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Tax-related Identity Theft
Ron Logan, CEO

One of the biggest problems facing taxpayers today is identity
theft. Identity thieves are, and have been, using stolen Social
Security numbers to seek fraudulent tax refunds or, even,
employment. Unfortunately for the victim, this is a crime that
cannot be quickly remedied. It can take the IRS an average of
about a year to determine who the real taxpayer is while, in the
meantime, the victim's tax accounts are frozen. It is quite the

The tax deadline is fast approaching and there will be thousands
of taxpayers across the country that won't be receiving their
refund because someone else has already filed a return using their name and Social Security number. So, not only
will they not receive the refund they were counting on, they may very well end up having other identity thefts
perpetrated against them.

Victims will also be forced to deal with the tax liability if income is earned by workers that are using their stolen
Social Security numbers. So, not only could you have someone falsely file a tax return using your information, you
could also have income, that you didn't earn, that the IRS expects you to pay taxes on.

As always, your friendly National ID Recovery Specialist is available to answer any questions or concerns you may
have regarding this issue.

             [ Member Newsletter || Vol 4 | Issue 02 | February 2010 ]
Tax Time Tips
Identity thieves love this time of year. During every'tax season', the name, address,
financial information, and Social Security number of just about every person in the
country is being transmitted from one place to another - either by electronic means
or by the old fashioned post office. Here are some tips to remember when
handling tax-related documents:

For Your Eyes Only
Keep your tax paperwork in a safe location while you do taxes and afterward. They
don't belong in your car or anywhere else that you wouldn't leave your wallet/purse

Shredders - not just for politicians
Documents, with your personal information on them, that you no longer need
should be shredded. Preferably in a cross-cut shredder. All it takes is a few
documents and an enterprising identity thief and you become another identity
theft statistic.

Mail Theft
Collect your mail each day - don't leave mail in the mailbox overnight. When
sending your tax return to the IRS, take them directly to the Post Office. Treat it as
if you were mailing off your wallet or purse.

Around tax time, companies sprout up
right and left touting their expertise at
getting your taxes done and getting you
the highest return possible. Do your due
diligence and investigate any company
you are considering using. Be wary of
discussing tax issues in non-secure
avenues such as supermarket mini

Tax Season Scams
Scammers enjoy this time of year as well,
so be wary. The IRS will never send you
any emails regarding your tax status,
information that you are being audited,
or any other requests for information.
                            Data Breaches For January 2010
Date Reported Breach Information                                              Records Breached

Jan 1, 2010     Washington Dept of Corrections (Washington, USA)                    43

Jan 1, 2010                                                    25,000

Jan 3, 2010     Logan International Airport (Boston, USA)                           16

Jan 6, 2010     Eugene School District (Oregon, USA)                               13,000

Jan 12, 2010    Suffolk County National Bank (New York, USA)                       8,373

Jan 12, 2010    AIG Medical Express (Indiana, USA)                                900,000

Jan 13, 2010    Kaiser Permanente (California, USA)                                15,500

Jan 14, 2010    Lincoln National Corp (Pennsylvania, USA)                        1,200,000

Jan 14, 2010    Blue Cross Blue Shield (Tennessee, USA)                           220,000          What Does The
Jan 18, 2010    Goodwill (Michigan, USA)                                         Unknown           Total Number
Jan 18, 2010    City of Oakridge (Oregon, USA)                                   Unknown             Indicate?
Jan 21, 2010    Columbus Public Health (Ohio, USA)                               Unknown
                                                                                                 The total number repre-
Jan 21, 2010    University of Missouri System (Missouri, USA)                      75,000
                                                                                                 sents the approximate
Jan 25, 2010    University Medical Center (Nevada, USA)                          Unknown         number of *records*
                                                                                                 that have been compro-
Jan 27, 2010    National Archives and Record Administration (Maryland, USA)       250,000
                                                                                                 mised due to security
Jan 27, 2010    Methodist Hospital (Texas, USA)                                     689          breaches, not necessar-
Jan 27, 2010    University of California (California, USA)                         4,400         ily the number of indi-
                                                                                                 viduals affected. Some
Jan 28, 2010    PriceWaterHouseCoopers (New York, USA)                             77,000
                                                                                                 individuals may be the
Jan 30, 2010    Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (Iowa, USA)                      80,000        victims of more than
                                                                                                 one breach, which
Jan 30, 2010    Humboldt State Univsersity (California, USA)                       3,500
                                                                                                 would affect the totals.

      TOTAL number of records containing sensitive personal information involved in
                 security breaches in the U.S. since January 2005:

      *According to, Chronology of Data Breaches.
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