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									                             THE R&P REPORT ™                                                      Vol. 14 No. 2-1
                               A Review and Preview of Congress Today
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                                                Monday, January 18, 2010

 Health Care Bill (H.R.3590) (HR 3962)
 A compromise version of an excise tax on
 high-cost health insurance plans has won
                                                        Banking Fee Proposal: Lawmakers are
 support from organized labor, pushing law-
                                                        considering President Obama’s proposal to
 makers closer to a final deal on a health
                                                        impose a fee on the banking industry to recover
 care overhaul.
                                                        taxpayer bailout funds. While many GOP
 Under the compromise, the tax would kick in            members are against it, saying that banks won’t
 for health plans costing $8,500 for individu-          be able to loan more money if a tax is levied on
 als and $23,000 or more for family coverage            them, many Democrats are speaking out in favor
 beginning in 2013. That threshold would still          of it. (H.R.1586)
 rise at inflation plus 1 percentage point, as in
 the Senate bill. Unions with collective bar-
 gaining agreements would have a five-year              Terrorism: Congress is considering whether to
 grace period before their insurance tax, in            fund the deployment overseas of full-body
 2018. While a number of issues apart from              scanning equipment that might have detected the
 the financing provisions remain to be re-              explosives that a would-be Christmas Day
 solved, the bill is expected to be sent to the         bomber brought on board an airliner. Each
 President for a signature this week.                   machine costs $150,000. Click here to voice
                                                        your opinion on this issue.
 Taxes in Health Care Bill: To pay for most
 of its costs, the House health care bill in-           Jobs Legislation: Powerful business lobbies are
 cludes a 5.4 percent surtax on the adjusted            urging senators to rethink the House-passed
 gross incomes of individuals making more               $154 billion jobs bill that included using TARP
 than $500,000 and married couples making               funds for infrastructure projects and extensions of
 more than $1 million. The Senate health                expanded unemployment benefits and health
 care bill includes an excise tax on costly in-         care coverage for laid-off workers. (H.R.2847)
 surance plans and would increase the 1.45
 percent Medicare payroll tax by 0.9 percent-           Bill to Deter Vertical Price Fixing: A House
 age points for individuals earning more than           committee approved legislation that would make it
 $200,000 and couples earning more than                 a violation of antitrust laws for retailers,
 $250,000.                                              wholesalers and distributors to set pricing floors
                                                        for their products. “Whenever retailers compete
 Negotiators are trying to reach a compro-              aggressively on price, the consumer
 mise on which tax provisions will be included          unquestionably wins,” the Courts and Competition
 in the final version of the legislation.               Policy Subcommittee Chairman said. (H.R.3190)
                                                        Federal Income Tax Rates: Lobbyists are urging
Tax Break for Haiti Efforts Sought: Senators            Congress to hold federal income tax rates at their
from states with large Haitian populations have         current levels. They are warning lawmakers that
proposed tax legislation designed to encourage          the tax increases will be a primary issue in the
donations to earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.        2010 elections.
Donation limits would be waived under the bill.
Congress did the same in the aftermath of               The House and Senate are expected to continue
Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to encourage                  work on preparing health care legislation for the
contributions to the Gulf Coast rebuilding effort.      Presidents’ signature. The Senate will be
(H.R.4213)                                              considering jobs legislation.

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