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									                  Parks, Recreation & Culture Department

   50+ Active Living Bulletin
                                           February 2010


                                It‟s fun remembering days gone by,
                                The valentines that made us sigh.
                                The box at school with bright red hearts
                                That held the penny cards with darts
                                Or homemade greetings made in haste
                                With lacey trims and flour paste.

                                How we loved each valentine
                                With sentiment, “Will you be mine?”
                                These gems now rest in faded books,
                                Tucked away in storage nooks.
                                It‟s great when there is time to while
                                To read again these cards and smile.

                                We reminisce about those days
                                So much a part of memory‟s maze,
                                And wonder „bout the friends of yore
                                Who added to our childhood lore;
                                Those whose names are on the lines
                                Of our keepsake valentines.

                                   By: Virginia Borman Grimmer

 50+ Staff: Linda Moore, Program Coordinator, Judy Ridgway, Programmer, Linda Kubinec, Volunteer Coordinator

                                           OFFICE HOURS
Community Centre     Registration Hours:                   Sportsplex           Registration Hours:
401 11th Avenue      Open Monday-Friday                    1800 South Alder St. Monday-Friday 8am-9pm
V9W 4G2              8:30am-4:00pm                         250 923-7911         Saturday 9am-4:00pm
250 286-1161         Closed Weekends & Evenings                                 Sunday 9am-4:00pm
                                      50+ Active Living Bulletin
       2010                   VOLUNTEER NEWS
                              Look at these volunteer opportunities!!!
   MEMBERSHIP                 „Supporting our Community Mosaic: A Community Workshop‟
 Join now for free access     needs volunteer greeters, hosts for snacks and clean up during and after
   to drop in activities,     this event that will attract 200 to 250 citizens. Please contact Linda Moore
  reduced program fees,       or Judy Ridgway at 250-286-1161 if you can help Friday at 1:00pm,
   a 50+ Bulletin full of     Saturday at 8:00am or 12:00pm for 4 hours per shift.
   events, news, crafts,
 program info and trips.      Walk for Health on Tues and Thurs from noon to 1pm would benefit
      $15 per person          from one or two registered volunteers interested in walking with a group of
                              3 or 4 people. All walking is geared to your ability.

                              Volunteer Appreciation Committee is looking for a few more volunteers
                              to help with the Volunteer Appreciation events and activities. These events
If you know someone who
                              include a volunteer tea, decorating the Community Centre at the end of
is ill or has experienced a
                              November, volunteer dinner in December and attending a few planning
    loss, we have a card
                              meetings throughout the year. If you are interested, please call Linda
   volunteer ready with
                              Kubinec at 250-286-1161.
   addresses, cards and
           stamps.                           A BIG THANK YOU TO VOLUNTEERS WHO:
Call Rose at 250 287-4457.
                                              water the plants at the Community Centre
                                              deliver 50+ Bulletins to friends and shut-ins
                                              save stamps and pull tabs
                                              tidy the library in the lounge

                                                                By Deb Wilson, Fitness Coordinator
                                                                250 287-9234 Ext. 236 or email
Want someone to talk to?
Contact the coordinator
                                                    STRATHCONA CONNECTION
at 250-830-4175 and she
will put you in touch with
a volunteer counselor.         February is the month of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and
                               Valentine’s Day. This month is for thinking about your heart health.
                               There seems to be a theme forming…….What better time to start
                               looking inside for a place to project a better chance to preserve a fuller
     FOOT CLINIC               quality of life for you. Our programs are meant to encourage patrons to
         Hillside              stay on task and find a suitable program so enjoyment outweighs duty.
     Saturday, Feb 20          After my years in recreation and rehabilitation, my main goal is to help
       Lion‟s Den              someone fine a way to improve their personal physical/functional
      Sunday, Feb 21           abilities. With that may come a myriad of other opportunities and
   For an appointment          enjoyment, unsuspected from the initial program. Finding friendships
    call 250-830-9323.         is probably one of the most unexpected offerings. I have watched many
                               patrons timidly come into a program and after only a few sessions
                               wonder why they hadn’t tired a program before.
                               The water is warm, the staff is friendly and our goal is to offer program
                               options suited to your needs. We have both water and land based
                               programming for all levels of abilities and aliments. We now have our
                               elevator which takes you to our Court Room and upper bleacher
                               mezzanine. Come by and check it out..

                                   50+ Active Living Bulletin

                                                                         COMING EVENTS

                          Lunch Bunch
                         DISCOVERY INN                           Everyone is invited to this
                           Tuesday, Feb 9                        informal party for cake
                          11:45am-1:00pm                           and entertainment!
                                                                 Cake is compliments of
                                                                      Thrifty Foods.
Please call 250-286-1161 so we can reserve a table
Free draw for lunch. Hear the latest news from
                                                                  Wednesday, Feb 17
staff. Everyone welcome!
                                                                     3:00-4:00 pm
                                                                EVERYONE WELCOME!


            Thursday, Feb 11, 2010
           Community Centre Lounge                                DANCE
      Review the 2009 and 2010 budget                 Needs 2 or 3 volunteers to help at dances.
      for 50+ Active Living.    Vote on                  Once a month and dances are free!
      recommendations and encourage
      improvements! Meetings are easy
      going and informative.
             The more the merrier!

           Members of 50+ Active Living
               (aka Happy Wanderers)
 Are encouraged to start saving their garage sale
 jumble for the Plant and Jumble Sale on
 April 10th. It’s not too early to buy seeds for
 starter plants and put aside some canning.
 Fundraiser sales provide the money to buy
 equipment and supplies to keep programs
 happening each week. Everyone can help—
 donate jumble, books, magazines, puzzles, home
 baking, hand crafted or new items for the
 auction.     Or come to the sale and buy for
 yourself or someone in need. Or come and help to
 sell at a table, it’s great fun!

                                    50+ Active Living Bulletin

                HEART MATTERS                           SILVER FITNESS AT REHABILITATION IN
Heart Matters at the Sunshine Wellness Centre                               MOTION
(Hospital) is for anyone who wants to lower their       Low impact, focus on muscle strength, joint range
risk of stroke or heart disease. Join the 8 week        of movement and wellness.           Added bonus:
program anytime. It’s just one hour a week.             Physiotherapist Dean’s charm and quick wit!
Understand tests and procedures, blood pressure,         Mon & Wed Jan 11 to Mar 3 1:00-2:00pm
healthy eating, stress, cholesterol, exercise and         Phone number correction—250-286-9670
complementary medicine. Best of all, it’s free.           Sorry for the inconvenience. Still time to try
          Call 250-850-2195 to register.                               classes. Call today!

    Preparations are underway for this year’s games. The Comox Valley and Campbell River are
    ready to welcome you and provide a quality Senior’s Games experience you will never forget!

CAMPBELL RIVER: 5 Pin Bowling, Archery, Badminton, Bocce, Carpet Bowling, Cycling,
Darts, Disc Golf, One Act Plays, Pickle Ball, Slo-Pitch, Snooker & Tennis!

COMOX VALLEY: Track & Field, Bridge, Cribbage, Dragon Boat, Floor Curling, Golf,
Horseshoes, Ice Curling, Ice Hockey, Lawn Bowling, Soccer, Square Dancing, Swimming,
Table Tennis & Whist!

                Accreditation:             Tuesday & Wednesday, September 14 & 15
                Opening Ceremonies:        Wednesday, September 15
                Banquet:                   Friday, September 17
                Closing Ceremonies:        Saturday, September 18

             For more information on how you can compete contact Zone 2 Representatives:
                        Zone Chair: Trish Anderson at panda5son@hotmail.com
                           Sports Chair: Tony Mayor at tony-anita@shaw.ca

                 For information on how to get involved in the 2010 BC Senior Games
       Check out these websites:     www.bcseniorsgames.org         www.2010bcseniorgames.ca


In only 30 minutes each day you will achieve a wealth of benefits. The benefits range from stronger
bones and toned muscles to better sleep, higher self-esteem, lower cholesterol and lower blood
pressure—not to mention a lower risk of things like cancer, heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes!

IRON KETTLE RESTAURANT serves a special Seniors Dinner on Wed Feb 3 and a Dinner/Dance on
Wed Feb 17th. Call 250-286-0484 for reservations.

                                      50+ Active Living Bulletin

                                                                           DROP IN PROGRAMS
Drop in programs are free to 50+ members and $2 a visit for non-members. If you’re a first time visitor
or just trying out a new activity, let the leader know and you can come for free! NEWS about drop in
activities is welcome in this space. Drop off news, ads or comments to Linda or Judy.

                          BE PREPARED, IT‟S YOUR CHOICE:
                 SHOW YOUR 2010 MEMBERSHIP CARD OR PAY $2 TO PLAY!

STAMP CLUB meets Feb 18 at 1pm in the lounge               TAOIST TAI CHI volunteer leader, Doreen, has
for a Grab Bag Sale. Bring unwanted or saleable            my sincere apologies as well as the enthusiastic
items to sell to anyone who offers the RIGHT               new students who wanted to start in January. I
price. Sale from 1-2:15pm. Thanks to everyone              misunderstood the specific needs of this
who has donated stamps. Shirl and Daryl now                program. Beginners work through over 100
have 4 junior stamp clubs meeting weekly.                  moves before they take part in the advanced
Attention Coin and Stamp Collectors! CR                    class. As a result, a NEW beginner class will
Stamp Club has invited Chris from West Coast               start in the spring. The current beginner class is
Stamp and Coin in Nanaimo to the March 18th                not available for drop in. The advanced class is
meeting. Chris will be available from 9:30 to 11:30        for drop in only to those who have learned the
to meet with coin collectors. He will be bringing          Taoist Tai Chi method. A NEW BEGINNER
coins and supplies for sale and would be very              CLASS will be announced in March. With
interested in talking to local coin collectors about       apologies, Linda Moore.
starting a local COIN CLUB. Don’t miss him,
Thursday, March 18th at the Community Centre.              DARTS will resume when we have 10 or more
                                                           players interested in starting up again. Please
Wii players are still learning.      Come and be           call if you are interested.

      VOLUNTEER PROGRAM LEADERS….for drop in programs. Please take your volunteer
         leader info package out of the black attendance folder and READ IT, pretty, please.

                       DROP IN FAMILY BADMINTON!
Bring the whole family and challenge your own family or another to a game of
Sportsplex     Sundays           Feb 7-Feb 28          2-4pm
Minimum of one adult/max two adults
$10 Drop-in per family - Maximum of 4 children - $2 drop-in additional person

                                                SPORTSPLEX WEIGHT ROOM
                       With the rainy season upon us, did you know you can head inside and drop into
                       the weight room at the Sportsplex and take a walk on a treadmill, or loosen up on
                       an exercise bike!
                                    Sportsplex 1800 South Alder 250-923-7911
                                               Mon to Fri 6:00am to 10:00pm
                                                Sat & Sun 9:00am to 4:00pm
                                           $5 to drop in or $35 for a 10 visit pass
                                             Call the Sportsplex for more info!

                                 50+ Active Living Bulletin

                        50+ DROP IN CRAFTS meet every Tuesday at 1:30pm in the Craft Room.
                        If you enjoy being creative and having fun, come and join them. Check out
                        the projects offered each week in this bulletin.


    Thurs, Feb 18
   9:30am-12noon        This February our craft group will celebrate both winter and spring by
     Craft Room         making lovely valentine, Iris folded cards. Eileen will show us her heart
                        designs and then for the Chinese New Year we will learn the beautiful art of
                        Origami folding; shown to us by Helen. Please bring some 1-2” beach stones
                        for one of the projects. The month will end by making some fun creative
                        wind chimes to welcome in the Spring. We will also have a few surprises to
                        warm up those rainy cold winter days. So come join the fun and have a
                        great time creating, laughing, and making new friends!

   QUILTER’S GAB        The crafters are going to once again make some dish gardens this year for
                        the plant sale and they are looking for small healthy house plant starts,
      Tues, Feb 2
                        succulent, cacti, violets, etc. If you have some you can share please bring
    “Little Wallet”
                        them to the Craft Room on Monday mornings or Tuesday afternoons.
  Pick up your fabric
      at the office.                                                POTTERY: DROP IN
         9-12pm                                               (Pottery Experience Required)
      Craft Room                                        If you love to work with clay but have
                                                        nowhere to do it anymore then come and join
                                                        fellow potter’s from the community every
                                                        Friday afternoon. Clay may be purchased for
                                                        $17 per bag. Hourly drop in tickets or a 10
                                                        punch card are available.

                          Community Centre Room 2             Fridays    Jan 8-June 18      1-5pm
                        $3 per hour/$2 registered participant
                        $18 for a 10 hour punch card (if registered in one of our pottery classes)
                        $27 for a 10 hour punch card
                                                   Do you ever wonder what we do with all the yarn
    Thurs, Feb 25                                  that is so generously donated to the 50+ knitters?
     1:30-3:30pm                                   This year the group made and donated lovely
        Room 2                                     afghans to the folks at Yuculta Lodge. Dorothy
                                                   Montgomery received one of the beautiful afghans.
                                                   Dorothy was the leader of the English Handbell
                                                   group that practiced and performed for many years
                                                   at the old Community Hall, one of our dedicated
                                                   program volunteers. She was thrilled with the gift.
                                                   Thank you ladies!

                                     50+ Active Living Bulletin

                                                                  REGISTERED PROGRAMS
                                           SEWING CLASSES
Sylvia Dutch is the instructor for these fabulous one day wonders! Please bring sewing machine, basic
sewing supplies and pieces of fabric scraps. If you have any questions give Sylvia a call at 250-850-3006.

             INTERFACING & HEMS                                         SEAM FINISHES
You will learn which interfacing works for which        Hong Kong, Flat Fell, French and Double French
fabric and which hem finish works for your fabric       seams, you will learn them all in this class! Just
or garment.                                             for fun we will make a 10 minutes pillow case
Community Centre Room 2                                 with French Seams
Thurs          Feb 4           10am-12pm                Community Centre Room 2
            $26 or $22—50+ member                       Thurs            Feb 11          10am-12pm
                                                                      $26 or $22—50+ member
                                      POCKETS AND COLLARS
Learn to make Welt and Double Welt pockets and make perfect points on your collars by turning a two
piece collar into a one piece collar.
    Community Centre Room 2             Sat Mar 6  10am-4pm          $50 or $44—50+ member

                                                         EUROPEAN MARKET TOTE
                                      Come and make your own market basket that can be used to
                                      carry groceries, books, craft projects, tools and even a picnic
                                      lunch. It is woven with a strong reed base and comfortable
                                      fabric handles. There is a supply fee of $20 payable to the
                                      instructor at the class.
                                      Community Centre Craft Room
                                       Sat Mar 6 9:30am-4:30pm $34 or $28—50+member

                                      Nancy Bissonnette is a weaver extraordinaire! Weaving
                                      is her passion and she loves to share it with everyone.
                                      You will be amazed at how you will take simple reeds
                                      and grasses and turn them into a work of art. Come and
                                      make yourself a very beautiful and functional market
                                      tote that will be the envy of everyone.

                               INDOOR MOSAICS
   You will use many different materials in this class: tile, glass, broken
   pottery, stone and shells. Two different projects will be presented at the
   class, each student can decide which of the two projects they would like
   to do. The starter project will be a wooden birdhouse and the more
   advanced project will be a butterfly wall hanging, both are intended for
   indoor use. There may be time for a small 3 dimensional art sculpture
   piece. All supplies are included.
   Community Centre Craft Room
          Sat Mar 20      9:30-4:30pm      $138 or $115—50+ member

                                      50+ Active Living Bulletin

            POST REHABILITAION                                     SENIORS FITNESS CONSULT
Dealing with or recovering from an injury, illness,       Are you 60 years or better and want to get fit? In
and/or disability?    Our staff has extensive             one session we will show you how to use our
experience working with seniors, clients with             equipment safely and effectively and design a
cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological and               program for your specific needs. Allow up to 90
musculoskeletal conditions.                               minutes.
Sportsplex     Dates & Times Flexible $45                 Sportsplex     Dates & Times Flexible $64

                                           FIT FOR LIFE
A fun, simple and easy program. No running or jumping. Maximize your independence, reduce health
problems and improve your sense of well being.
     Sportsplex        Mon/Wed        Feb 1—Feb 24      10:30-11:30am       8/$45 or drop in $6

                    PLEASE, no perfume or aftershave at our FRAGRANCE FREE
                        activities and programs and special events. Thanks!

                                     INTERMEDIATE TAP DANCE
For experienced tap dancers, plus a bonus jazz class for the last 30 minutes.
Community Centre            Tues      Feb 16—Mar 23        6:15-7:45pm      6/$42 or 6/$36/50+ member

                                           LUNCH & LEARN
Relax over lunch and learn about taxes, travel, water and wills. Register in person or call 250-286-1161
by Tuesday to let us know you will attend on Wednesday.
Community Centre Lounge
Wed Feb 3     Avoid 5 BIG investment mistakes with Rob Wolfe, Odlum Brown Ltd.            12-1pm      $6
Wed Feb 10 Travel tips for a Russian River Cruise with Kim, Island Fever Travel           12-1pm     $6
              and Cruise.

                                         MUSIC FOR HEALTH
Relax with music and be revitalized by listening, singing and sharing music with Jim Chisholm on
guitar. No experience necessary! This is a time for appreciation of music.
Community Centre Lounge                Fridays      Jan 8—Mar 19        10-11am  FREE!!

                                         WALK FOR HEALTH
All kinds of walkers accommodated, from a shuffle to a trot! A walk leader will show you stretches, ways
to cool down and nourish your body after exercise. Come dressed for the weather of the day but we will
use the gym and hallways as needed.
Meet at Robron Centre Front Lobby— Tuesdays               12-1pm      FREE
Meet at the Community Centre Elevator, upstairs lobby—Thursdays                 12-1pm      FREE

Important News about Walk for Health and Music for Health: Please stop by the office at the
Community Centre to register for these programs. There is still no charge, we just need to have all our
paper work in order for you. Thanks for doing this. Do you love these programs! Tell everyone! Bring
them with you. Have a concern? Tell us so we can make these healthy opportunities work for you and
everyone else.

                                      50+ Active Living Bulletin

                                                                    50+ TRIPS AND TOURS
INTEREST LIST FOR SENIOR LIVING MAGAZINES one day event at Pearkes Arena in Victoria
on March 5, 2010. Trip will be organized if 10 people interested. Leave your name at the Community
Centre office.

transit bus may replace your car? Confused by bus routes and bus etiquette? Spend a couple of hours
exploring bus routes with Joan, our intrepid adventurer. Leave your name on the interest list at the
Community Centre office and we’ll set up a ‘transit adventure’.

  BUS TRIPS WITH LEE         Feb 1-2       Overnight to Victoria and 3 Casinos
                             Feb 20        A Closer Walk With Patsy at Chemainus Theatre
                             Mar 2         Casino Trip
                             Mar TBA       Mystery Trip
                             Apr 3         Strindbergs Easter classical drama at Chemainus Theatre
                             Sept 12       Cirque du Soleil in Victoria for the 1pm show

                                          Call Lee Peniuk to book 250-287-4564

            PSSST!! Did you know that casino trips are open to people who want to get out of
            town and visit museums, dine out or see a show? Just thought you should know!


    A WALK WITH PATSY CLINE           Feb 17
    Chemainus Theatre, shopping and supper at a Pub. $109.
    EGYPT         April 2010     Call for Info
    CELTIC WOMEN May 15-16
    Overnight in Vancouver for this popular performance at GM Place. $TBA
    Day trip to Vancouver for matinee. Best seats and this will sell out!! $189.
    RUSSIAN RIVER CRUISE               Sept      Call for info.
    Book now before seats sell out for the indoor show at Save On Arena in Victoria. $TBA
     ANDRE RIEUX        Dec 7-8
                        It’s never too soon to know he is coming!

                        For prices, times and payment contact Island Fever Travel & Cruise
                                                    at 250-287-3221
                                        or visit the office at 991 Alder Street

                                           50+ Active Living Bulletin

                                       February “At a Glance”
MONDAY                                                           THURSDAY
8:00-8:45     Deep Adaptive Lv3 Pool                             9:30-12:00     Calico Quilters    Craft Rm      Feb 18
8:30-12:00    Quilting           Room 2                         9:30-11:30     Crochet/ Knit      Lounge
9:00-10:00    Moving Up           Gym                            10:00-12:00   Mexican Train       Lounge
9:30-11:00    50+ Hockey           Arena                         10:30-11:15   Shallow Adaptive Lv2 Pool
10:15-11:00   Sitting In           Room 1                        11:30-12:15   Shallow Adaptive Lv1 Pool
10:30-1:00    50+ ESL             Lounge       Feb 8, 22        12:00-1:00    Walk For Health     Lobby
11:00-1:00    Badminton           Sportsplex                    12:45-2:00    Wii Sports          Lounge or Room 2
11:30-12:15   Deep Adaptive Lv3 Pool                             1:00-3:00     Stamp Club          Lounge        Feb 18
1:00-3:00     Liquid Embroidery Room 2                          1:00-2:00     Advanced Tai Chi Rm 1
1:00-3:00     Floor Curling       Gym 1                         1:00-2:30      All Member Mtg     Lounge        Feb 11
1:00-3:30     Table Tennis        Gym 2                         1:00-3:30     Table Tennis        Gym 2
1:00-4:00      Partnership Bridge Lounge                        1:30-3:30     Applique            Rm 2         Feb 25
                                                                 2:00-3:00     Beginner Tai Chi     Rm 1
TUESDAY                                                          3:30-4:30     Dance Comm. Mtg. Lounge           Feb 11
9:00-12:00    Quilters Gab       Craft Room     Feb 2           7:00-10:30    Euchre              Lounge
9:00-10:00    Coffee Time        Lounge                         7:00-11:00    Duplicate Bridge    Rm 5
10:00-12:00   Scrabble           Lounge
10:30-11:15   Shallow Adaptive Lv 2 Pool                         FRIDAY
11:30-12:15   Shallow Adaptive Lv1 Pool                           9:00-10:00   Moving up           Gym          CX Feb 5
12:00-1:00    Lunch Bunch     Discovery Inn     Feb 9            10:00-11:00   Music For Health   Lounge
12:00-1:00    Walk For Health Robron Centre                      10:15-11:00   Sitting In          Room 1       CX Feb 5
11:30-1:00    Singles Bag Lunch Lounge                          11:30-12:15   Deep Adaptive Lv3   Pool
1:00-3:00     Shuffleboard       Gym                            11:00-3:00    Badminton          Gym          CX Feb 5
1:00-4:00     Bridge             Lounge                         1:00-3:00     Darts              Room 2       CX Feb 5
1:30-3:30     Computer Talk      Lounge                         1:00-4:00     Bridge             Lounge
1:30-3:30     Drop In Crafts     Craft Room                     1:00-5:00     Pottery Drop-In     Craft Room
7:00-10:00    Crib               Lounge                         7:00-8:30     Dancing Drop-In    Sportsplex

WEDNESDAY                                                        SATURDAY
8:00-8:45   Deep Adaptive Lv3 Pool                               8:00-11:00pm River City Dance     Gym           Feb 20
8:30-12:00  Quilting          Room 2
9:00-10:00  Moving Up          Gym                               SUNDAY
10:00-11:00 Singing 4 Fun      Lounge                            2:00-4:30pm    Table Tennis      Gym 2
10:15-11:00 Sitting In         Room 1
11:00-1:00  Badminton         Sportsplex                        All programs are held at the Community Centre
11:30-12:15 Deep Adaptive Lv3 Pool                               except as noted. Arena & Pool at Strathcona Gardens.
12:00-1:00  Lunch & Learn      Lounge           Feb 3, 10               Free Drop-in to Members
1:00-2:30   Carpet Bowling Gym 1                                CX      Cancelled
1:00-3:30   Table Tennis      Gym 2                             *       No drop in to Beginner Tai Chi
1:00-3:00   Crib              Sportsplex
1:00-4:00   Mah Jong          Lounge
1:00-4:30   Duplicate Bridge Room 1
3:00-4:00   Birthday Party    Lounge           Feb 17

              www.campbellriver.ca                               50+ Active Living Bulletins are available on the
      To view the 50+ Bulletin on the website                             4th Tuesday of the month at:
                                                                      Campbell River Community Centre
              select Recreation Updates                                            Sportsplex
                and follow the links!                                         Strathcona Gardens


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