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					                      CASCADE FELLOWSHIP CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH                                                           WELCOME TO CASCADE FELLOWSHIP CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH
                                   Sunday, February 14, 2010
                                                                                                                PLEASE JOIN US for refreshments and fellowship after the morning service. Information about our ministries
                                                                                                                and activities is available at the Information Center (Main Level) and the Welcome Cart (Lower Level). We would
                MORNING WORSHIP                                             EVENING WORSHIP                     like to know you better, please fill out and pass the Welcome Folder and greet others in your aisle.
 Prelude                                                        Prelude                                         CHILDREN'S WORSHIP provides an age-appropriate worship service for children ages 3 through 1st
 King’s Kids                                                   *Welcome                                         grade. Children are normally dismissed after the first set of songs to be escorted to their own Children's Worship
                                                                                                                centers. Parents are welcome to accompany their children to see the location. Parents are required to pick up their
 Welcome & Mutual Greeting                                     *Songs of Praise:                                children after the service at the Children's Worship centers.
                                                                 He is Exalted
 Cadet Litany                                                                                                                                             Children’s Worship Locations
                                                                 Lord I Lift Your Name on High
                                                                 Blessed Be Your Name                                        2 years: Room 207             3 years: Room 203        4 years: Room 202 Main Level
*Opening Praise: Here I Am to Worship
                 Because of Your Love                                                                                        Kindergarten: Room 118        Grade 1: Room 124        Lower Level
                 Forever                                       *Greeting

(Children, age 3 yrs-1st grade, exit for Children’s Worship)    Prayer                                          BAPTISM: We rejoice with Jason & Dana Zeinstra (#7) as they present their daughter, Emma Charlotte for
                                                                                                                baptism in the morning service.
*Greeting                                                       Offering: CRC– Abuse Prevention
                                                                                                                 THE OFFERING THIS MORNING is for the Cadets (Calvinist Cadet Corps ) which is an independent
 Baptism                                                        Teaching                                         (non-denominational) youth ministry organization whose purpose is to provide the local church with a ministry
                                                                                                                 program that enables them to effectively share Christ's love with boys from their church and community.
 Song of Response: Baptized in Water                            Scripture: James 5:7-12             (p. 1175)    Founded in 1952, the Corps has more than 600 clubs throughout North America. The goal of the Calvinist
 Cadet Leader Testimonies                                                                                        Cadet Corps is to help boys grow spiritually in all areas of life (devotional, mental, physical, and social) by
                                                               *Sending Song:                                    providing Christian men with a uniquely designed structure, program, and materials so that they can mentor
                                                                 When Peace Like a River                         boys effectively.
                                                               *Parting Blessing
 Offering: Cascade Ministries                                                                                    THE EVENING OFFERING will be collected for The Safe Church Ministry. For fifteen years, the Christian
 Special Offering: Cadet Corps                                                                                   Reformed Church has had an office of Abuse Prevention. It was a pioneering effort to respond to the sin of
 Youth Offering: Wedgwood Christian Services                                                                     abuse. The Safe Church Ministry is the new name christened at Synod 2009. Each word in the new name
(Please pass the Welcome Folder during the offering)
                                                                Minister:                      James Karsten     reflects its vision and mission to create awareness of the various forms of abuse that affect all age groups, to
 Message: Living with 20/20 Vision                                                                               encourage churches and communities to prevent abuse and to respond justly and effectively following
                                                                                                                 disclosure of an incident of abuse and to provide consultation, training, resource development, and policy
 Scripture: Luke 6:39-42                        (p. 999)                                                         formation.

 Closing Prayer
                                                                                                                FELLOWSHIP & CARE GROUP DINNER (#3) is in the Cascade Room on the lower level after the morning
*Closing Song: Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord                                                                   service. All visitors, regular attendees, and college students are invited as our guests. Your hosts are Jeff &
                                                                                                                Cathy Visser, Tim & Ruth Brinks and Harold Schnyders.
*Parting Blessing
                                                                                                                                                               CHURCH FAMILY
                                                                                                                PLEASE KEEP IN PRAYER:
 Minister:                               James Karsten         *Those who are able, please stand.
                                                                                                                 • Jim & Grace Van Dyk (#2) as Grace began chemotherapy this past week to treat a brain tumor.
                                                                                                                 • Jack & Elsie Buys (#6) as Elsie was diagnosed last week with a malignant brain tumor. Because of location,
                                                                                                                   surgery is not advised.
                                                                                                                 • Paul & Carolyn Buiten (#4) as Carolyn adjusts to loss of vision in her left eye. Paul & Carolyn’s Florida
                                                                                                                   address is located on the bulletin board near the main office.
                                                                                                                 • Herm & Barb Meyer (#1) as they work with CRWRC Disaster response on Hurricane Rita recovery efforts
                                                                                                                   through February 20. Herm & Barb’s Louisiana address is located on the bulletin board near the main office.
                                                                                                                 • For the people of Haiti and those continuing to help with relief and rebuilding in the aftermath of the quake.
                                             CHURCH FAMILY                                                                                         CHURCH EVENTS & DATES TO REMEMBER
DIRECTORY UPDATE: Dave & Lori Griffioen no longer have a land line. Please refer to your church                     BASIC SPRING BREAK TRIP: The BASIC group will go on a trip with MOSES (Making Ourselves Equipped
directory as their cell phone numbers remain the same. Please call the church for Chelsea’s phone number.           Servants) over Spring Break. MOSES is a local organization that has been around for many years organizing
                                                                                                                    service trips for young people with a strong focus on leadership development. We will head to either McClain or
                             CHURCH EVENTS & DATES TO REMEMBER                                                      Cary, Mississippi. The trip will include BASIC youth, BASIC leaders and other students and leaders from around
                                                                                                                    the West Michigan area. The registrants will be divided into different groups and participate in a variety of
MISSIONS: Pledges for Faith Promise for the 2010 pledge drive total $63,000 so far. You may still turn in a         activities: sorting food for food banks, serving dinner at homeless shelters, and various construction type projects.
pledge card to the box on the missions table in the Welcome Fellowship Center, to the church office or the          We leave after school Thursday, April 1 and return Saturday, April 10. If you are interested in this trip, register
offering plate. Support pledged for this year can be given at any time using the offering envelopes or during our   with Lisa Groeneveld by February 28. This is a great trip to bring friends along. Questions, contact Lisa;
monthly special offering for Faith Promise.                                                                         lisa@cfcrc.org.

POST HIGH SMALL GROUP meets tonight at the Hoogsteens. Food and fellowship begin at 7:30 pm                                      CHURCH OPPORTUNITIES - SERVING/GIVING/CONNECTING/LEARNING
followed by a Bible study. Questions? Call Mark & Anne Hoogsteen or Kyle Venneman.
                                                                                                                    PNO – PARENTS’ NIGHT OUT: The PNO committee met last week and we feel the Lord calling us to
KNIT TOGETHER is a loosely knit group of women who gather once a month to enjoy fellowship and                      reevaluate our timing to restart this program. There have been issues of health and staffing which prevent PNO
needlework (knitting, cross-stitching, crocheting, etc…) Come for good conversation, help with a pattern or to      from becoming what it was intended. We continue to seek leadership, staffing, and many willing helpers to make
learn a new stitch. We meet the third Tuesday of the month (September - May, excluding December) at 7:00            this outreach program successful. We covet your reflection, consideration and prayers as planning moves forward
pm (Gathering Room). Join us this Tuesday February 16. Questions? Contact Maria VanTil.                             to begin PNO next fall. For more information, contact Dick Hertel or Ren & Maria Van Til.

TUESDAY MORNING MEN’S BIBLE STUDY continues in J. I. Packer’s book, “Knowing God” this                              CASCADE STATION Nursery Help: We need help in the nursery during Cascade Station nights, (two times
Tuesday, February 16. For questions about this study, contact Milt Doornbos.                                        each month) on Wednesday nights. If you can help from 6:30 – 8:15, please call Laura Brink, 949-4342, ext 107.

                                                                                                                    "GOT TOOTHPASTE?" The Service Deacons will collect toothpaste, tooth brushes, shampoo, and bars of
SENIOR ADULT BIBLE STUDY FELLOWSHIP meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month. We meet                            soap for the March 1 Cascade Fellowship Mobile Food Pantry. Please pick up a bag at the table near the Main
this Wednesday, February 17 at Raybrook Estates Club Room from 2:00-3:30 pm for our study, “Meeting                 Entrance or Rear Entrance after the morning worship services today and next Sunday. Each bag is labeled
God” by Dr. J. I. Packer. New members are welcome! Questions, please call Milton Doornbos.                          with the items needed. Please return bags to the same tables each week through February 21. The congregation's
                                                                                                                    help with this is much appreciated. Loose items will gladly be accepted.
THE WEEKEND TO REMEMBER CONFERENCE is here in Grand Rapids this weekend February 19-
21, 2010. Ensure your place by signing up on the bi-fold bulletin board (Welcome Fellowship Center) or with         OUR CHURCH IS IN NEED of some "spring cleaning". Please join our cleaning crew Monday, February 22
Julie Beezhold, julie@cfcrc.org, 949-4342 or Mindy Putney. Partial scholarships are still available.                at 12:30 pm. Many hands make light work! Questions? Contact Karen Sherman or Cathy Visser.

THE LORD’S SUPPER: Next Sunday morning we gather together to remember our Lord’s sacrificial death                  A GREAT OPPORTUNITY to invite neighbors and friends to join with Cascade Fellowship at the downtown
as we come to the Lord’s Table for Holy Communion. If you are a member in good standing in another                  GR YMCA. We will take the place over on March 5 from 9:00 pm - midnight. Postcard invitations are
Christian church, we invite you to join us in proclaiming the Lord’s death and giving expression to our faith.      available at the Information Center (Main Level) and the Welcome Cart (Lower Level).

PLEASE JOIN US next Sunday evening, February 21 at 6:00 pm as we worship with the Metropolitan                      IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in learning more about Cascade Fellowship and what membership means here,
Choir of Praise.                                                                                                    please plan to attend the 4 week series of Discover Membership classes on Sunday mornings in March from
                                                                                                                    9:00 - 10:00 am. Questions or to RSVP, contact Julie Beezhold, 949-4342, julie@cfcrc.org.
THERE IS NO CHURCH SCHOOL for adults or children on Sunday, February 28 due to Winter Break.
                                                                                                                    DO YOU WORSHIP at The Bridge? We need your help. Can you greet, serve coffee or host the Welcome
BASIC SUB SALE: The annual BASIC sub sale will start after the BASIC meeting on February 21. Please                 Cart? Signup sheets and guidelines are on the Welcome Cart in the hall by The Bridge. What a great way to serve
note the change in placing orders! All congregational orders will be taken here at church. Students will            God and others with a smile! Questions? Contact Julie Beezhold, 949-4342 or julie@cfcrc.org.
not make phone calls. All monies raised through church orders will go towards the BASIC Spring Break trip           BULLETIN BOARDS: Please take the time to check out the bulletin boards near the main office for additional
and the Summer Spiritual Growth trip for all students. If you’re interested in supporting our youth by ordering     opportunities to serve our community and reach the lost for Christ in tangible and practical ways.
subs, students will take orders at tables in the Welcome Fellowship Center and by the Rear Entrance before and
after the morning and evening Sunday church services on February 28 and March 7. Questions? Contact Lisa
Groeneveld; lisa@cfcrc.org. Thank you so much for you continued support of our youth!
                  POWERED BY PRAYER                                                                                   Prayer Opportunities
                  “My house shall be called a house of prayer.”                                    Praise and Thanksgiving:
                        Isaiah 56: 7 and Matthew 21:13                                             •   For the spiritual food we receive each week and for God’s love and empowerment to
                                                                                                       each one of us in serving Him in small and big ways alike.
   “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” - Colossians 4:2                    •   For the privilege of being able to come to our Heavenly Father anytime in prayer.
                 “Pray without ceasing.” - I Thessalonians 5:17                                    •   For the joy of feasting at the Lord’s Table in communion.
                                                                                                   •   For the partnership with our missionaries in spreading the gospel news everywhere.
                                  AN INVITATION TO PRAY!                                           •   For the many ministry opportunities all around us.
                                                                                                   •   For the Faith Promise pledges to continue the work of missions.
      We thank God for the wisdom to establish a Prayer Room in the last church expansion.         •   For all of those little children that participate in Children’s Worship each Sunday.
It’s a small room but size has no bearing on its purpose. It may not be in the best location in    •   For the many people who come through our doors to join us in worship every week.
the church, but location has no bearing on its purpose. It may be used for many other types of     •   For the college students that make Cascade Fellowship their church home during the
meetings, but other usage has no bearing on its purpose.                                               school year and join us for lunch and fellowship after worship.
                                                                                                   •   For the volunteers who use technology each week to enhance our worship services
    The Prayer Room has been a place where over the past nine years many prayers have                  through art, graphics and design.
been lifted up to our God and Father. Many prayers have received our Father’s answers for          •   For God’s faithfulness and for the power of prayer.
which we give Him praise and thanks. Does God desire to hear often from His people?
Definitely. He desires communion with His people and prayer is one of the foremost means
we use to commune with Him.
                                                                                                   •   Pray for each one of our missionaries to be safe, healthy, encouraged and experience
    Every Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:00 am the room is used to bring before God                    fruit in their work.
prayers for our worship services as well as many praises and concerns for the family of God at     •   Pray for God to guide our elders and deacons as they labor with the tasks He has
Cascade Fellowship. Annually several of our Church School students join with us as their               called each one of them to do.
teachers bring them to this time of prayer. The number of participants varies from two to          •   Pray for our lives to flourish with spiritual growth.
eight, but we have had up to eighteen when a Church School class joined in. You also are           •   Pray for each elder and deacon nominee to prayerfully consider the call to serve God
welcome to join and will be most welcome when it fits into your Sunday morning schedule.               and Cascade Fellowship in a leadership position.
                                                                                                   •   Pray for the family at Cascade Fellowship to be people of prayer.
    In addition, on Wednesdays you are also welcome to join the prayer time that is held           •   Pray for each of us to be drawn closer to God in our Bible studies and for our prayer
from 1 to 2:00 pm every other Wednesday afternoon. Our prayers at this time may be a bit               lives to flourish.
more focused on individuals and situations because of a longer time period. For example            •   Pray for God to uplift those who struggle quietly with mental illness.
each of our missionaries along with our pastors and staff is individually lifted up in prayer to   •   Pray for God to provide strength for each day to those who cope with chronic physical
God. Once again, the invitation is open to everyone to join in prayer at this special time.            disorders and diseases.
                                                                                                   •   Pray for opportunities to share the “good news" with people that need to meet Jesus.
     We count it an amazing privilege to pray to our Heavenly Father. We know He desires to
                                                                                                   •   Pray for the ongoing work by hundreds of volunteers in Haiti to assist that country in
hear from His children often. May we be a church family that seeks this avenue regularly and
                                                                                                       rebuilding, distributing food and drink along with medical assistance. Pray for all of
often. We consider it also a privilege to bring before our Heavenly Father the praises and
                                                                                                       us to have hearts that reach out in love not only in prayer, but also in tangible ways.
concerns of our fellow Cascade family members as we travel together on our journey for life.
                                                                                                   •   Pray for Herm and Barb Meyer serving God as CRWRC volunteers in St. Charles, LA.
    We have set specific times for gathered prayer as a commitment to its importance and               May they be a shining light and a beacon of hope to the people they encounter.
need. A Prayer Room helps our church look beyond itself and motivates us to pray for the
unsaved, the community, the nation, our missionaries and the world. May Cascade Fellowship                    When I neglect to pray, mine is the loss. Forgive me Lord. Amen
Church be known as a House of Prayer. Is there a greater vision for us?

                        “If we are too busy to pray, we are too busy.”                             02-14-10
                 GROW & SERVE CALENDER (FEBRUARY 14 – FEBRUARY 21, 2010)                                                                                                 February 14, 2010
Sun. 2/14     9:00 AM Church School Classes for Adults & Children (See map at Information Center)
              9:00 AM Adult class: Ray Vander Laan DVD: Fire on the Mountain: Not by Bread Alone:
                                    Manna and Water from the Rock (The Gathering Room)
              9:30 AM Powered by Prayer (Prayer Room 201)
             10:30 AM Worship Service: James Karsten; Cadet Sunday; Baptism;
                                          Special Offering: Cadet Corps
             12:00 PM Fellowship & Care Group #3 Dinner (Cascade Room)
              6:00 PM Worship Service: James Karsten; Special Offering: CRC– Abuse Prevention
              7:30 PM Post High School Small Group Meeting (Hoogsteen’s home)
Mon. 2/15     7:00 PM Outreach Team Meeting (Conference Room 206)
              7:00 PM Christian Education Team Meeting (Gathering Room)
              7:00 PM Worship Rehearsal (Worship Center & Family Life Center)
Tue. 2/16     7:00 AM Men's Bible Study (Spinnaker)
              8:30 AM Coffee Break Leaders’ Meeting (Gathering Room)
              9:30 AM Coffee Break Bible Study (Cascade Room)
              6:00 PM Nominating Committee Meeting (Prayer Room 201)
              6:45 PM Men’s Open Gym Basketball (Family Life Center)
              7:00 PM "Knit Together" (Gathering Room)
Wed. 2/17    12:00 PM Women’s Ministry Leaders’ Meeting (Room 103)
             12:30 PM Women’s Ministry Bible Study (Room 103)
              2:00 PM Senior Adult Bible Study Fellowship (Raybrook Estates I Club Room)
              4:00 PM BASIC Bible Study (Conference Room 206)
              6:45 PM Voices of Praise Choir Rehearsal (Choir Room 120)
              7:00 PM Ministering Elders’ Meeting (Gathering Room)
Sat. 2/20     8:00 AM Men’s Open Gym Basketball (Family Life Center)
             12:30 PM Spark Pando Event (Meet at church - Cost: $15)
Sun. 2/21     9:00 AM Church School Classes for Adults & Children (See map at Information Center)
              9:00 AM Adult class: Ray Vander Laan DVD: Fire on the Mountain: Their Blood Cries Out:
                                   Israel becomes a Community (The Gathering Room)                      Pastoral Staff
              9:30 AM Powered by Prayer (Prayer Room 201)                                                 Rev. James Karsten        Lead Pastor
             10:30 AM Worship Service: James Karsten; Communion; Special Offering: Sharing Fund           Dr. Milton Doornbos       Calling Pastor
             12:00 PM Communion for Nursery & Children’s Worship Leaders (Gathering Room)
             12:00 PM Fellowship & Care Group #4 Dinner (Cascade Room)                                  Program Staff
              6:00 PM Worship Service: James Karsten; Special Music: Metropolitan Choir of Praise;        Julie Beezhold        Ministries Coordinator
                                          Special Offering: International Aid                             Aleisha Boersema      Director of Choirs
              7:15 PM BASIC Meeting & Sub Sale Begins (Family Life Center & Youth Group Room 103)         Laura Brink           Children’s Ministry Director
                                                                                                          Lisa Groeneveld       Youth Director
                                       GREETING SCHEDULE:                                                 Pam Kleinheksel       Worship Director
                                                                                                          Pat Langeland         Outreach Coordinator
SUN, FEB. 14: AM (FD)        T. Hill             (RD) J. & D. Hoekstra     PM – C. & W. Kerkstra
SUN, FEB. 21: AM (FD)        M. & M. Homans      (RD) J. & C. Hoogterp     PM – J. & J. Hulst           Ministers
                                                                                                          All who follow Jesus as Lord at
                            NURSERY & LITTLE CHILDREN’S SCHEDULE:                                         Cascade Fellowship!
SUN, FEB. 14: AM Nursery: M. & C. Jen, R. & L. Buist, J. Morrison, R. Beezhold, M. Boersema
CS: R. Weiss, T. Raterink    CW 2’s Helpers: A. Morrison, A. Atchison    PM – B. Berkenpas, D. Porter       Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.
                                                                                                                                                                              Rev. 4:8b
SUN, FEB. 21: AM Nursery: S. & D. Burgess, J. & S. Koops, T. Brinks, J. Brink, G. Bradman
CS: T. Elzinga, L. Bouman    CW 2’s Helpers: R. Brinks, P. Brinks        PM – S. Goodyke, J. Putney