Barrie Caribfest Vendor Agreement and Application by grb15373


									              Barrie Caribfest
      Vendor Agreement and Application
Barrie Caribfest will be held on August 13, 14 15, 2010 at Centennial Park, Barrie. Vendor
applications are now being accepted from vendors for the event.
This is a great opportunity to display and sell your merchandise. The region of Barrie is a
dynamic, fast growing community that will welcome your presence. Join us for this great event.

The applicant must read below, and agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth.
Breach of any of these rules will result in the removal from the venue.

    Craft/Merchandise Vendors

    The cost of the booth will be $350.00 plus GST. (Total $367.50) for the weekend event.

    Commercial Enterprises/Large Organizations

    The cost of the booth will be $500.00 plus GST for the three day event.

    Food Vendors

     The cost of a 10 feet space for food will be $850 plus GST. Franchises and large chain
      restaurants cost will be $1,500 plus GST. Additional space is available for an extra cost.
     Each food vendor is required to pay a security deposit of $100.00 in addition to the cost
      of the booth space. This deposit will be reimbursed within 48 hours of the day of the
      event providing the vendor did not breach the agreement.
     All Payments must be made by credit card, money order or certified cheques.
      Cheques/money orders are made payable to: Hildachan Solutions
     Full payment for all vending booth, must be received no later than July 31, 2010.
     The sale of food booths are on a first come first serve basis.
     Food Vendors are required to obtain a special occasions permit from the Simcoe
      Muskoka District Health Authority
     If using propane vendor must supply a current certificate of propane inspection and
      comply with all provincial and county health unit regulations.
     Food Vendors are required to obtain a special occasions permit from the Simcoe
      Muskoka District Health Authority
     All food vendors must carry necessary liability insurance
     Only the products of the vendor, as specified on the contract, may be shown, exhibited
      or sold. Any additions or substitutions to booth merchandise must be pre-approved by
      Barrie Caribfest.
     The organizers and management of the festival will not be responsible for lost or
      damaged articles or displays under any circumstances.
     Food vendors are not permitted to sell water or pop. Any breach will result in the
      forfeiture of the security deposit.
     All vendors must ensure that their allotted area is restored to its original condition with as
      little “human foot print” as possible.
     Each vendor is responsible for removing garbage and otherwise cleaning their
       immediate area of operation during and at the end of the event.
  Garbage collected must be disposed of in the dumpsters provided.
  Although electricity is available reliability cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, each vendor
   is recommended to provide his/her own stand by generator in case the electrical supply
   becomes unavailable.
 Hildachan Solutions and their associates are in no way responsible or will be held liable
   for personal injury, loss or adversity however caused, as a result of any incident or Act
   of God on the day of the festival.
 Booth locations in the park will be pre-assigned. No changes will be accommodated.
 Until the contract is signed and paid in full, application for vendors’ space shall not be
   considered a binding contract.
 Vendors may have their company name displayed at the front of their booth. No other
  promotional materials are permitted.
 All activities must be conducted within the vendors allotted concession area.
 Vendors are not permitted to promote any good, service or event in the space allotted or
  at any other location in park.
 Any additional rules imposed by the park on the day must be followed.
 Any misrepresentation, falsehood or attempt to circumvent the rules will result in the
  immediate voiding of this agreement and the removal from the event grounds.
 Hildachan Solutions reserves the right to refuse any application.
 Vendor’s Booth sales are final, and are non-refundable.
 Festival dates are rain or shine.
                                       Barrie Caribfest

                               August 13, 14 and 15, 2010

Name of Business/Organization____________________________________

Contact Name: ___________________________________________________

City: _____________________ Province: _______ Postal Code: _________

Tel: _______________ Email: _______________________ Cell: __________

Type of Booth:         FOOD _____              Merchandise _____ Service_____

Payment Type: Money Order_______ Certified Check________ Credit Card ______

If Credit Card Card Number__________________________                Exp date_________

Amt Paid______________ Bal____________ Amt Paid___________ Bal__________

Detailed List of Menu, Merchandise or Service:


___________________________________                   ______________________

Applicant Signature                                              Date

Completed form should be sent to:

Barrie Caribfest, 69a Dunlop St West, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 1A5

Telephone: 705-792-6952 Email:

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