) 989-4770
                                                                                                 (916) 990-0992
            won't laugh if you trip. ~Jonathan Carroll,
                                                                                      State Contractor’s License #408884
                     "Outside the Dog Museum"

                                                                                                         Bob Thomas
                                                                                 Membership Chair, Sacramento Chapter

                                           Hello Fellow Sacramento NARPM Members,

                                           2010 is off and running and I hope all of you are doing well! The
                                           membership committee is getting off to a fast start in 2010 also. I
                                           had the pleasure of meeting a few new members at the last
                                           luncheon and I would like to thank A to Z Chimney Sweep and
                                           Mike Hoole of for inviting the potential members and
                                           introducing me to them. It is our current members and affiliates
                                           who will assist us in building and making the Sacramento Chapter
                                           the number one chapter in the Country. Currently we stand at 116
                                           members (not including affiliates). If at any time you need any
GLASS COMPANY                              assistance with a potential new member please by all means feel
                                           free to call me. It will be my pleasure to assist. Membership is also
      AUTO                       MIRRORS
   COMMERCIAL                              currently working on an Activerian listing and in the near future we
   RESIDENTIAL                             will have a presents on Facebook. Making it possible for members
                                 DOORS     to obtained updates to new members, vendors, meeting and
 24 HOUR EMERGENCY          INSULATED      special events.
                             SCREENS       I wish you all much continued success in
   FREE ESTIMATES          STOREFRONT      2010
  Tenant Coordination
    Board-ups 24-Hour Turnaround
          Cellular Dispatched
    Property Management Discounts
           “We Sell Service”                Vendors:
        CA Contractor # 696899              Nan Reeves - Vans Carpet Inc.

In Loving Memory of Lee Storms
August 8, 1938 – December 3, 2009

Lee was born in Sierra Madre on August 8, 1939, the son of Raymond and Oleta                Property Managers are
Storms, and named Richard LeRoy Storms. Lee moved to the Sacramento area in                     Our Priority!
the mid-sixties, to try Real Estate sales. By doing so, he found his true career and              Personal Service
was a REALTOR® until he died. He achieved the REALTOR® Emeritus Award.                            Locally Owned
                                                                                                  Internet Banking
Lee was truly suited to the Real Estate Industry and embraced it with a passion.                  Commercial Bill Pay
He shared how difficult it was to break into the business at such a young age with                Earnings Credits
all the seasoned agents around him. Early on, he worked at Wright and Kimbro,                     Lockbox Service Available
but soon moved on to Kiernan Realtors, where he quickly became a top producer.
Lee soon became a broker and opened his own firm, Red Carpet/Lee Storms                           Call Bev Hoeft for an
Properties. Later this company became Lee Storms Properties in 1984.                     Member       appointment:        NARPM
                                                                                         FDIC                             Member
                                                                                                   (916) 648-2100
During these early years, he and his former wife, Patricia, adopted two children,                  1750 Howe Ave, #100
Scott and Stephanie. He had a great love and pride for his children. He tried many                Sacramento, CA 95825
things, including flying, which he decided was not for him. He enjoyed gardening,
fishing skiing, shopping, meeting new people, the Christmas season, a good bowl
of ice cream, and trying new things.

After supervising many property rehabs while selling, he decided to become a
contractor, and then became a home builder, another great love for him. His
contractor experience served him well, when he and his current wife, Jean,
purchased a Property Management company. He supervised the maintenance.
Later, Lee and Jean opened JSL Real Estate Services, Inc., in 1988, with both Real
Estate sales and an emphasis on Property Management.

During his career, he also served as a founding director on the Founders Title
board, as a Metrolist director for the Sacramento Board of Realtors, and as a
director for the Sacramento Chapter of NARPM.

Lee had a great passion for traveling – he wanted to go everywhere and see
everything. Lee and Jean traveled all of their married life as often as possible, and
covered a lot of territory with over 25 cruises. They made even more effort after
Lee was diagnosed in 1998 with Parkinson’s disease and subsequently retired.
Despite the physical difficulties of the disease during his last eleven years, they
traveled to China, Thailand, Cambodia, South America, Machu Picchu, Mexico,
Rome, Casablanca, Paris, Alaska, the Panama Canal, the Amazon, Yellowstone,
the Mediterranean, Russia, Barcelona, and more.

It is with sadness that we lose Lee at the early age of 71, but it is with joy that we
remember him and his “smile” for everyone and his courageous battle with
Parkinson’s. He is remembered for his strong support of NARPM, especially his
superior maintenance education classes.

Juan del Gallego                           We are currently planning a class to be held
Laurie del Gallego                         this month or possibly in March where we                                Education
                                           will learn the advantages and requirements                                   Lyn Ivans
        THANK GOD I’M                      of participating in the Section 8 program.         Education Chair, Sacramento Chapter
                                           With Section 8 you must be in compliance
                                           concerning various codes in order to rent to a
                                           Section 8 housing voucher holder (or Section 8 tenant). We will learn what
                                           these codes are and how to go about getting the necessary inspections after
                                           registering. An evite will be sent out as soon as a date for the class has been
                                            Future Classes...
            8225 Hawaii Lane                •    How to build a relationship with a Realtor (April)
          Sacramento, CA 95828              •    How to properly read a Credit Report (June)
             CA Lic # 651578
                                            •    How to make your property stand out with pictures and advertising (August)
             (916) 854-5256
              (Cell 217-8447)

INTERIOR                        EXTERIOR
                                           To follow in tradition with Kane's past                                   Affiliate
                                           articles I wanted to re-publish his helpful                                Dean Peterson
                                           suggestions being that there are several             Affiliate Chair, Sacramento Chapter
                                           new members and they are good reminder
                                           for getting the most out of NARPM..

                                           1) Go to the Bi-Monthly Luncheons -- Wear a shirt that spells out your company
                                           business name and meet the property manager members to briefly tell them about
                                           the service/product you provide and exchange business cards. Then follow up via
                                           mail or phone to get added to their vendor list. Also, bring a small gift (e.g., wine,
                                           gift certificates to Jamba Juice, etc.) and tape your business card to it so it can be
                                           raffled off at the end of the luncheon.

                                           2) Advertise in the monthly NARPM News & Notes -- There is space available for
                                           your business card-size ad in NARPM's monthly newsletter. The cost is $25 per
                                           month. Also, you can insert your flyer (you provide approximately 190 flyers) in the
                                           newsletter for $75.

                                           3) Volunteer on Committees and Events -- When you volunteer on the various
                                           committees (e.g., Affiliate, Publications, Membership, etc.) and help out at NARPM
                                           events, you show that you care about the growth and purpose of the NARPM
                                           organization and your company gets excellent exposure to the fellow NARPM

                                           Keep in mind, the NARPM property managers don't just pick up the phone and
                                           reach out to you first simply because you're a NARPM member. You need to take
                                           the initiative to reach out to them and establish a relationship that is built on trust
                                           and reliability. While NARPM membership provides a great means to get that "foot
                                           in the door" to the property managers so they are aware of your products/services
                                           and can feel comfortable working with you, all affiliate members should understand
                                           that the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. So, stay active in your
                                           membership and you'll find over time that it's a win-win for all parties.

                                           UPCOMING AFFILIATE EVENTS:

                                           -07/13/10, Vendor Fair at Luncheon at Double Tree Hotel.
                                           -09/18/10, Family Picnic at William Land Park
                                           -10/08/10, Golf Tournament / Picnic at Cherry Island.

                                           TIP! Where do I refer potential affiliate members to?
                                           <> and click "Join
                                           Us" link.

As a National Past President of NARPM I have a lot to be thankful for. While each past president
spent a considerable amount of time and money helping to make the association a success (we
have over 2600 members at this time) all of us members have benefitted from those efforts by
receiving education, networking, business referrals, and leadership experience. Many of us
have developed life-long friendships as well.

During the 2009 Convention in Orlando I began to think that the past presidents could create an
event to celebrate NARPM's success and have an opportunity to see each other and our fellow
members, and give back to our communities all at the same time.

A proven vehicle to do this is a golf tournament. The date will be Wednesday, October 13,
2010, just before the opening of the 2010 National Convention. Both the golf tournament and
the convention will be in Seattle, Washington this year. It may be wet, but I am betting on
sunshine. Here is information on the golf course:

This event is not just going to be a celebration. It is also a charity event. My plan is to have
each past president that participates take a turn and direct the proceeds from that year’s event
to the charity of their choice. To get the ball rolling, I have chosen Creative Living Options
(CLO) in Sacramento as my choice for 2010. This non-profit, places adults that are not able to
live on their own, in rentals of their choosing and provides 24/7 care as needed so that the
person, usually along with a roommate, can have a life outside of an institution or group
home. I know it works as my son, AJ, who is now 23 years old, lives in an apartment in
downtown Sacramento with the help of CLO. He rents an apartment with a roommate from a
fellow NARPM member, Robert Winger. Check this organization out at                                   DAVEY                                                                       TREE AND SHRUB CARE EXPERTS SINCE 1880
                                                                                                                          Phones: (916) 443-5500
Our goal is to raise $10,000.00 which will be presented to CLO at the convention.
                                                                                                                                   (800) 559-7600
We need your help to make the event a success. Mark Kreditor, MPM, Past President from
                                                                                                                              Fax: (916) 443-6200
Dallas, TX has already agreed to raise funds from our affiliate members by securing sponsors for
the event. Chris Hermanski, MPM, Past President from Portland, OR has located and is working
with the golf course. Betty Fletcher, MPM, Past President from Little Rock, AK is working on
signing up players.
                                                                                                               RICHARD CLOSE
I would like each of you to come to the event and play golf, or come and be a caddy,                               District Manager
cheerleader, friend, or sponsor. The golf will cost $150 which includes the round and box                  ISA Certified Arborist #WC5360
lunch. We know that some of you do not golf. Please do not let that stop you from                          Pesticide Applicator Lic. #33427
participating. We are also accepting donations of your choosing as a friend of the
tournament. The point is to have some fun, network on the golf course, and raise some
money for a worthy charitable cause.                                                                     THE DAVEY TREE EXPERT COMPANY
                                                                                                     3009½ C Street Sacramento, CA
I hope each and every one of you will be a part of this and participate as a player, sponsor,
caddy, friend, or recruiter of golfers. A sign up brochure is available at (click to
the Convention page) or email me at and I will send you one.                 Carpet Service:    Cleaning,
Happy New Year!                                                                                      Repairs, Dyeing, Deodorizing
                                                                                                     “A+… Right the 1st time.” Lee Storms, JSL
Robert A. Machado, CPM, MPM                                                                          “Over 1000 jobs..Prompt, great service. We love
2010 NARPM Past Presidents Golf Tournament Chair                                                     Fairest of All.” Carla Morgan, since 1996
                                                                                                     “I’ll never look elsewhere.” Pat Wilder, since ‘94.

                                                                                                     THE BEST SERVICE EVER,
                                                                                                     OR IT’S FREE! Guaranteed.
                                                                                                         Get the best every time.
                                                                                                       24 hour emergency service

                                                                                                                           Fairest of All

                                              2010 Events      Luncheon Schedule for 2010
   McKENRY                                                     Doubletree Hotel—Sacramento
  Best kept secret in the rental industry !                                             March    16,   2010
           DRAPERIES                                                                      May    18,   2010
 * Dry Cleaning
                                                                            (Vendor Fair) July   20,   2010
 * Sales
             BLINDS                                                                September     21,   2010
 * Ultra sonic Cleaning                                                             November     16,   2010
 * Repairs & Refurbishing
 * Sales
 * Cleaning
 * Sales                                                If you plan on bringing a guest to the luncheon
       1020 Joellis Way                                 please let us know 5 days prior to the luncheon
        (916) 649-9991                                                                             date.

                                                            Property Manager’s Breakfast
                                                               Last Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m.
                                                                                      Coco’s Restaurant
       Eric Ayubi                                                   1830 Arden Way, Sacramento
     Office: (916) 684-1221                                       Questions? Contact Peggy Jo Robinson
      Cell: (916) 847-1591                                                                  920-0561 X
             P.O. Box 1591
            Dixon, Ca 95620

Contractor’s License #612740

                                                                       Pest Lic. #2355200000

                                                                            P.O. Box 221660
                                                 Art Ballard

                                       WHAT’S WAITING INSIDE?

                            Dead-For-Lease                        Page 1
                            President’s Message                   Page 2
                            Receipt                               Page 4
                            Education/ NARPM Happenings           Page 5
                            Looking Ahead...                      Page 6

            Often, with the correct infomation, tenants can save their landlords a lot of trouble (meaning
            money) by spotting minor problems and fixing them before they become major ones. Con-
            sider the disseminating the following in your next mass mailing:

            1. Clogged Drains

    P.O. Box 292951
    Sacramento, CA. 95829