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					                      Contracts Surveyor

                         SELWOOD HOUSING
                           Job Description

A      Basic Details

       Department:         Asset Management
       Location:           Head Office
       Reporting to:       Team Manager

B      Job Summary

The Contract Surveyor will assist the Team Manager in the operation of an effective
and efficient maintenance and improvement service of Selwood Housing’s stock
and related assets.     The post holders duties may include all aspects of
maintenance surveying including:

       Contract supervision (traditional and partnered contracts)
       Pre-contract preparation including documentation and contract
       Procurement of works including invitations for tenders and quotations.
       Pre-works surveys
       Completion surveys
       Condition surveys
       Energy surveys

The above is not an exhaustive list of duties as the Contract Surveyor will be
expected to be able to assist in all aspects of maintenance surveying.

C      Specific tasks and responsibilities

    1. To work within Selwood housing’s performance management and
       Human Resource policy framework, including SMART annual
       management plans, appraisals, and 1:1s

    2. Ensure corporate plan and annual management plan and budget
       targets are achieved and that Selwood Housing is provided with
       best value in all its undertakings that you as the Contract Surveyor
       are involved

                                                                  Updated October 09
                     Contracts Surveyor

    3. To assist the team manager with the supervision and control of
       designated works within the maintenance and reinvestment service
       in accordance with current legislation or good practice.
    4. Ensure that all services are carried out in accordance with Selwood
       Housing's policies and procedures, Standing Orders and Financial
       Regulations and the Housing Corporation's Schemework Procedure
       Guides & Design & Contract criteria.

    5. Ensure compliance with current legislation including but not
       exclusively; health & safety, CDM regulations, HSE, Party Wall Act,
       Gas Regulations, British Standards, Codes of Practice, Building
       Regulations, Construction Regulations and any other specialist trade
       and/or professional codes of practice which are relevant to Selwood
       Housing's projects. It will also be necessary to ensure all works
       comply with Building Control and the Planning Department of the
       District or Unitary Council

    6. Prepare tender and contract documentation including the checking
       and approval of draft documents ensuring that they comply with
       Selwood Housing requirements and criteria. This will also involve
       the assessment of contractors for suitability to carry out the works
       to be tendered and ensuring that they are an approved contractor
       and/or on Construction Line. Carry out regular competence checks
       on consultants and contractors and report any doubts or
       irregularities that come to light to the team manager.
       Work in close conjunction with the administration team to prepare
       working files and provide the necessary paperwork and information
       in a timely and organised fashion.
       Ensure the appropriate contracts are drawn up and signed prior to
       first payments.

    7. Undertake financial and progress monitoring of contracts at regular
       intervals and provide weekly and monthly reports or as required.
       Major contracts to have monthly, minuted meetings with the
       contractor and consultant. All approved variation orders to be filed
       in sequence.

    8. Monitor and report on the performance           of   consultants   and
       contractors engaged on contracts/schemes.

    9. Provide project-monitoring returns to the team manager.

    10. Ensure that meticulous file records are maintained suitable for audit
        review purposes.

    11. Carryout pre-work inspections, stock condition surveys, Decent
        Homes surveys, Energy surveys etc as required. Attend site in

                                                            Updated October 09
                     Contracts Surveyor

       relation to any works as allocated by your team manager or the
       reinvestment manager. Attend meetings with or in the place of the
       team manager as required. Be prepared to take on alternative
       temporary roles as benefits the needs of Selwood Housing

    12. Attend pre-contract, pre-commencement and site meetings as the
        Selwood Housing Contract Surveyor in control of assigned

    13. Carryout or assist consultant with all the supervising duties on
        contracts from initiation to satisfactory completion of the works.

    14. Liaise with housing staff to ensure that they are properly briefed on
        all aspects of the contracts.

    15. Put in place and manage systems that ensure the effective
        identification and timely correction of defects. Ensure that
        information gained on defects is used for the continuous
        improvement of the specification of items for future contracts.

    16. Check interim and final accounts against the contract and variation
        records prior to approval. Ensure all invoices are correctly coded
        and signed off so that they are paid on time as per the contract and
        comply with the financial approval limits set by the finance

    17. Complete an assessment of the contractor’s performance on the
        completion of each contract and enter in the file.

    18. Implement positively and ensure compliance with Selwood
        Housing's Policy Procedures, Codes of Practice and Initiatives
        relating to Equal Opportunities, Diversity Personal Service
        Standards and Health & Safety.

    19. Provide the highest quality services incorporating best standards
        and practice and work to continually improve standards promoting
        Selwood Housing to its tenants, clients and those seeking assistance
        from Selwood Housing.

    20. Maintain an awareness of technical developments and Housing
        Corporation development standards and ensure that these are fed
        into Selwood Housing’s policies and specifications.

    21. Professionally deal with and record on the QL management system
        all complaints and concerns from tenants, clients, members of the
        public, and those seeking assistance from Selwood Housing
        referring more complex or unresolved matters to the Team

                                                            Updated October 09
                     Contracts Surveyor

    22. Liaise with tenants and tenant groups on contracts             and
        programmes. This may include out of hours working.

    23. Occasionally participate in out of hours emergencies, e.g. bad
        weather and major incidents.

    24. Undertake any other duties that may reasonably be required by the
        Team manager.

D      Budgetary Control

       Ensure contracts do not exceed the permitted value as per Selwood
       Housing’s Policies and Procedures relating to contracts.

E      Essential Contacts

       All staff within Selwood Housing
       Housing Corporation
       Tenants and tenant organisations/bodies
       Members of the Public
       Consultants and Contractors
       Local Authority including:
           • Planning Department
           • Building Control
           • Grant Department
           • Environmental Health
           • Technical Services and Architectural Department
       Heath Authority
       Care providers
       Other Social Landlords
       Developers, Agents and Consultants
       Warranty Providers
       Manufacturers and Suppliers
       Insurance companies, loss adjusters and the like.

D      Flexibility

The post holder may be expected to work a variety of portfolios of
work and may be allocated to any of the service portfolios within
the Society for short periods or on a permanent basis.

                                                         Updated October 09
                    Contracts Surveyor

No job description can cover every issue which may arise within the post
at various times and the post holder is expected to carry out other duties
from time to time which are broadly consistent with those in this

Signed by Post holder:


Signed by Manager:


Last updated:

                                                          Updated October 09
                  Contracts Surveyor

                      Person Specification

                 Essential               Desirable
                 GCSE or ‘O’ Level
Qualifications   standard (or
                 equivalent) with grade
                 C or above in English
                 and Maths
                 HNC in Building or
                 Surveying or equivalent

                 Essential                 Desirable
                 Proven experience of
Experience       maintenance, both
                 responsive and routine,
                 working in a local
                 authority, housing
                 association or the
                 building industry
                 Experience of
                 managing contracts
                 within budgetary
                 Experience of project
                 Experience of designing
                 and implementing
                 policies and procedures
                 Experience of computer
                 systems in a
                 Experience of contract
                 supervision including
                 the role of Clerk of
                 Experience of
                 managing staff
                 Experience of working
                 with the general public
                 Knowledge of building
                 maintenance and
                 standard forms of

                                                       Updated October 09
                    Contracts Surveyor

                  Essential                   Desirable
                  Knowledge of Health
                  and Safety regulations
                  including CDM
                  Essential                   Desirable

Abilities/Skills Ability to plan ahead
                 and organise work
                 Ability to prioritise work
                 Ability to set standards
                 and monitor
                 Ability to motivate,
                 support and train staff
                 Ability to work on site
                 and at times in
                 confined spaces
                 Ability to drive with
                 access to a vehicle for
                 business use
                 Good verbal and
                 written communication
                 skills, to include the
                 ability to write reports
                 Numeracy skills
                 A commitment to social
                 A commitment to equal
                 Ability to attend
                 evening meetings and
                 work outside normal
                 office hours,
                 particularly when
                 emergencies arise
                 Negotiation skills


                                                          Updated October 09
                Contracts Surveyor

               Essential     Desirable


                                         Updated October 09