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Risk Assessment Record From


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									                             Risk Assessment Record From

School:                                          People involved with work:

Geography                                        All staff and postgraduates
Task/Activity:                                   Supervisor/Line Manager:

Business travel including attendance of
conferences/workshops/meetings, visiting
other academic institutions etc.
Location(s):                                     Period of Activity:

UK and equivalent “developed” countries          One year – dates:
Date of assessment:                              Review by date (in 1 year):

Statement by Supervisor/Line Manager (where applicable)

I have undertaken a Risk Assessment in accordance with the University and School Safety
Policies and confirm that the named individuals are authorised to undertake the procedures
described provided any noted safety precautions are followed in addition to the School safety

Signature:                                                        Date:

Statement by those undertaking the work

I have read and understand the Risk Assessment and agree to conform to the given procedure
and to take all the safety precautions required. I will keep a copy of the Risk Assessment with
me during the work (for reference and inspection by a competent authority) and will not go
outside the scope of this assessment without the written agreement of my supervisor/line
manager. I further confirm that I will work within the safety requirements of the School and
University as laid down in the School and University Safety Policies.

Any accompanying person including persons that are not University members have to be
briefed on their role in the research process, read, understand and sign the risk assessment
form prior to work beginning and be informed that they are not committing themselves
legally to anything. Their signature merely demonstrates that they have been briefed properly
and that they understand the content of the risk assessment.

Print Name                          Signature:                                 Date

Note: Copies should be retained by those undertaking the work and the School Safety Officer.
No.   Hazard                          Severity of   Control Measure(s) and advice notes                      Severity of           Likelihood      Final
                                      illness /                                                              illness/injury with   of risk         risk
                                      injury                                                                 control measure(s)    occurring       score
                                      resulting                                                              in place              after control
                                      from the                                                                                     measures
                                      hazard                                                                                       implemented
                                                                                                             (S)                   (L)             (S x L)
1     Risk of personal attack/abuse   4             Whenever possible avoid walking alone at night.          3                     1               3
      when travelling on foot                       Keep to busy, well lit roads.                                                                  Low risk
                                                    Avoid poorly lit or rarely used underpasses.
                                                    Walk facing on-coming traffic to avoid kerb-
                                                    Do not use a personal stereo etc. – you will be
                                                    unable to hear anyone approaching from behind.
                                                    Plan your journey in advance – tell someone which
                                                    route you mean to take and estimated time of arrival
                                                    at your destination.
                                                    Walk with confidence and purpose – try not to look
                                                    as if you are note sure of where you are going.
                                                    Never look as though you are carrying a lot of
                                                    Dress appropriately – try to fit in without attracting
                                                    Avoid areas known to be “unpleasant”.
                                                    Seek information on areas before setting out.
                                                    Do not enter unfamiliar neighbourhoods alone.
                                                    If stopped and questioned be friendly and
                                                    forthcoming with information. Don’t be aggressive!
2     Risk of personal attack/abuse   3             Make sure the vehicle is in good working order           2                     1               2
      when travelling by car                        before setting off.                                                                            Very
                                                    Make sure you have a mobile phone/phone                                                        low risk
                                                    card/change for a telephone in an emergency.
                                        Plan your journey in advance – tell someone
                                        which route you mean to take and estimated
                                        time of arrival at your destination.
                                        Do not leave valuables in the car – even when
                                        you are in it.
                                        Keep bags etc. out of reach of open windows.
                                        When parking in daylight, consider what the
                                        area will be like after dark.
                                        When returning to the vehicle, quickly look
                                        around it to make sure there is no one waiting
                                        for you.
                                        If you are forced to stop by another car, stay in
                                        the car, lock the doors and speak through a
                                        slightly open window.
                                        Make sure you know what to do if the car breaks
                                        down (i.e. who to phone, where to phone from
3   Risk of personal attack/abuse   4   At reception, try to avoid letting other people   2   1   2
    when staying in hotels              overhear your name and room number.                       Very
                                        Do not go into other people’s rooms unless you            low risk
                                        know it is absolutely safe.
                                        Do not allow people into your room unless you
                                        know who they are.
                                        If you hear a disturbance, stay in your room and
                                        phone for help.
                                        Where possible carry a mobile phone.
4   Risk of causing offence         4   Respect must be paid to local customs and         3   1   3
    which may lead to personal          problems. Take advice from local contacts,                Low risk
    attack/abuse                        embassies, the Foreign Office if applicable, etc.
                                        Dress appropriately.
                                        Consult friends and staff familiar with the
5   Risks from working within       3   Ensure the establishment has their own safety      1   1   1
    other establishments,               guidelines in place.                                       Very
    businesses, laboratories etc.       Whilst on the premises follow their guidelines.            low risk
6   Risk of getting lost – this     4   Study maps of the area before setting out.         3   1   3
    may lead to straying into           Plan your route carefully. Ensure you know of a            Low risk
    high risk areas                     second route should the first be impassable.
                                        Ensure you have a means of raising the alarm if
                                        you are lost.
7   Risk of being subject to        3   Do not underestimate the importance of body        2   1   2
    aggressive behaviour                language.                                                  Very
                                        Talk yourself out of problems; placate rather              low risk
                                        than provoke.
                                        Do not turn your back on someone who is
                                        behaving aggressively.
                                        Stay calm, speak gently and slowly.
                                        Do not be enticed into an argument.
                                        Avoid an aggressive stance. Crossed arms,
                                        hands on hips or raised hands will challenge and
                                        Keep your distance.
                                        Never try to touch someone who is angry – this
                                        will not calm the situation.
                                        Keep your eye on potential escape routes.
                                      First aid injury/illness         Minor                  “3 day”               Major             Fatality/disabling
                                                                    injury/illness         injury/illness        injury/illness             injury
Likelihood               Score                   1                        2                      3                     4                       5

Very likely                 5                    5                        10                    15                    20                     25
Fairly likely               4                    4                        8                     12                    16                     20
Likely                      3                    2                        6                      9                    12                     15
Unlikely                    2                    2                        4                      6                     8                     10
Very unlikely               1                    1                        2                      3                     4                      5

Risk Level      Category         Tolerability          Comments
1–2             Very Low         Acceptable            No further action is necessary other than to ensure that the controls are maintained.
3–4             Low              Acceptable            No additional controls are required unless they can be implemented at very low cost (in terms
                                                       of time, money and effort).
5–7             Medium           Tolerable             Consideration should be given as to whether the risks can be lowered, where applicable, to a
                                                       tolerable level, and preferably acceptable level, but the costs of additional risk reduction
                                                       measures should be taken into account. The risk reduction measures should be implemented
                                                       within a defined time period.
8 – 14          High             Tolerable             Substantial efforts should be made to reduce the risk. Risk reduction measures should be
                                                       implemented urgently within a defined time period and it might be necessary to consider
                                                       suspending or restricting the activity, or to apply interim risk control measures, until this has
                                                       been completed. Considerable resources might have to be allocated to additional control
15 +            Very High        Unacceptable          Substantial improvements in risk control are necessary, so that risk is reduced to a
                                                       tolerable or acceptable level.
Further comments (if required)

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