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                                  A newsletter from Mary Davies to homeowners ... August 2009

Paying Off a Home Mortgage Early                                                                                       There
It is hard to comprehend          gage calculator available on      that making double pay-                            is noth-
the fact that most new            our web site (charterwest-        ments each month would                             ing more
mortgages are written on a that can tell       pay your home mortgage                             important to
30-year term. It is even harder   you how a single or multiple      off in half of the time, but                       us than your
to comprehend that the vast       extra payments will influ-        this is way off.                                   satisfac-
majority of these mortgages       ence your overall payoff. It                                                         tion. You’ve
will never be paid in full be-                                      The truth is that every penny       Candice Goins
                                                                                                        Branch Manager worked hard
cause very few people remain                                        of your extra payment goes                         to become a
in a home for that long.                                            towards your principal. Your         homeowner, something
                                                                    regular payment is split             that most people dream
Do you want to be paying a                                          between your principal and           to accomplish.
mortgage forever? If you are                                        your interest, so by making a
like most, you would answer                                         double payment, you are re-         We think you deserve
with a resounding ’No!’                                             ally making a triple principal      a lot of credit and we’ll
                                                                    payment.                            work hard to earn your
Here is the best way to pay       amazes most to learn that                                             business.
your mortgage down a little       by making a single extra          Take advantage of our free
faster than your set term and     payment a year, a person          mortgage repayment calcu-           Through our national
a way to figure just how fast     can shave up to 10 years off      lators to see just how much         presence and high loan
you can pay it off.               a 30-year mortgage term.          faster you can pay off your         volume, you can count
                                                                    home mortgage.                      on getting the best
Charter West’s home mort-         Most people would think                                               deal available at the
                                                                                                        most competitive rate
                                                                                                        and cost. And, you can
Denver Home Prices                 Here’s How to                    Denver Jobless                      expect prompt answers
on the Rise
Twenty-seven percent of
                                   Ditch Junk Mail                  Rate is 3.9 Percent                 to your urgent ques-
                                                                                                        tions. Your experience
single-family houses sold                             Mail box      The Denver-Aurora metro             will be as simple and as
from June 2006 through                                stuffed       area added nearly 17,000            convenient as possible.
this June were priced at less                         with junk     people to nonfarm pay-
than $300,000. Two years                                                                                We’re very proud of
                                                      mail?         rolls during the 12 months          our ability to get things
ago, 49 percent of houses
                                                                    ended in June, according to         done right the first time.
sold at that level.                You can opt out.
                                                                    the latest Bureau of Labor          Your situation is always
The average price of a Den-        To opt out, you can register     Statistics (BLS).                   different from the next
ver home is $304,000.              online at www.dmacon-                                                person and that’s why
                                                                    A total of 1.248 million            we have decided to
                          but there’s a $5
                                                                    people were employed in             build our business one
  About                            charge.
                                                                    June, up 1.4 percent from           customer at a time.
  CharterWest                      Or you can register free by      the same month in 2006,             We look forward to do-
  CharterWest Mortgage,            sending a note to:               the BLS said.                       ing business with you.
  LLC is a full service
  mortgage lender that             Mail Preference Service          The Denver-Aurora unem-
  is highly experienced            Direct Marketing Association     ployment rate was 3.9 per-
  in all mortgage prod-            P.O. Box 643,                    cent in June, down from 4.8         Mary Davies
  ucts. We stay on top of          Carmel, NY 10512.                percent in the same month           Branch Manager
  current market trends                                             a year earlier.
  to offer you the best                                                                                 1428 S Dayton Cr
                                   On the Web site, the group
  products and interest                                             Denver’s unemployment               St. Louis, MO 30247
                                   supplies a free form you can
  rates for your mort-                                              was well below the national         Tele: 306-750-7666
                                   fill out online and then print
  gage needs, today and                                             unemployment rate of 4.7            Fax : 306-696-6187
                                   out and mail, if you don’t
  in the future.                                                                                        Cell: 306-669-9054
                                   want to write a letter.          percent in June.
              Preparing for the Unexpected
            Devastating natural disasters like Katrina                Water
            and terrorist attacks on the World Trade                  •	One gallon of water per person per day, for drinking and sanitation.
            Center and the Pentagon, have left many
concered about the possibility of future incidents in                 •	Children,	nursing	mothers,	and	sick	people	may	need	more	water.
the United States and their potential impact.                         •	Store	water	tightly	in	clean	plastic	containers	such	as	soft	drink	bottles.
There are things you can do to prepare for the unex-                  •	Keep	at	least	a	three-day	supply	of	water	per	person.
pected and reduce the stress that you may feel now
and later should another emergency arise.                             Food
                                                                      •	Store	at	least	a	three-day	supply	of	non-perishable	food.
Taking preparatory action can reassure you and your                   •	Select	foods	that	require	no	refrigeration,	preparation	or		
children that you can exert a measure of control even                   cooking and little or no water.
in the face of such events.
                                                                      •	Pack	a	manual	can	opener	and	eating	utensils.
Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit Including the Following Items:       •	Choose	foods	your	family	will	eat.
                                                                      •	Ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits and vegetables
•	First	aid	kit	and	essential	medications.                             •	Protein or fruit bars
•	Canned	food	and	can	opener.                                          •	Dry cereal or granola
•	Water	                                                               •	Peanut butter
                                                                       •	Dried fruit
•	Clothing,	rainwear,	and	bedding	or	sleeping	bags.
                                                                       •	Nuts
•	Battery-powered	radio,	flashlight,	and	extra	batteries.
                                                                       •	Crackers
• Special items for infants, elderly, the disabled.                    •	Canned juices
•	Written instructions on how to turn off electricity, gas and         •	Non-perishable pasteurized milk
water if authorities advise you to do so. (Remember, you’ll            •	High energy foods
need a professional to turn them back on.)
                                                                       •	Vitamins
When preparing for a possible emergency situation, it’s                •	Food for infants
best to think first about the basics of survival: fresh water,         •	Comfort/stress foods
food, clean air and warmth.

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             CharterWest Mortgage, LLC
             Branch Manager                                                                                                                First Class
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             St. Louis, MO 30247

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