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									                                                                                                    SPONSORSHIP CONTRACT
                                                                                         SLA 2010 Leadership Summit • 27– 30 January 2010 • St. Louis, MO

PRINCIPAL CONTACT (please complete)




City:__________________________________________________________ State:____________________________ Zip Code:____________________

Tel: (        ) __________________________________________________ Fax: (                      ) __________________________________________________


                                                                          SPONSORSHIP ITEMS

SPONSORSHIP TOTAL                                                                      METHOD OF PAYMENT
A la Carte Sponsorship Item (s)                         Rate                           Please remit a 50% deposit to SLA with your signed contract to secure your
                                                                                       sponsorship. Thank you!
________________________________                        __________________
                                                                                       □ American Express        □ Master Card           □ Visa      □ Diner’s Club
________________________________                        __________________
                                                                                       Card Number
________________________________                        __________________
________________________________                        __________________             Name on Card                  Expire Date  Card Security Code

*fees are payable in U.S. dollars only.     Total cost: __________________
                                                                                       Signature                                            Date

TERMS OF AGREEMENT                                                                   requests for refunds must be in writing, received, and confirmed by SLA 60 days
This agreement is effective as of ___________ (date) and shall remain effective      prior to the event. Contracts cancelled up to 60 days of the event will be issued
until the “Event” ends on 30 January 2010. This agreement defines the terms           a refund based on a prorated basis. If sponsoring promotional items, once the
under which SLA and __________________________________________                       contract is signed and the item is in production, there shall be no refunds. SLA
(“Sponsor”) enter into a sponsorship agreement for the SLA 2010 Leadership           may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying the sponsor in writing or
Summit.                                                                              by e-mail. Upon such termination, SLA shall return to the Sponsor that portion of
                                                                                     the Sponsorship fee pro-rated for the time remaining in the contract.
Limited License:
SLA grants the Sponsor a limited license to use any of the artwork on the Event
site for the purpose of promoting the Event and linking to the Event site. Sponsor
grants SLA a limited license to use Sponsor’s logo in summit promotional material
                                                                                     Signature                                               Date
and on the Event site.
Miscellaneous:                                                                       Counter Signature                                      Date
This Agreement shall become effective on the date signed below and will remain
in effect until all responsibilities set out are fulfilled. The parties acknowledge   Fax or mail completed contract and payment information to:
that they will use their best good faith efforts to negotiate and resolve            SLA, 331 South Patrick Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 USA
subsequent issues that may arise from this Agreement as a result of unforeseen       Tel: +1.703.647.4942 Fax: +1.703.647.4901
occurrences and that may alter the conditions of this Agreement.
                                                                                     Contact Stacey Bowers at +1.703.647.4942 or
Cancellation Policy:
This agreement is effective as of the date signed below and shall remain effective
until the Event ends on 30 January 2010. or until terminated by either party. All

                                                                                                                          Please see Sponsor Benefits on the next page.
                                                                                      SPONSORSHIP CONTRACT
                                                                          SLA 2010 Leadership Summit • 27– 30 January 2010 • St.Louis, MO


       Benefits include the following:
           • preliminary registration list (labels)
           • sponsor recognition in Summit promotional materials
           • table-top display (high traffic area)
           • press release inclusion
           • 1-full-page ad in Information Outlook’s first issue of 2010 (Summit sponsorship ad)
           • signage in 2 high traffic locations
           • sponsor logo on Summit Web page
           • sponsor of the Summit Luncheon (non-exclusive)
           • sponsor of the SLA Board of Directors coffee breaks (non-exclusive)
           • sponsor of one Summit major event.
                  1. Keynote Speaker, Leadership Development Institute
                  2. SLA Leadership Reception

       Benefits include the following:
           • sponsor of the SLA Leadership Breakfast (non-exclusive)
           • preliminary registration list
           • Lanyards
           • sponsor logo on the Leadership Summit Web page
           • press release inclusion

           •    SLA Refreshment Breaks $3,500/each
           •    SLA tote bag sponsor $3,500 + shipping cost (sponsor supplies bags)
           •    table-top display (high traffic area) $1450

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