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									From the Berkeley Information Network (The BIN)                               Updated November 2005

           How Can I Help? Donations!
   These organizations accept donations all year long, except as noted. ALWAYS CALL FIRST to verify specific
       needs, times, etc. Many local organizations need donations—call Berkeley Public Library’s Berkeley
       Information Network (The BIN, at 510-981-6166) or visit the The BIN’s online database of community

  Alameda County Community Food Bank                       Bonita House
  7900 Edgewater Dr. Oakland 94607                         Office: 6333 Telegraph Ave. Suite 102
  510-635-3663 ext. 326                      Oakland 94609
  Disperses surplus/donated food to local agencies.        510-923-1099
  Bread, produce and packaged food (especially             Provides transitional living for people recovering
  high-protein).                                           from mental illness and chemical dependency.
                                                           Food; household items; personal care items
  Alameda County Computer Resource Center
  1501 Eastshore Highway Berkeley 94710                    BOSS Multi-Agency Service Center (MASC)
  510-528-4052                               1931 Center St. (Veterans’ Center) Berkeley
  Recycles, repairs, redistributes computers to            510-843-3700 Contact: Robert Long
  nonprofits, libraries, schools, disadvantaged  
  individuals, etc.                                        Homeless support services.
  Laptops & accessories; cell phones                       Adult durable clothes, shoes; packaged snack
                                                           food; blankets, sleeping bags, towels, etc.;
  Alta Bates Summit Medical Center                         books; personal care items (detergent, soap,
  2450 Ashby Ave. Berkeley 94705                           shampoo, lotion, toothpaste/brush).
  510-204-5213 Contact: Carol Harte
  Gives baby supplies to in-hospital new parents.          Catholic Worker. Night on the Streets
  Clothes and supplies for babies.                         PO Box 13468 Berkeley 94712-4468
  Bananas 5232 Claremont Ave. Oakland 94618                Nonprofit volunteer group serves and aids the
  510-658-7353                     homeless and poor.
  Resource and referral center on children, child care     Canned dry goods, dairy products; clean
  information, and child care workers.                     blankets, clean sleeping bags.
  Clothes for children (including diapers);
  maternity clothes; baby formula and food; baby           Coalition for Alternatives in Mental Health
  equipment; toys.                                         Berkeley Drop-in Center
                                                           3234 Adeline St. Berkeley 94703
  Berkeley Food & Housing Project                          510-653-3808 Contact: Emmitt Hudson
  2140 Dwight Way Berkeley 94704                           Mental health drop-in center.
  510-649-4965 Ext. 312 Donations Coordinator              Clothes; food for cold breakfasts/snacks;
  Serves hot meals; runs shelters.                         blankets, towels, sleeping bags, backpacks;
  New men’s socks and underclothing; food;                 furniture; kitchen items; personal care items;
  clean blankets, linens, sleeping bags and bath           toys.
  towels; toiletries.
                                                           East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse
  A Better Way Foster Family and Adoption                  6713 San Pablo Ave. Oakland 94608
  Program                                                  510-547-6470 
  3200 Adeline St. Berkeley 94703                          Sells reusable discards; "Every teacher's first stop
  510-601-0203                       and every artist's second home."
  Foster family and adoption program for children          Art and teaching supplies of all kinds including
  from birth to 18 (including pregnant teenagers and       craft materials, office supplies, paper products,
  mothers with children).                                  fabric, paper bags, CD/DVD cases, yarn, etc.
  Clothes for babies and children; suitcases,
  duffle bags; computer equipment; toys.
Good Soles, Inc.                                         Square Meals Project
510-717-4109                           Ellsworth St. Berkeley 94704
Berkeley dropoff points:                                 510-649-8154
Habitot 2065 Kittredge St.,                              Provides food and clothing to people in need.
Hannah’s 1871 Solano Ave.                                Practical clothing; sleeping bags, blankets;
Coordinates collection of gently worn children’s         canned and packaged food.
shoes & distributes to children who need them.
Toddler’s & children shoes.                              Telegraph Community Center
                                                         5316 Telegraph Ave. Oakland 94609
Henry Robinson Multi-Service Center                      510-658-4457
559 16th St. Oakland 94612                               Provides emotional support and emergency food.
510-419-1010              Clothing, food; personal care items. Holiday
Provides emergency and transitional housing, and         season only: Toys & gifts suitable for all ages.
drop-in services to homeless people.
Food                                                     Tinkers Workshop
                                                         1336 Channing Way. Berkeley 94702
Jewish Family and Children’s Services                    510-644-2577
2484 Shattuck Ave. Suite 210 Berkeley 94704              Artists’ resources/scientific lab. Also bicycle repair,
510-704-7475                   sewing machine repair, & sewing classes
Provides mental health and social services.              Bicycles, tools, sewing machines, leather.
Clothes for all ages; furniture, computers; toys
                                                         Toys for Tots
Operation Dignity, Inc.                                  510-814-1613
1405 Franklin St. Suite 102 Oakland 94612                Marine Corps Reserves program collects toys for
510-287-8465              area youth during the holiday season.
Transitional housing program for homeless veterans       Bring unwrapped toys to any Berkeley Fire
& mobile outreach to homeless encampments.               station (through December 25).
Blankets, sleeping bags; nonperishable food
                                                         Vital LIfe Services
Over 60 Health Center                                    5720 Shattuck Ave. Oakland 94609
3260 Sacramento St. Berkeley 94702                       510-655-3435
510-981-4137                     Provides emotional and practical help to
Provides low-cost medical, dental, mental health,        HIV-positive or AIDS patients and their caregivers.
and social services for older persons.                   Nonperishable food; washers, kitchenware, etc.;
Walkers, wheelchairs, etc.                               personal care items

RACORSE/Home CARES                                       Wardrobe for Opportunity
2619 Broadway Oakland 94612                              510-463-4100
510-251-2273                                             Dresses & provides job interview clothes for low-
Recycles home healthcare equipment and supplies          income women referred by job-training programs.
for redistribution to the community.                     Clean, on-hangers business-appropriate
Wheelchairs, shower chairs, canes, walkers, etc.         clothing & accessories (jewelry, handbags,
                                                         coats, etc.) no older than five years old.
Swap Shop: 2095 Rose St. (& Shattuck) Berkeley           Youth Emergency Assistance Hostel (YEAH)
510-868-1591                   Lutheran Church of the Cross
Contracts with East Bay Public schools to provide        1744 University Ave. Berkeley 94703
in-school and afterschool sports programs.               510-848-1424
Gently used sports equipment, toys, and games.           Provides safe emergency wintertime shelter for
                                                         youth 18-25, their children, and their pets
                                                         Socks, new underwear; washable twin-sized
                                                         blankets; umbrellas, panchos; toiletries.

  For more information on these & other organizations, contact us at 510-981-6166/TTY 510-548-1240
                 Or, peruse our free online database of community organizations & services:
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