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                                                          January 2010
                   Job Description

POSITION:          Offshore Wind Development Manager

POSITION STATUS:   Full Time Permanent (initial 12 month contract)

REPORTS TO:        Head of Offshore Renewables
                   BWEA HQ, Greencoat House, Francis Street, Victoria,

BACKGROUND:        BWEA is the leading trade organisation for wind and
                   marine energy technologies, representing its members for
                   over 30 years.

                   The membership of BWEA is growing and diverse and
                   represents over 530 companies involved in the
                   development of projects, technology and businesses from
                   the associated supply chain, and BWEA has a staff of 32
                   and turnover in excess of £3million.

POSITION BRIEF:    BWEA requires an Offshore Wind Development Manager
                   to support the Head of Offshore Renewables on the
                   delivery of the Associations strategic aims and objectives
                   in offshore wind energy.

                   This position will be tasked with being the driving force
                   behind BWEA offshore wind working groups, providing a
                   secretariat role and researching key areas relating to the
                   Association’s offshore work and communication strategies.

                   To deliver the Association’s offshore wind strategies
                   through the provision of organisational, communications
                   and research support in key areas.

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                                                         January 2010
                Job Description

              Offshore Wind Development Manager
                       JOB DESCRIPTION

ROLE:            Strategic Aim
                 To contribute in the delivery of the Association’s offshore
                 wind aims and objectives in an efficient and effective

                 Support the delivery of the Association’s key strategic aims
                 and objectives in:
                     Policy development
                     Offshore stakeholder relations
                     External communications
                     Technology R&D support
                     Support mechanism research
                     Industrial project development support
                     Offshore grid
                     Offshore consenting
                     Health & safety
                  Ensure the BWEA offshore working groups operate as
                    efficiently and effectively as possible
                  Provide a link to members for these working groups
                  Enhance BWEA’s external offshore communications
                    work through articles and the web site
                  Build confidence with key bodies and stakeholders
                    interested and involved in the development of offshore

KEY DUTIES:         Set up liaisons with key stakeholders and statutory
                     bodies and help build external relations in these areas
                     through regular briefings
                    Communicate the offshore wind work of the Association
                     through the various trade media and coordinate this work
                     internally with the BWEA Communications team
                    Manage the offshore wind Consents & Licensing Group
                     and provide a secretariat role in their operation
                    Support the Head of Offshore Renewables in the
                     secretariat role for the Offshore Wind Strategy Group
                     and Offshore Grid Group
                    Communicate the outcomes of these groups to members
                     and key audiences
                    Research the offshore wind market both nationally and
                     internationally and feed this into offshore work streams
                     and communications strategy

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                                                          January 2010
                    Job Description

                       Keep offshore wind web pages updated and deal with
                        external communications coming through them

RESPONSIBILITIES:   The Offshore Wind Development Manager will be
                    responsible for:
                     Managing BWEA’s offshore wind working groups in
                       alignment with an overarching strategy of membership
                     Setting up briefings with Government departments,
                       offshore stakeholders and statutory bodies in co-
                       ordination with outcomes of working groups
                     Providing research support in consenting, future
                       development, grid, H&S, economics and R&D areas
                       where they relate to offshore wind
                     Leading specific work streams in these areas under
                       the management of the relevant Head.
                     Ensuring communications with members are regular,
                       clear and easily accessible

STAFF                  Report to the Head of Offshore Renewables on all
INTERRELATIONS          areas related to the delivery of the offshore wind
                       Work in a supportive role to the Head of Offshore
                        Renewables on offshore wind development issues
                       Work in a supportive role to the Head of Grid on grid,
                        H&S and R&D issues where they relate to offshore
                       Work in a collaborative roll with the Wave & Tidal
                        Development manager on matters relevant to offshore
                       Work with the Web and IT manager on regularly
                        updating both public and members web pages
                       Work with Communications team, media stories and
                        trade press articles and offshore profile raising
                       Work with events team on pulling together events to
                        promote offshore wind

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