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                                                                                                                                  January 2010
a newsletter for you
                                             Lecture capture in the Perrin
                                             We have been trialling lecture capture in the Perrin Lecture Theatre for first and
                                             second year medical students. These lectures are then stored on Blackboard for
                                             viewing. Feedback from students on the trial, regarding the
                                             quality of the recordings, their usefulness and on the
                                             principle of capturing lectures is very welcome. Please
                                             send your questions or comments to Steve Moore,
                                             Learning Resources and Facilities Manager, email:

                 is the first
          2010 issue of
a regular newsletter for
students of Barts and
The London School of
Medicine and Dentistry.
You will already be
receiving a lot of
information from the
School, but that tends
to be about your life
as a student.
This newsletter will primarily keep you
up-to-date with the many exciting
things that are happening in the School
– officially ranked as the top in London
for the quality of its research – that you   The Association Dinner
may not otherwise get to know about.
                                             A celebration of all clubs and Societies
All best wishes,                             Achievements and our much loved
                                             staff over the last year! Date now set
                                             for the 29th of April 2010!
                                             Put this date in your diaries now!
Professor Sir Nick Wright                    Contact president@bartslondon.com
Warden                                       for further information
BLStudent: a newsletter for you

Special Selected Component (SSC) First Year Posters:                                       Student SSLC Year Reps
“Don't believe all you see and hear in the media.”                                         2009-10:
The School would like to congratulate First Year MBBS students on the very                 5th Year Reps:
high standard of their SSC posters, presented on the 9th and 16th December                 • Karen Rhodes
in the Old Library.                                                                        • Mike O’Keefe
                                                                                           • Alexandra Grundy
Professor Martin Carrier said: “Members of staff and the assessors who reviewed the        • Anthony Hopkins
posters were all extremely impressed by the quality of presentation, the innovative        • Rebecca Nicholas
thought and the understanding of the medical science issues underpinning the posters.”     Contact us at: BLSSLCY5@gmail.com

Nigel Relph, Director of Corporate Affairs said “The students were absolutely brilliant:   Intercalating Reps:
bright, engaged, creative and full of energy. The standard of the posters was extremely    • Jen Johnstone
high and an outstanding blend of science and social context, often with an amazingly       • Rumman Ahmed
wide frame of reference. Not that I ever had any doubt about it, but this exercise         • Natasha Shrikrishna
demonstrated so well what fantastic students we have.                                      • Malcolm Avari, Asad Mahmood
                                                                                           • Zeeshan Hasan
The process was managed superbly by Martin Carrier and his team - utterly flawless and,    Contact us at: BLINTERCALATED@gmail.com
as I say, very enjoyable. The students knew exactly what standard was expected of them     4th Year Reps:
as did the assessors, which made the whole thing very straightforward.                     • Sundeep Govind
                                                                                           • Rubarani Balasothy
                                                                                           • Naomi Cochrane
                                                                                           • Suzi Elyas
                                                                                           • Jogisha Kukadia
                                                                                           Contact us at: blsslcy4@gmail.com
                                                                                           3rd Year Reps:
                                                                                           • Matt Slinger
                                                                                           • Katie Dickinson
                                                                                           • Rachel Taylor
                                                                                           • Shanit Katechia
                                                                                           • Oliver Chen
                                                                                           • Nicholas Swetenham
                                                                                           Contact us at: BLSSLCY3@gmail.com
                                                                                           2nd Year Reps:
                                                                                           • Akshay Ghand Khanna
                                                                                           • Laurence Ghacksfield
                                                                                           • Rosa Gallie
                                                                                           • Thomas Boyle
                                                                                           Contact us at: BLSSLCY2@googlemail.com
                                                                                           Year 1 Reps:
                                                                                           • Farhan Ullah
                                                                                           • Hannah Morley
                                                                                           • Kihzar Rafique
                                                                                           • Lorelle Brownlee
                                                                                           • Paul Jugurnauth
                                                                                           • Rafia Ansar
                                                                                           Contact us at: BLSSLCY1@googlemail.com
                                                                                           GEP Year 1 Reps:
                                                                                           • Andy McWilliams
                                                                                           • Curtis Osborne, Dave Ktchen
                                                                                           • Mayur Murali
                                                                                           • Natasha Craig
                                                                                           • Oliver Redfern
                                                                                           Contact us at: BLSSLCGEP@googlemail.com

                                                                                           If you would like to comment on any
                                                                                           aspect of your course or experience and
                                                                                           would like it to be raised with the Student
                                                                                           Staff Liaison Committee then please do
                                                                                           this on the SSLC area of Blackboard.
                                                                                       BLStudent: a newsletter for you

The Just After Christmas, Christmas Play                                                   Some recent changes in
                                                                                           roles and responsibilities
The students of BLSA are proud                Street Whitechapel at the side
to present to the BLSA staff                  entrance of Floyer House) from                                      Professor Bruce
The Just After Xmas, Xmas Play:               7.30pm next week we have another                                    Kidd, who was
The Barts Knight 2!                           slice of Med School Mayhem!                                         Deputy Dean
A play written as a satire of life here at    2 for £6 Wednesday                                                  for Education,
the medical school featuring parodies         £4 entry students £5 staff/non-student                              is currently
of our own much loved staff and               on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!                                  Acting Dean
starring Mark Carrol!                         And the official RAG AFTER Show party        for Education following Professor
Next week Wednesday the 20th,                 at the Union Zombie vs Moviestar             Fowler’s move to the new, NHS
Thursday the 21st and Friday the              themed ITS IS GOING TO BE A REAL             focussed Director of Medical
22nd we have the brand New “Just              ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE                Education post. The interviews for the
After Christmas, Christmas Play”. In          (on three nights…)! (Discount with           substantive Dean position are planned
lovingly decorated (like you’ve never         Ticket From Show entry.)                     for January 29th and there will be an
seen it before!) Laird Hall (Ashfield                                                      announcement shortly afterwards.

“So outrageous we may get kicked out of med school” – The directors                                              Ms Christine
                                                                                                                 Sofianos, who
“I pee myself a little at every rehearsal” - The cast                                                            was acting
Watch a teaser trailer called “No more heroes…”                                                                  Curriculum
at… www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyJ3jEQZGzU                                                                          Operations
                                                                                                                 has been
                                                                                                                 appointed to a
                                                                                           new post, Senior Operations Manager
                                                                                           for the MBBS curriculum, and will now
                                                                                           be directly responsible for the Registry
                                                                                           and Learning Resources teams
                                                                                           as well as the main student office.
                                                                                           This means that Christine will now
                                                                                           have responsibilities across all the
                                                                                           activities of the Student Office and
Up to date contact details                                                                 will support the Dean in all aspects
Staff in the Student Office are looking to make                                            of programme delivery.
better use of the SMS messaging system –
                                                                                           Ms Sian Marshall will be covering the
especially when there are snow days and teaching
                                                                                           responsibilities for governance and
cancellations. Please can you ensure your contact
                                                                                           regulatory matters until a substantive
details are kept up to date by emailing Kiran Bahra
                                                                                           appointment is made soon to replace
with any changes (k.bahra@qmul.ac.uk).
                                                                                           Ms Emma Wynne. Emma moved
                                                                                           to the College Secretariat in the
                                                                                           New Year.
Inaugural Lectures
                                                                                           Ms Noshin Khan - we are pleased to
There are no inaugural lectures scheduled for January or February.
                                                                                           announce a new permanent member
March                                                                                      of staff will soon be working in the
                                                                                           Student Office in the role of Student
Professor Sandra Eldridge
                                                                                           Enquiries Office Administrator, staffing
1st March 2010; Perrin LT; Reception in the Old Library
                                                                                           the enquiries desk. Her name is
Professor Ken Suzuki                                                                       Noshin Khan and she will be starting
3rd March 2010; Willoughby LT; Reception area tbc                                          on Monday 8th February. Noshin
                                                                                           comes to us from the Centre
Professor Constantino Pitzalis
                                                                                           for Health Informatics and
15th March; Rotblat Lt; Reception area tbc
                                                                                           Multiprofessional Education at
Please RSVP to smd-inaugurals@qmul.ac.uk for catering purposes.                            University College London and
                                                                                           is bringing with her excellent
                                                                                           experience of course administration
News and Notifications                                                                     and student service delivery.
Please keep checking the SMD Education website, which is updated regularly to
keep you informed of latest news.

If you would like to send out a notice to all students via this e-bulletin please email
                                                                                     BLStudent: a newsletter for you

Drapers' Awards for Excellence
in Teaching 2009/10
Nominations are now open for the 2009/10 Drapers' Awards. The aim of the awards is to provide a means of recognition for
excellence in teaching and inspiring student learning. If there is a member of staff who inspires you or a lecturer who really
brings the subject to life, why not nominate them at https://surveys.qmul.ac.uk/drapers_awards_2010. Find out more about
the scheme at www.esd.qmul.ac.uk/acprac/learnteach/drapersawards.htm

Progress Testing January 2010
This year's first round of Progress testing   Almost 1000 students were scheduled           We will very shortly be running test
run with the National Baord of Medical        in the 16 sessions and in the end almost      sessions for those students who missed
Examiners USA got underway in the first       80% of students did the test. The best        the tests due to the snow. These are
week of January and despite the best          attendance was from Year 5 students           being planned to avoid any teaching
efforts of the weather to foil our plans      (85%) who I hope will find the feedback       sessions and you will be informed as
most students made it down to Mile End        useful in their revision for finals. Year 3   soon as these are decided.
and took the MCQ test.                        and 4 students will find it interesting to    Dr Tricia Revest
                                              see how they have impoved their scores,       (Acting Head of Assessment MBBS)
                                              hopefully in the specialities which they
                                              have studied since their last attempt!

Breakthrough Research
Barts and The London is a medical and dental school which believes strongly in world class research as a way of driving forward
innovation in patient care. Staff of the School who teach you are leaders in their various fields. Here are just a few recent
examples of their groundbreaking work (continued on last page).

New technique for                                                                           Revolutionary operation
detecting hospital infection                                                                to treat high blood
Professor Steve Bustin and his team                                                         pressure
in the Blizard Institute of Cell and
                                                                                                                       A new
Molecular Science in the School have
developed a quick and cheap way of
detecting one of the most harmful
hospital infections. Details at:
                                                                                                                       placing tiny
                                                                                                                       burns on a
Skull bone may hold the key to tackling osteoporosis                                                                   for high blood
                                                                                                                       pressure in
                                    Dr Tim Rawlinson and his team at the Institute                                     some people,
                                    of Dentistry have uncovered fundamental                 has been carried out for the first time in
                                    differences between the bone which makes up             Britain at The London Chest Hospital by
                                    the skull and the bones in our limbs, which they        Dr Mel Lobo and colleagues from the
                                    believe could hold the key to tackling bone             William Harvey Research Institute. The
                                    weakness and fractures.                                 story was front page of the Telegraph on
                                    See:www.telegraph.co.uk/                                Boxing Day:
                                    health/healthnews/6840863/                              www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/
                                    The-skull-bone-is-different-to-the-hip-bone.html        6788476/Revolutionary-operation-could-