Coachella Valley Healthcare Collaborative Advisory Board Meeting

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					                    Coachella Valley Healthcare Collaborative
                            Advisory Board Meeting
                               February 27, 2009

Present: Aurora Kerr-Wilson (CVAG), Elizabeth Toledo (Coachella School District),
Eileen Packer (HARC), John Mich (Kaiser Permanente), Pio Dingle (E.C.V.S.C.C), Gary
Jeandron (CVHC), Fred Jandt (Dean, CSUSB-Palm Desert), Josette Quinn (Riverside
County Nutrition Services), Jim Rothblatt (INCIGHT), Rob Ballew (YMCA), Kyra
Wilson (Resource Center for Non-Profits), Steve Brown (City of Coachella), Keka
Chandler (Resource Center for Non-Profits)

Update on CVHC

Project Director Jeandron provided an update on progress since last the Advisory
Meeting. On 2-13-09 a Grant Workshop was held at California State University San
Bernardino, Palm Desert campus. There were eight agencies represented. Attendees
were granted access to the University’s grant data base.

Gary Jeandron, Fred Jandt along with Aurora Kerr meet with the Desert Health Care
District representatives exploring the possibility of the CVHC developing a regional
strategic plan to address the issues of hunger.

The process has begun to update the list of nonprofit health related providers in the
Coachella Valley and to provide a brief synopsis of the agencies’ purpose. This
information will be placed into a data base and allow easy access for all collaborative

Those CVHC members who are also board members for Health Resource Access Center
(HARC) requested in the next cycle of data collection that we include information about
hunger in the Coachella Valley.

Update from the Volunteer Center of Riverside County

Kyra Wilson and Keka Chandler shared that their agency was awarded $200,000 from the
California Wellness to guide nonprofits that are directly impacted by the current state of
health care to be leaders in policy reform and to work together to strengthen service
providers in Riverside County. Wilson and Chandler will remain involved in the CVHC
and assist within the limits of their grant.
Health Care Summit

After a lengthy discussion the Advisory Board recommended that the CVHC host a half
day summit called, “Healthy Coachella Valley”. The emphasis of the summit will be:

       Childhood Obesity
       Health Prevention as it relates to healthy food planning, exercise and diet

The tentative date was selected as June 5, 2009, registration at 8:30 AM with a keynote
speaker beginning at 9:00 AM. At the conclusion of the keynote speaker, there will be
several breakout sessions in which the audience will form into smaller groups to discuss
issues related to their particular needs, public health policy reform, solutions to health
issues and development of a strategic plan.

The Advisory members requested the keynote speaker be of national prominence;
concentrate on solutions and policy reform rather than academia and statistics. The
information should be on issues of hunger and contemporary. In addition the CVHC
should try to obtain State or local elected official to speak briefly on health issues.

At the conclusion of the event there should be an evaluation and commitment letter to
become involved in the CVHC.

There was discussion on how to market the event, who should be invited and strategies to
reach the nonprofit leaders to convince them to attend and commit to participate within
the Collaborative.

Kyra Wilson and Keka Chandler offered to find a site to have the event and assist with
paying for the some of the costs.

Recorded by: Gary Jeandron

Next meeting: Friday 3-27-09 at 10:00 AM, California State University, San
Bernardino, Palm Desert Campus, Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building,
Room 303.