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                                      APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT

Dear Homeowner:

        Thank you for choosing Perfect Mortgage Payment to assist you in avoiding foreclosure. We have helped
many others in similar or even worse circumstances. Our company specializes in helping people find
alternatives to foreclosure and the loss of their home. Our objective is to make sure that you realize no matter
how bad your situation has become, foreclosure may be avoided if you take prompt action. Together, we may
be able to resolve your delinquency without a foreclosure sale of your home.

       The key to avoiding foreclosure is you! Through open communication with our loss mitigation
negotiators, we will try to help you cure your mortgage default without foreclosure. The loss mitigation services
provided by Perfect Mortgage Payment include Loan Modification, Short-Sale (sale of your home for what the
market will bear), and as a last resort, deed-in-lieu (surrendering possession of and the deed to your home to
the bank rather than going through the foreclosure process). Your fees cover as many of these services as are
required or that you elect to pursue.

       Please fill out the following application completely and return it and any other requested documents as
soon as possible.

After the Loss Mitigation Package is returned you can expect the following:

   1. Your application will be reviewed to ensure the best solution for you.
   2. Your application will then be forwarded to underwriting where it will undergo a thorough pre-qualification
      process, including ensuring the enclosed authorization form has been signed and returned. Once
      accepted by Perfect Mortgage Payment you will be charged $1,500 or 1.5%, whichever is greater.
   3. Upon acceptance into the loss mitigation program Perfect Mortgage Payment will proceed according to the
      solution(s) initially proposed to you.

Refund Policy: In the event that either 1) you opt not to pursue all loss mitigation options or 2) we are unable
to secure any of the above listed solutions, you will be refunded 50% of the fees.

We will make every attempt to help you avoid foreclosure, however the ultimate results are dependent on your
lender(s) and there are no guaranteed results.

Thank you again and we look forward to a long-standing relationship that you know you can rely on.

                                        APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT

                                           Loan Modification Checklist

Borrower’s Name: _______________________                           Loan Number: _____________________

In order for loan modification to begin, you will need to provide us with all of the following information. It is
EXTREMELY important to submit a complete package because MISSING INFORMATION WILL DELAY THE
PROCESSING OF YOUR REQUEST. Please check off each item as you complete it and/or gather it for your

Please rush this information to your Perfect Mortgage Payment representative as quickly as possible. Please allow
time for the processing of your paperwork. Loan modification is carefully achieved through correspondence
with your lender.

BE ADVISED! It is your responsibility to furnish the information needed to successfully complete your loan
modification package and obtain the best results!

Please, use this checklist and attach this sheet with the front of your request package

         EXPLANATION OF FINANCIAL HARDSHIP – This form allows you to explain in detail the reason(s)
behind your financial situation. In addition to filling out this form, you will need to provide proof of your hardship
claim such as medical bills, death certificate, unemployment stubs, divorce decree, etcetera. If there is more
than one borrower, each person needs to complete a separate form.

           FINANCIAL WORKSHEET – Information for both the borrower and co-borrower must be included
and filled out completely.

        COPIES OF TWO MOST RECENT PAYROLL STUBS – Please provide copies of pay stubs for the
month most recently worked. Payroll stubs are required for both the borrower and the co-borrower.

original signed and dated tax returns, including all schedules for the most recent tax year for both borrowers.

           COPIES OF YOUR TWO MOST RECENT BANK STATEMENTS – Please provide copies of the
bank statements for all accounts; please provide ALL pages. If you need help obtaining your statements either
on-line or by phone, please contact your representative for help.

             COPIES OF HOUSEHOLD BILLS – Please provide copies of any and all household bills, utility bills
(electric, gas, water, etcetera), insurance bills (car, home, health, etcetera), and any other outstanding
liabilities, which you pay.

                                       APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT

                                             Financial Worksheet

                  Loan #: ______________________ Date: ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy)

                                    Borrower and Co-Borrower Information

                Borrower’s Name:                              Co-Borrower’s Name:
                 Borrower’s SSN:                               Co-Borrower’s SSN:
               Borrower’s Work #:                              Co-Borrower’s Work
           Residence Phone #:
  Name of Employer (Borrower)                                     How Long?         Years: _____ Mos: _____
Name of Employer (Co-Borrower)                                    How Long?         Years: _____ Mos: _____

                                                 Property Address

    Street Address: _________________________________________________________________________
    City: __________________________        State: ______________________    Zip: __________

                                                 Mailing Address

                                          Rent      Own         I Don’t Know
How Long? Years: _____ Mos: _____
Street Address: ____________________________________________________
City: ______________________________ State: _______________________________ Zip: ___________

                                             Monthly Income Data

                        Description:          Borrower’s Income:                    Co-Borrower’s Income:
          Monthly Take Home Pay:
              Other Income/Specify:

PLEASE! It is your responsibility to furnish this information needed for work to begin and to successfully
complete your modification with the best results!

                                    APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT

                                       Financial Worksheet Continued

                                    Please be as detailed as possible:

Description       Estimated Description         Monthly     Balance    Description   Monthly      Balance
                  Value                         Payment     due                      Payment      due

Home              ________ Monthly payment ________         ________ Childcare       ________     ________

Other real estate ________ Real estate taxes ________       ________ Cable           ________     ________

Automobile        ________ Homeowner’s          ________    ________ Medical exp. ________        ________

Automobile        ________ Other                ________    ________ Medical/life    ________     ________
                             mortgage/rent                             insurance

Checking account ________ Alimony/child         ________    ________ Student loan ________        ________

Savings/money     ________ Automobile loan      ________    ________ Credit card 1 ________       ________

IRA account       ________ Auto gas,            ________    ________ Credit card 2 ________       ________

401k/ESOP         ________ Insurance auto       ________    ________ Credit card 3 ________       ________

stock, bonds,     ________ Food/toiletries      ________    ________ Dry cleaning ________        ________

Other             ________ Utilities/phone      ________    ________ Loan mod        ________     ________
investments                                                            fees

                                                                       Misc.         ________     ________
PLEASE NOTE: it is YOUR responsibility to furnish this information needed for work to begin on your case and
give it the best chance for success!

                                         APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT

                                         Explanation of Financial Hardship

It is extremely important that your lender fully understands your current financial situation and the hardship you
are experiencing.

Please complete this form by checking the appropriate reason or reasons for your hardship (a form is provided
on the following page for more detailed explanation). If you have documentation that supports your
explanation, please include it with this form when you return it to us.

I am having trouble making my monthly payment due to financial difficulties.

I believe my situation is:                  Temporary                           Permanent

My financial difficulties are the result of (check all that apply):

    Unemployment (Start Date: ___/___/______ , End Date: ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy))



    Excessive Financial Responsibilities


    Illness (Start Date: ___/___/______ , End Date: ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy))


    Reduction in Income (Start Date: ___/___/______ , End Date: ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy))


    Death (Date of Death: ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy))




Please briefly explain your hardship or reason for being delinquent and how you propose to resolve it on the
next page.

                                    APPLICATION AGREEMENT

                                        Hardship Letter

Date: ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy)

Borrower’s Name: ______________________________

Borrower’s Residence: __________________________

Borrower’s Phone #: ____________________________

Explain hardship:

                                      APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT

                              Loan Modification Information Worksheet
Date: ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy)

Complete this form to the best of your ability. Our representatives will be happy to help
complete this form with you if you are unsure.

                    Borrower and Property Information (please provide all that you can)

Borrower’s Name: ____________________________                Co-Borrower’s Name:
Home Phone #: __________________           Best time to call: _________________
Work Phone #: __________________           Best time to call: _________________
Mobile Phone #: _________________          Best time to call: _________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
City: ____________________________           State: _________________________          Zip: __________
APN #: __________________________            Date: ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy)
Subject Property: _________________________________
Subject Property Address: ______________________________
City: ____________________________           State: __________________________          Zip: _________

To be completed by Perfect Mortgage Payment Employees ONLY:
Originator of lead:                                Sales rep:

            Current Loan Detail 1st T.D. (please provide any information you have available)

Mortgage Company:                                            Current balance: $_____________
Customer Service #:                                          Account #: _______________________________
Mortgage Payment:                                            Tax per month: _______________
Impounds:     Yes     No     Fixed     ARM                   Insurance: ________________________________
Current rate of interest:__________________
Recast date: ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy)                     Recast rate: ___________________
Payment: $_______________                                    Delinquent amt: $______________
Last payment accepted:__________________                     NOD:    Yes    No     I Don’t Know

                                       APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT

                                             2nd T.D. (if applicable)

Mortgage Company:                                            Current balance: $_____________
Customer Service #:                                          Account #: _______________________________
Mortgage Payment:                                            Tax per month: _______________
Impounds:     Yes      No     Fixed    ARM                   Insurance: ________________________________
Current rate of interest:
Recast date: ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy)                     Recast rate: ___________________
Payment: $_______________                                    Delinquent amt: $______________
Last payment accepted:                                       NOD:     Yes     No     I Don’t Know

                            Proposed Modification (please provide your best guess)

                                                                               1st T.D.    2nd T.D.
                    Maximum affordable payment per customer request:          ________    ________
                                                                 Plus tax:    ________    ________
                                                                Plus INS:     ________    ________
                                                                  TOTAL:      ________    ________
                                                               Ideal term:    ________    ________
                                                                Ideal rate:   ________    ________
                      Principal balance require to meet client’s request:     ________    ________
               Less Original Principal balance before request is made:        ________    ________

I/We can manage a monthly payment of $_________________ without a hardship. Any higher monthly
payment than $__________________ per month, and I/we will be forced to either sell or lose my home.

              Homeowner X ______________________ Co-owner X _______________________

                                       APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT

                                       AUTHORIZATION FOR SERVICES

I, __________________________________________, (sometimes referred to as “Client”), having hired Perfect
Mortgage Payment(“COMPANY”) to perform loss mitigation services on my behalf, do hereby authorize Perfect
Mortgage Payment to assist me in performing those services by doing the following:

    1.   Contacting the mortgage lenders identified in my COMPANY loss mitigation program.
    2.   Request that those lenders contact Perfect Mortgage Payment rather than me.
    3.   Maintain communication with those lenders.
    4.   Negotiate with those lenders in an attempt to obtain the loss mitigation solution appropriate to my
         situation (loan modification/restructuring or short-sale/deed-in-lieu of foreclosure). Any arrangements
         negotiated will be subject to my approval.

These are the ONLY services that I request Perfect Mortgage Payment to perform on my behalf. I do not expect
Perfect Mortgage Payment to represent me in any lawsuit, arbitration, bankruptcy or other court proceeding, or to
provide any tax advice. This Agreement will not take effect, and Attorney will have no obligation to provide
legal services, until Clients return a signed copy of this Agreement. and has been accepted by Perfect Mortgage
Payment into the program.

I understand that no one can guarantee acceptance by lender of any proposed resolution. In the event that
Perfect Mortgage Payment is unable to negotiate my original loss mitigation option, I understand that I will be
asked if I would like to attempt another solution in the alternative. Nothing in this Contract and nothing in Perfect
Mortgage Payment’s statements to client shall be construed to be a promise or guarantee about the outcome of
client’s matter. Client expressly acknowledges Perfect Mortgage Payment has made no such promises or
guarantees to client. Perfect Mortgage Payment’s comments with regard to any possible outcome of client’s matter
prior to actual resolution are necessarily speculative in nature, and client relies upon any such comments at
client’s sole risk, subject to Perfect Mortgage Payment’s ethical obligations to client in this regard.

I understand that Perfect Mortgage Payment will be paid for its services by COMPANY. I will not be making any
payments to Perfect Mortgage Payment. Perfect Mortgage Payment’s services will not increase, decrease,
or otherwise affect any fees for loss mitigation services that I have agreed to pay to COMPANY.

I understand and acknowledge that COMPANY and Perfect Mortgage Payment are two separate entities, with
completely separate ownership and control.


    a. By Client. Client may discharge Perfect Mortgage Payment at any time, subject to Perfect Mortgage
       Payment refund policy.
    b. By Perfect Mortgage Payment. Perfect Mortgage Payment may withdraw with client’s consent, or for
       good cause. Good cause includes any material breach by client of this contract and expressly includes, without
       client’s refusal to cooperate with Perfect Mortgage Payment or follow Perfect Mortgage Payment’s advice on a
       material matter or matter of law. Perfect Mortgage Payment will provide client with at least 30 (thirty) days
       written notice of termination of representation.

                                      APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT

    c. On Completion of Representation. This Contract shall terminate automatically when all matters
       pertaining to the representation set out above have been completed by Perfect Mortgage Payment.
       On such event, Perfect Mortgage Payment, in its sole discretion, may send client a file closing letter,
       but any failure by Perfect Mortgage Payment to send such a letter shall not have any bearing on the
       conclusion of the representation. Client expressly acknowledges that Perfect Mortgage Payment has
       no obligation to represent, defend or otherwise give client any advice, counsel or assistance in any
       other matter outside of the representation set out above, except as expressly set out in a new
       attorney-client agreement between client and Perfect Mortgage Payment. Client further acknowledges
       that every situation involving legal representation is unique, and the agreement by Perfect Mortgage
       Payment to any particular term or condition in this Contract does not obligate Perfect Mortgage Payment
       to extend the same or a similar term or condition in any other attorney-client agreement between PMP.

Perfect Mortgage Payment will NOT be engaging in the practice of law in Client’s state of residence. Client
understands and has been informed that, according to the best of Perfect Mortgage Payment’s information and
research, the activities to be undertaken by Perfect Mortgage Payment pursuant to this agreement are NOT deemed
to be the practice of law in Client’s state of residence. In the event that such activities become deemed to be
the practice of law in Client’s state of residence, then Perfect Mortgage Payment will hire an attorney licensed in
Client’s state of residence who will be responsible for client’s case, or if unable to do so in a timely fashion, will
refer Client to an attorney licensed in Client’s state of residence at client’s expense.

VENUE AND ARBITRATION. This agreement has been made and entered into in the State of Nevada, and
the services described herein will be performed within the State of Nevada. Any dispute between Client and
Perfect Mortgage Payment will be resolved in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada. Any dispute
arising from this agreement or services will be settled by binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the
American Arbitration Association. The venue for any arbitration or legal action between Client and Perfect
Mortgage Payment will be in Henderson County, Nevada.

                                      Client SSN:

                                      Date ___/___/______ (mm/dd/yyyy)

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