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									                           Coachella Valley Model Railroaders, Inc.
                            Located on the Riverside County National Date Festival Fairgrounds

Minutes of Annual membership Meeting, December 2, 2009

Club president Bob Pelton opened the meeting.

Meeting was called to order at 6:57 PM by Bob Pelton

In attendance were:
    • Bob Pelton (President)
    • Duane Leetzow (first Vice President)
    • Richard Blackwell (second Vice president)
    • Jim Hundley (Secretary/Treasurer)
    • Lou Busse
    • Ralph Butcher
    • Ski Gruzalski
    • Jack Herris
    • Jerry Hill
    • Don Jones
    • Jim Jorgensen
    • Chris Kimberlin
    • Howard Le Roy
    • Willie Mendoza
    • Dudley Moore
    • Mike Mortensen
    • Taiji Nishimoto
    • Bob Olea
    • Mark Pelton
    • Hal Ryoppy
    • Dale Scheerhorn
    • Herschel Silverstone

It was mentioned that this was our Annual membership Meeting and Election of new officers for 2010

Jim read minutes, accepted as read
Jim gave treasurer report, accepted as read. No bills needed to be paid.

Jim introduced our new members.

Old Business:
   1. Bob mentioned that dues are now due for the 2010 year and will be delinquent after Jan 31, 2010
      Jim explained that he needs to change the delinquent date to January 15, 2010 so we can have a list of
      current members to turn in to the fairgrounds so they can make our clubs badges for the fair in February.
      This gives them a better lead time. Motion was made and passed to amend the by-laws to reflect the new
      date of delinquency.
   2. Jim said sale items that we sell during the fair in our depot store are on order.
   3. Bob mentioned that we should be getting ready for the fair.
   4. Bob explained what the RED and GREEN lights were for at the tunnel portals, RED you do not go in,
      GREEN tunnel clear and you can proceed.
   5. Duane mentioned that we should be turning track power off before you set your trains on the staging
      tracks. If track is not turned off, you’re able to cause shorts and the sections that you’re on will turn all
      track power off.
   6. Richard mentioned that we should not be parking trains on sidings that are designated as passing sidings.
      Richard handed out a copy of track diagram showing in green which tracks it was okay to park a train.
   7. Bob mentioned that once we leave a staging track, we should be turning that track off that you just left
      and being sure that you have set the turn-outs back for mainline operation.
   8. Jim mentioned that we should not be leaving boxes, cases or things after we have set-up your trains,
      Please store under layout or back in the caboose or stockcar. If placing under tables. Place on the east
      side of layout so we keep all access available where tunnels are.
   9. Bob thanked all the ladies who have helped doing all our clubs activities.

New Business:
   1. Bob Pelton talked about the upcoming Date Festival, February 12-22, 2010 and we need to start
      construction on the raffle table.

Bob handed out work schedules for the fair and asked everyone to commit to a time and hand back to Jim.

No more business.

Bob Pelton handed out election ballots.

Additional Discussions:
   1. Jack mentioned that he has a person who was going to donate trains items to the club and wanted to
       know what the procedure was. Jim explained the club was not set up to be able to give a person a
       receipt for a tax write off but would sent a thank you letter for the donation.
   2. Jim mentioned that instead of a spring Potluck, we will be having a dinner in January. Dinner is to be
       held at Sizzlers in Indio on Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 4 PM
   3. Richard mentioned we should be using the clubs radio headsets doing the fair if you’re running a train.
   4. Jim mentioned that it was said earlier that we had set aside one Saturday a month to keep the building
       and bathrooms clean all through the year and not just at fair time.
   5. Jim mentioned that the FMCA group would be back again in January.

Ballots had been counted:

   •   President, Richard Blackwell
   •   1st Vice President, Duane Leetzow
   •   2nd Vice President, Ski Gruzalski
   •   Secretary/Treasurer, Jim Hundley

Closed meeting at 7:45 PM

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