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									Sound cues
Director responds to cue points added to sound files in SoundEdit 16. There is a Tempo
channel in the Score which can be set to respond to cue points and you can write Lingo
scripts to make Director respond to cue points.

Exercise 5: Adding cue points to sound files in SoundEdit 16
Before you continue with the Director exercises you will need to place some cue points in
a SoundEdit 16 file.

Open (or record) a sound file in SoundEdit 16. Preferably a bit of music about 10 seconds

Select Cue Point... from the Insert menu.

In the Insert Cue Point window set the location to 0 seconds and click OK.
On the
timeline you                      Open the Cue
should now                        Points
see a cue                         window from
point at the                      the Window
start of the                      menu and you
sound file; a                     will see the cue
pink arrow                        point listed with
pointing up                       its name and
labelled Cue                      location.

Drag the cue point by its arrow along the timeline until it is roughly in the middle of the
file, the location will change in the Cue Point window. Add a second cue point to the end
of the file.
The Cue Point window will now
have both locations. Highlight a
location and click Go To to
jump to that location and click
Play to play the track from that

Save the file as an Audio IFF. This file format saves cue points as well as the audio
information, WAV files don't.

Quit SoundEdit 16.

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