MBA Roadmap - Concentration in Clean Tech by dpf99262


									                   MBA Roadmap - Concentration in Clean Tech
The CleanTech Concentration prepares students for careers in                                Academic Augments
renewable energy, energy efficiency, and emissions abatement.          Hands-On Opportunities
This field is one of the fastest growing employment areas for MBAs.
                                                                           Clean Energy Incubator
Clean technology companies are seeking MBAs who not only have    
excellent business skills but also a solid understanding of the
                                                                           I2P Global Competition
technology and policy aspects affecting their industry, as well as
project and risk management skills.
                                                                           Sustainable Business Summit
Accordingly, the CleanTech Concentration at McCombs gives students
the opportunity to combine courses across various schools to best
                                                                           Global Moot Corp Competition
prepare for their career of choice.
McCombs MBAs will also connect with Austin’s booming CleanTech             Washington Campus
industry through the Clean Energy Incubator and a variety of on- and
off-campus opportunities.                                                  ps.asp

Curriculum Requirements                                                Student Organizations
                                                                           CleanTech Group
 FIN 286 - Valuation (flexible-core)                            
 MAN 385 - Energy Technology & Policy                                     Energy Finance Group
             (Spring only, recommended to be taken during 1 st   
                                                                           Entrepreneur Society
 FIN 394.1 - Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance               
 FIN 397.1 - Investment Theory & Practice
 FIN 394.2 - Financial Strategies – Energy Focus                          Graduate Real Estate Society
             (Fall only, prereq: FIN 394.1 & FIN 397.1)          

 Project Management & Experience                                          Net Impact
Any one (1) course chosen from the list below:

OM 386.5 - Managing Projects (Fall only)                               Plus Opportunities
MAN 385 - Management Sustainability Practicum (Energy & Water
             focus – Spring Only)                                          Plus Projects with CleanTech firms and the ATI Clean Energy
BA 391 - Special Studies in Bus. Admin.                                    Incubator
             (Must be related to clean technology and approved by          CleanTech Seminars
             Program Office)                                                 Daylong training session on specific industry topics
 Public Policy & Law                                                      Houston Energy Trek
Any one (1) course chosen from the list below:                             Global Connections - Spring semester
LEB 380.31 - Energy Law
LAW 379M - Wind Energy                                                     Related Plus Projects
PA 188G - Climate Change Law & Policy                                  PLUS dates and locations subject to change – check the MBA Community
CRP 383 - Environmental Law and Policy                                 Calendar: for updates
LEB 380.3 - Law of Comm Real Estate Fin & Develop
LEB 380.26 - Law for Entrepreneurs

Total credit hours: 20

Also recommended:                                                      Career Opportunities
FIN 394.4 - Financial Management of Small Business
                                                                           Project Manager
RE 386.2 - Real Estate Investment Decisions
                                                                           Project Finance
MAN 385.64 - Enterprise of Technology: Mind to Market
                                                                           Project Development Associate
EMR 396 - Energy and Earth Resource Economics
                                                                           Business Development
                                                                           Market Analyst
                                                                           Environmental Markets Analyst
                                                                           Energy Commodities Analyst/Trader
Faculty Contact: John C. Butler
                                                                           Venture Capital/Private Equity
Student Services Contact:
Career Services Contact:
                First-Year MBA Student Year-at-a-Glance

August                                                          December

  Attend Orientation – Begin fall semester core coursework        Run for a leadership role in student organizations
  Review your Career Leader results                               Final exams
  Research what functions/companies/industries are you            Fall semester ends
  interested in                                                   Internship resume drops continue throughout winter break
  PLUS MBA sales training                                         Continue networking
  Join a student organization(s)                                  Narrow career search function/industry/geography
  Start networking with classmates                                Practice case and behavioral interviewing over winter break!
                                                                  Research companies for spring interviews
September                                                         Develop career contingency plan (especially consulting &
                                                                  investment banking)
  Meet with a Career Advisor
  Meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss spring course        January
  Attend employer “Brief and Meets”                                Multi-functional San Francisco Trek – 1st Week
  PLUS Strengths Finder workshop                                   Super Week internship interviews for Investment Banking and
  PLUS Pitch Party                                                 Consulting - 2nd Week
  Global Challenge                                                 PLUS Valuations
  Investigate Study Abroad, Exchange, and Double Degree            Finalize spring course schedule via adds/drops and waitlists
  opportunities                                                    Meet with a PLUS Communication Coach
  Begin application process for MAC, Venture Fellows, and          Begin spring semester - 3rd week (January 19th)
  Investment Fund                                                  Attend employer Brief and Meets
  Attend National Black MBA Association career fair                Investigate Washington Campus opportunities
  Attend McCombs CareerConnections networking reception
  and career fair                                               February
  Revise and upload default resume in Symplicity
                                                                   Internship interviewing (heaviest month)
October                                                            Attend employer “Brief and Meets”
                                                                   Meet with a Career Advisor
  Attend employer “Brief and Meets”                                Sustainability Summit
  Corporate Energy/Clean Tech Trek                                 Global Career Fair
  First half semester final exams and midterm exams - Oct 5-9      PLUS workshop – Financial Modeling
  Meet With a Career Advisor                                       PLUS Six-Sigma Overview
  National Association of Women MBAs Conference and                Implement career contingency plan – most on-campus
  Career Fair                                                      internship interviewing ends
  Career Treks – Wall Street, Marketing
  Start networking with alumni at both on and off-campus        March
  Meet PLUS Communication Coach to prepare for Challenges          Internship interviewing continues, but at a trickle
  Consulting Challenges                                            Meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss fall course
  IM/OPS Challenge                                                 schedule
  Dallas - Restructuring Trek                                      Spring Break/Global Trips
  Begin application process for Double Degree                      Apply to be a Career Services Peer Advisor
  Bidding and registration for spring semester courses
  Begin off-campus internship search                            April

November                                                           Internship interviewing continues off- campus
                                                                   Just-in-time hiring heats up
  Reaching Out for Business Career Fair                            Bidding and registration for fall semester course-load
  Registration course add/drops/waitlists for spring semester
  Create a good first draft of cover letter                     May
  Attend employer “Brief and Meets”
  Review/revise resume with career/industry focus                  Final exams
  Intern resume drops for On-Campus Recruiting begin               Spring semester ends
  Marketing Challenges                                             Begin summer internship
  Finance Challenge
  Retail Trek - Dallas
  Consulting Trek - Dallas
  Explore PLUS Project opportunities for spring semester
  International Night
  Thanksgiving Day Holidays – Campus Closed

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