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									Name                                                               Date

          GCSE Psychology Coursework Record Sheet

Coursework Title

My coursework                                      Tick everything that
                                                   your coursework has.
Has a title page

Has a contents page

Has an introduction

   1. With previous studies,
   2. With psychological theories and concepts,
   3. Has an aim
   4. Has an hypothesis
Has a method –

   1. With the design of your investigation
   2. With the participants described
   3. What materials have you used?
   4. How did you carry out your investigation –
      have you written this so I could carry out
      exactly the same investigation to get the
      same results?
Has an explanation of ethics

Has a results section

   1. With tables and graphs
   2. With a written description of your results
   3. With an explanation of what the results
      mean for your hypothesis

                                MLH 05/01/10
Name                                                  Date

Has a discussion section

   1. Explains what the results mean
   2. Links the results to the aims/hypothesis
   3. Links the results to the psychological theory
      and past studies
   4. Do the results agree with the theory? If not
      can you modify the theory?
   5. Can you explain how to improve your
      investigation? Design, sample, materials,
      procedure, controls, location?
   6. Could my research have been biased? –
   7. Did you deal with any ethical issues
Has references

   1. You’ve named all the studies you mentioned
      in the introduction in alphabetical order?
   2. A list of anything else you used – websites,
      textbooks, TV programmes?
Has appendices –

   1. With your questionnaires/instruction
      sheet/observation charts,

   2. With your raw data e.g. completed
      questionnaires, observation sheets.
   3. With your consent letter?

Have you handed it in?

Have you had it back for revision?

Do you think its finished?

                                MLH 05/01/10

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