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									SUNDAY, February 14th
5:00pm Choir Cantata Practice--Sanctuary
                                                            COLUMBIA DISTRICT MISSION TRIP
6:30pm “Free To Be Like Jesus” study--Sanctuary
                                                                    UGANDA, AFRICA
MONDAY, February 15th                                          August 19th – September 3rd, 2010
4pm-8pm Upward Practice--ROCK
6:30pm Divorce Care--Memorial Room                       The focus of this mission will primarily be medical, but also
TUESDAY, February 16th                                   will include pastor training, children’s ministries, and possi-
4pm-8pm Upward Practice--ROCK                            bly some construction.
WEDNESDAY, February 17th                                 Cost: $2975 per person
12:00pm Lenten Luncheons--Snack Room                       $100 non-refundable deposit due by February 28th, 2010
5:00pm Choir Practice--Sanctuary
6:00pm Vision Team Meeting--Memorial Room                Team capacity: 18
6:00pm Finance Team Meeting--Memorial Room               Urgent need: 8 medical personnel (i.e. MD, ARNP, PA,
6:00pm Church RATS--Classroom                            RN, LPN, Pharmacist, Dentist, CNA, etc…any medical
6:00pm Corporate Prayer--Upper Room                      experience is helpful)
6:00pm Sacred Marriage Study--ROCK
6:27pm Student Life--Youth Room                          Minimum Age Restriction: Age 14. Ages 14-17 will need
                                                         an accompanying parent/guardian to go on the trip. 18 &
THURSDAY, February 18th
                                                         Up (or rising High School Senior) do not need a parent/
4pm-8pm Upward Practice--ROCK
                                                         guardian to go on the trip.
6:00pm Celebrate Recovery--Memorial Room
6:00pm Praise Band Practice--Sanctuary                   Applications are located on the Communication Table                   Russell Springs
FRIDAY, February 19th                                    in the church lobby.                                              United Methodist Church
5:00pm Prepare for Battle Part 4--Offsite                For more info and application contact:
5:00pm Wild About You--Youth Room                              270-585-2289 Jim Kingry                                        Sunday Morning Worship
SATURDAY, February 20th                                        606-871-9949 Roland Moore                                        8:15am & 10:45am
6:30am FCA & Group Run/Walk--Offsite                           270-866-5180 Russell Springs UMC
7:30am Emmaus Team Formation Meeting--Men’s Class/                                                                                 Sunday School
                                      Sanctuary                                                                                       9:30am
8:00am Upward Games--ROCK
LIFEWALK HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED FOR                                           Attendance 2/7/10
Sunday, March 7th. Please sign up on the Communication               Sunday School: 221 Worship: 357                             Jim Kingry, Pastor
                                                                     Don’t forget to invite a friend!!!
                                                                                                                            Church Office: 270-866-5180
                                                                         Reaching Further Loan
                                                                     Current Loan Balance: $335,586.91                         rsumc@duo-county.com
                                                                        Given Last Week: $5,300.00
BEEN CHANGED TO TUESDAY, FEBRUARY                                                                                          www.TheChurchattheSprings.com
               WELCOME TO WORSHIP                                   THE MEDIA TEAM WILL BE MEETING ON SUNDAY
                      February 14, 2010                             February 28th, following the second service. All media team              PRAYER MINISTRIES —For February 14th
                                                                    members please join us in the Snack room for this time of                    Prayer During Service—Debbie Bottom
                                                                    discussion, planning, and lunch. Media Team members include:           Rear Guard Prayer--Sherri Barnes & Marisa Ramsey
Worship Song           “Mighty to Save”                             Carol Ackerman, Brad Baker, Jeff Brumett, Russell Butler, Renee                       Pastor’s Prayer Force
Celebration of Baptism Grant Isaac Collins                          Daffron, Rick Eldridge, Joe Garland, Matt Gosser, Josh                            (For the month of February):
Opening Prayer                                                      Hammond, Kyle Henry, Charlsea Johnson, John Moss, Chris                          Wendy Marcum & Sheena Grider
Worship Song           “Friend of God”                              Ramsey, Charlene Skaggs, Karen Smith, Chad Tyner, and Roger
                                                                                                                                                    ACOLYTES—For February 14th
Welcome/ Greeting                                                   Wade.
                                                                                                                                             8:15am Kaitlyn Barnes 10:45am Brianne Bottom
Offertory Prayer                                                                                                                                   GREETERS--(Month of February)
Announcements                                                                  UPCOMING STUDENT LIFE EVENTS!
                                                                                                                                                   1st Service: Russell & Bobbye Butler
Prayer                                                               Wild About You: Overnighter for youth girls in the Youth Room                2nd Service: Randy & Wendy Marcum
Worship Songs          “Better Is One Day”                           Prepare for Battle Part IV: Overnighter for youth guys at Lake Cum-
                      “How He Loves Us”                                                                                                             USHERS—(Month of February)
                                                                                                                                            1st Service: Oran Foley, Ricky Barnes, Jimmy Pyles,
Message                   “Solitude”                                 Both events will be held on Friday, February 19th. More                                   Chris Ramsey
                         Isaiah 55:1-3                               details are available at Student Life.                                2nd Service: Ray Sanderson, Roger Roy, Dave Rings,
                      Bro. Jim Kingry                                March 13 5am-12midnight Acquire the Fire                                                 Bennie Garland
Invitation to Holy Communion                                         March 17 1st payment for mission trip due $75
                                                                     May 5        Final payment for mission trip due $75                        This Week’s Local Missions Committee:
                                                                                                                                                       Dave Rings & Sheila McKinley
LOCAL MISSIONS OFFERING—As you come to receive
Holy Communion this morning, please remember those in need
of assistance. You may place a love offering on the worship stage   THE MASTER PLAN VISION TEAM WILL MEET ON                                   PRAYER REQUESTS THIS WEEK:
or on the communion table. This offering goes into our Local        Wednesday, February 17 at 6pm in the Memorial Room.                       Morris George, Larry Joe Murray, Bro Jim Kingry,
Missions Fund which helps persons in times of need with food,                                                                               Jason Fisher (Afghanistan), Ruth Ann Antle, Addison
gas, utility bills, rent, and other basic necessities. Thank you!   THE FINANCE TEAM WILL BE MEETING ON                                     Hopper, Randy Metcalf, Virginia Black, Martha Baker,
                                                                    Wednesday, February 17 at 6:30pm in the Memorial Room                     Frank & Beatrice Dykes, Rodney Ballenger, Ruby
TODAY WE WILL CELEBRATE THE BAPTISM OF                              Team members include Larry Rogers, Bennie Garland, Jim Kin-             Wallace, Charlotte Turner, Haiti Relief, Geoff Eysen-
Grant Isaac Collins, the son of Jamie and Victor Gonzalez-Diaz.     gry, Joe Garland, Mitchell Richards, Jeff Womack, Matt Gosser,           bach, Urias Stephens, Bonnie Coyle, David Calhoun
May God pour out His Spirit and grace on Grant.                     Sheldon Stephens, Charlsea Johnson, Lesley Hurt, Ray Sander-           (knee surgery), Lita Holler, Bill Ramage, Dean Medaris,
We continue to give thanks for the infant baptism of Connor         son, & Vickie Jo Irvin.                                                  Nona Atchley, Billy Frank Grider, Garfield Gosser,
Alexander Davidson, the son of Jason & Laura Davidson.                                                                                       Faye Blankenship, Gertrude Malone, Cody Lawson
                                                                    THE ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL WILL BE MEET-                                (Iraq), Faye Hopper, Bill Walker, Bonnie York, Laura
OUR LENTEN LUNCHEONS WILL BEGIN ON                                  ING on Monday, February 22 at 6pm in the Men’s Classroom.                Hammond, Bobby Joe Garner, Roger Dale Garner,
Wednesday, February 17th. Join us each Wednesday at 12noon                                                                                        Janet Minton, Janet Joyce, Sam Bates (Iraq),
to share lunch and a devotion. The church will provide drinks -     THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY IN YOUR                                            Economy, Our Nation, Military Troops,
please bring your own lunch.                                        giving for the offering for Haiti. In addition to our $3,800 that                       World Leaders, Gulf Coast
                                                                    has been given the church has sent/will be sending over 100
WE ARE PUTTING TOGETHER A TEAM TO                                   health kits. If you would like to give to this need, please desig-                       Homebound Members:
prepare meals that follow funerals. This team will be headed by     nate your check for Haiti Relief and either drop it in the offering             Marie Roy, Alice Aaron, Ruth Ann Antle
Ann Blakey, but we need volunteers to bring food, help set-up,      plate or bring it by the church office Monday-Friday. There is a                        (Fair Oaks Nursing Home)
and to serve at these meals. Please sign up on your Communica-      box in the lobby for health kits.                                           If you have a prayer request, please call Vickie Jo Irvin
tion Card to assist in this ministry.                                                                                                                                at 866-6545.

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