2 Powerful Traffic Methods For Achieving More Traffic And Sales by satrap


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2 Powerful Traffic Methods For Achieving
More Traffic and Sales!

Article marketing
Writing articles is a powerful way to increase your targeted
traffic, without spending money on advertisement or
anything else for that matter. Articles can serve many great
purposes. First and foremost, it establishes you as an
authoritative figure of the subject. Secondly, the attached
link at the author resources box is intimately related to this
content you are reading. People tend to be more likely to buy
after being warmed up to the idea, which in internet
marketing is called "pre-selling," and last but not least, its a
great way to build one way back links to your site, which can
increase your traffic and your status amongst search

You see how a simple article writing can help you achieve
your goal, whether its selling more or just getting more
traffic to your site. but how would you do this? lets assume
you are trying to promote an article submission software. the
best way to go about it is to simply write a informative article
about the software. writing 2 articles a day and submitting to
at least 5 major article directories for a month, can be a the
simplest yet most effective way to boost your sales and
traffic. but since there are hundreds of article directories out
there, how would you know which directories to submit to?
well, a simple search for "top article directories" will easily
help you decide which ones are good for your kind of work.
here are couple that I use, EzineArticles, Go Articles, Article
DashBoard and Article City.

This is a powerful yet totally cost free way to increase both
your sales and traffic volume. Of course to make the process
faster and seamless, you can use one of many article
submission softwares available.

Another easy way to establish your self in the field is
participating actively in forums. Quite obviously, it gives you
unlimited number of back links as well as giving you
credibility amongst the community. Genuinely contributing
and making intelligent discussion will make people look at
you as an authoritative figure and they might notice and click
on your signature more often. all though Many people
overlook this simple but effective point, you should develop a
powerful signature with a link to your website in it. That will
mean more traffic for your site.

Of course, there are many other ways you can use to get free
targeted traffic, such as social bookmarking, guest writing
and etc. but these methods have shown over and over again,
that they pull the most weight when it comes to increasing
targeted traffic, thus increasing your sales volume.

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