A newsletter for our employees and friends
                                  Summer 2006

                      CONSERVING PRECIOUS WATER
CANAL JOB                               &L BROSAMER, THE                decided it was time to line the remaining

                                        COACHELLA VALLEY WATER          section of the canal.”
                                        DISTRICT AND THE FEDERAL           When the work is completed and all water
                                        BUREAU OF RECLAMATION           runs through the fully concrete-lined canal,
ANNUAL SAFETY                           broke ground in October         the amount of Colorado River water diverted
MEETING                                 2004 for a new
                                        36-mile concrete-lined
MESSAGE FROM          waterway to replace the last remaining
                      earthen portion of the 122-mile
BOB BROSAMER          Coachella Valley Canal in Southern
                      California, outside Niland (Imperial
PROTECTING            County). The Coachella Valley Canal
CRITTERS ON           diverts an average of 330,000 acre-feet
                      of Colorado River annually to the
                      Coachella Valley to irrigate 80,000
                      acres of predominately farmland.
THE SAFETY ZONE           This two and one-half year canal
                      lining project will preserve 26,000
                      acre-feet of water annually that has
RENEWING              long been lost to natural seepage.
FRIENDSHIPS               Construction of the mostly earthen
                      Coachella Valley Canal began in the
MEET OUR              1930s, and was completed in the late
                      1940s. Local farms first received water
                      in 1949. Initially, 38 miles of the canal
MEMBERS               were concrete-lined; a parallel, con-
                      crete canal to address seepage replaced an                          Finishers in action.
MEET OUR              additional 48 miles in 1980. Since 1949, the
                      remaining 36 miles of canal have remained         into the canal will be reduced by an amount
                      earthen-lined, and seepage has become an          equal to the net savings. The canal construc-
                      increasingly expensive issue.                     tion site is located just north of Niland, and
PAYROLL PEOPLE            “In 1980, when water wasn’t worth all that    extends north to the western border of the
                      much, they replaced only a portion of the         Salton Sea, east of the city of Mecca.
                      earthen canal,” says Shawn Otheim, R&L               The Coachella Valley Water District
EMPLOYEE PROFILE                                                        awarded the $71.2 million contract to R&L
                      Brosamer project manager. “Now that water
                      is worth its weight in gold, the water district                            CONTINUED   ON PAGE   2
CONTINUED   FROM FRONT PAGE                                                                              smoothes the concrete.
                                                                                                         Crews will use one million
Brosamer in September                                                                                    feet each of transverse joint
2004. In addition to construc-                                                                           and longitudinal joint materi-
tion of a new 36-mile parallel                                                                           al. These are t-shaped, water-
concrete-lined canal, the job                                                                            stop, joints the joint inserter
calls for construction of 26                                                                             runs through the concrete to
double box culvert structures                                                                            control cracking and make
and six check stations (for                                                                              waterproof contraction joints.
water level control). Bid items                                                                              After the joint inserter
also include 200,000 feet of                                                                             come the finisher jumbo,
fencing to keep the endan-                                                                               which has 10 finishers, and a
gered desert tortoise and                                                                                cure jumbo.
other wildlife out of the                                                                                DOUBLE BOX CULVERTS AND
canal, In addition large mam-                                                                            WATER DISTRICT CHECK
mal watering ponds will be                                                                               STATIONS
constructed since the canal                                                                                  In addition to constructing
will not be accessible to ani-                                                                           a new concrete-lined water-
mals once construction is                                                                                way adjacent to the canal,
completed. The entire canal                                                                              crews are building 26 double
project is expected to be fin-    Komatsu loading 40T Volvos.
                                                                                                         box culvert structures, vary-
ished in April 2007.                                                                                     ing in length from 200 feet to
EXCAVATION, TRIMMING AND                                                                                 750 feet, and spaced every
LINING                                                                                                   mile or mile and one-half
    The canal work entailed                                                                              apart along the 36-mile
excavation, embankment                                                                                   stretch.
placement, trimming and lin-                                                                                 “The canal runs along the
ing, and the construction of                                                                             base of the Chocolate
several double box siphons                                                                               Mountains,” says Shawn.
with accompanying inlet and                                                                              “When the old canal was
outlet transitions. The job                                                                              built, crews put the siphons
calls for 5,600,000 cubic                                                                                in the desert underneath the
yards of canal excavation and                                                                            washes; when it rains, the
465,000 CY of compacted                                                                                  water comes out of the
embankment.                                                                                              mountains and the siphons
    When the old canal was                                                                               channel it into different wash-
built, the crews threw the dirt                                                                          es to go over the canal. This
out and off to the side, creat-                                                                          way, the water doesn’t wash
ing spoil banks along the                                                                                out the canal banks.
sides. The left side bank was                                                                                “In keeping with this
right on top of the new canal                                                                            design, we’re building some
alignment.                        Siphon forms.                                                          sections of the canal under-
    Half the cubic yardage of                                                                            ground. We open cut the
excavation is just to remove      wide at the top, 16 feet wide        of trimmed dirt. Then, the full   canal, build the box, then
the old spoil piles and get       at the bottom and 15 feet            prism canal paver comes           backfill it and cover it up so
back to flat ground. All the      deep with sloping sides. The         through and paves the canal       it runs underneath the desert
dirt stayed on site, within the   Brosamer-owned full prism            in one pass with concrete, at     wash. If the canal and the
36-mile project, but often the    trimmer is custom built and          a three-inch thickness, sides     siphons were all above
material was hauled to other      adjusted on site to fit that         and bottom. This will require     ground and open, the water
locations that needed dirt for    shape perfectly.                     110,000 cubic yards of con-       coming out of the Chocolate
embankment.                          “During excavation, we            crete lining.                     Mountains would go straight
    “Wherever the ground is       leave an extra foot of dirt on          “There’s no base for this –    into the canal and wash out
low, we have to build a fill up   the slope and on the bot-            just concrete lining on graded    the banks, filling it full of
to the required grade,” says      tom,” Shawn says.                    dirt,” says Shawn. “We aver-      mud.
Shawn. “We have to fill in the       The full prism canal trim-        age 2,000 feet of paving a            “So, every mile and a half
holes and valleys to make the     mer moves through the exca-          day; our best day was 3,000       it’s open, then it will go
grade, so we build up these       vated area to trim the dirt to       feet, more than one half          underground, under a wash,
compacted embankments.”           the perfect grade and shape          mile.”                            then it will come back up
    After canal excavation        the canal in preparation for            The paver is followed by a     above ground, then run for a
comes canal trimming and          the concrete lining. This will       joint inserter and clarey,
lining. The canal is 60 feet      leave 1,312,000 square yards         which inserts the joints and              CONTINUED   ON PAGE   3

CONTINUED   FROM PAGE   2                                                      ion, which is placing 200,000
                                                                               feet of eight-foot-high fence.
mile or so, then go back                                                       This includes 65,000 feet of
underground.”                                                                  chain link and 138,000 feet
   For the 26 double box                                                       of wildlife fence, which will
culverts, crews will excavate                                                  run along the canal to keep
260,000 cubic yards of dirt,                                                   people and animals out.
and will pour 40,000 cubic                                                         In true Brosamer form,
yards of structure concrete.                                                   Shawn and crew have adjust-
They pour in maximum 40-                                                       ed and adapted to the many
foot lengths: 20 pours in an                                                   challenges of the Coachella
800-foot siphon.                                                               Valley Canal project, includ-
   To accomplish this, crews                                                   ing extensive excavation
are using sophisticated steel                                                  flooding, tight space con-
traveling forms designed by                                                    straints and changing soil
R&L Brosamer Structure                                                         composition.
Superintendent Jim Stahl.                                                          The job is on track and on
   Accompanying the 26                                                         schedule, and water will flow
double box culverts are inlet                                                  in the new canal by the end
boxes and outlet boxes that                                                    of the year, preserving pre-
flare with the shape of the                                                    cious water, while ensuring
canal, and transition walls                                                    its availability to California
that come out and meet up                                                      farmers and consumers of
with the canal.                                                                the Coachella Valley.
   Additionally, Brosamer
crews are building check
structures in six locations.
                                                   Big lift.
These are used by the water
district to control the depth
of the water in the canal.
District crews raise and lower
radial gates that swing on
pivots to dam up or release
water at each of the six
check stations. Brosamer is
responsible for building the
check structures, as well as
the housing for the electrical
and plumbing materials
required to operate the gates.
   By July 2006, all 36 miles
of the new concrete-lined
waterway will be completed.
By August 2006, all 26 dou-
ble box culverts will be com-
pleted. However, water will
not flow into the new water-     The Paving Train: Paver, Joint Jumbo, Finisher Jumbo.
way until crews can cut over
the water during low flow in
December 2006.
   Major subs for the canal
                                                 More photos,
project include Fontana Steel,
which provided reinforcement                 Coachella office staff,
                                               on pages 4 and 5
for the structures; Brudvick,
Inc., which is doing all the
electrical work for the check
stations; and C&W Construct-


                                               After canal excavation comes
                                               canal trimming and lining. The
                                               canal is 60 feet wide at the top,
                                               16 feet wide at the bottom and
                                               15 feet deep with sloping sides.
                                               The Brosamer-owned full prism
                                               trimmer is custom built and
                                               adjusted on site to fit that
                                               shape perfectly.

     This photo was taken when the All American Canal was first built;
     one of these children is the grandmother of Kevin Williams,
     an engineer on our Coachella Valley Canal job.

          The job is on track and on
   schedule, and water will flow in
   the new canal by the end of the
   year, preserving precious water,
   while ensuring its availability to
  California farmers and consumers
             of the Coachella Valley.

 Office Staff                                                 Structures
    John Pologar, Senior Project Manager; Shawn Otheim,          Jim Stahl, Structural Superintendent; Jose Abundes,
 Project Manager; Mark Petty, Project Engineer; Kevin         Foreman/Carpenter; Justin Taylor, Foreman/Carpenter;
 Williams, Structure/Safety Engineer; Gabriel Miranda,        Richard Doud, Foreman/Cement Mason; Francisco Borboa,
 Paving Engineer; Veronica Murray, Office Manager; Doug       Foreman/Carpenter; Javier Vasquez, Foreman/Carpenter;
 Byram, Purchasing Agent; Rhoda Claybrook, Parts              Edward Martinez, Foreman/Cement Mason.
 Runner/Clerk; Judy Beedon, Administrative Assistant;
 Ken Gilmore, Paving Consultant.                              Trimming/Paving & Batch Plant
                                                                 Guy Culp, Paving Superintendent; Dan Cufaude, Master
 Earthwork                                                    Mechanic; Dave Doud, Master Mechanic; William George,
    Jim Miller, Job Superintendent; Bill Lyness, Reline       Foreman/Mechanic; Kenny Brewer, Foreman/Batchplant;
 Consultant; Charlie Douglas, Foreman/Operator; Eddie         JT Shepherd, Foreman/Mechanic; Tim Miller, Foreman/
 Sassen, Foreman/Laborer; Tommy Van Huss,                     Trimmer; Van Hayden, Foreman/Paver; Charlene
 Foreman/Laborer; Duane Boyer, Foreman/Operator; Mike         Shoemaker, Truck Coordinator; Jesus Gonzalez,
 McDonald, Foreman/Operator; Lucas Carver,                    Foreman/Cement Mason; Manuel Almodova,
 Foreman/Operator; George Castro, Master Mechanic; Ken        Foreman/Laborer; Juan Martinez, Foreman/Cement Mason;
 Laney, Foreman-OE/Mech.; Max Nelson, Master Mechanic.        Bryan Hayden, Foreman/Operator; Jeff Ordones,

Purchasing Agent Doug Byram.

                                                              Area Manager John Pologar (left) and
Office Manager Veronica Murray.                               Project Manager Shawn Otheim.

                 ELL. WE        in a comfortable setting,

                 HAVE JUST      rather than passing by each
                 finished our   other on the job or by radio.
                 annual            Congratulations to every-
                 Foremen's      one involved on Job 57
                 Safety         Palmdale for winning the
                 Meeting for    prestigious Golden Gate
the whole company. The          Safety Award from Cal-OSHA.
focus of this year’s meeting    This should serve as a
was more than just technical    benchmark for what can be
updates. This year we           achieved when the whole
focused on the team and how     team is committed to a safe
to better build and use the     work site.
resources available to us.         It is important to apply
   Larry Koklenberg's morn-     the principles of teamwork
ing discussion on the Seven     learned this coming year, as        (L-R): Jim Miller, Eddie Martinez, Melody
Habits of Highly Effective      we begin to rebuild crews           Realph, Richard Doud, Dave Doud, Dan
People was informative and      due to the increase in work
interactive. The principles     caused by both successful           Cufaude, Bill Lyness.
presented will serve each of    bidding, and in work restart-
us well in both our personal    ing due to the long, wet
and professional lives.         winter.
   Another positive aspect of      With your involvement in
the meeting was for friends     safety, we look forward to a
and work partners to become     safe and prosperous year at
re-acquainted with each other   R&L Brosamer.

Congratulations to:                                                 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FOREMEN (L-R):
   Debbie Bolin, grandmother to Savannah Rose Lee, born             Javier Vasquez, Francisco Borboa, Edward
February 13.                                                        Martinez, Jose Abundes and Richard Doud.
   Mychal Brosamer and Darlene McClellan, parents of
Mychal Jacob Brosamer, born February 21. The grandparents
are Robert and Linda Brosamer.
   Cathy Wisher, grandmother to Dominic Downie Wisher,
born March 23.                                                              Mychal Jacob
   George and Sandra Castro, grandparents to Eli Castro,                      Brosamer.
born May 17.
   Jose and Anna Abundes, parents of Marie Ann Daniella
Abundes, born May 17.


                                                                                          Savannah Rose Lee.

                   &L BROSA-       to shut down operations               work on those sections,” Tim       half-hour tortoise awareness

                   MER CREWS       along portions of two bridges.        says.                              video and keep an eye out for
                   REGULARLY       They found only one nest                 And then there were the         the critters that live on site
                   FACE            with eggs of the black                Mexican free-tailed bats at        with the earthmovers and
                   CHAL-           phoebe, a flycatcher that             Ana Verde Creek Bridge, liv-       concrete pavers.
                   LENGES —        builds mud nests under                ing and breeding inside the            Bid items include 200,000
                   natural and     bridges and in crevices.              bridge hinge, discovered by        feet of wildlife fencing to pre-
man-made — that test their             “One black phoebe nest is         the biologist using night-         vent the desert tortoise and
problem-solving skills.            all it took to shut us down in        vision infrared binoculars.        other wildlife from falling into
    They manage Southern           that area,” says Tim. “We                “Because the bats made          the lined canal.
California’s heat and wind,        couldn’t work in any of those         their home in the bridge               When the canal was earth-
Tahoe’s snow and ice and           areas until the Caltrans biolo-       hinge, we couldn’t disturb         en, animals could climb in
Napa Valley’s rain and flood-      gist was sure all the eggs            them while they were having        and out easily; but once
ing. They correct for shifting     were hatched and the birds            their babies,” says Tim. “We       lined, the concrete canal
soil, seeping ground water         were ready to fly away.”              had to build a bat screen to       becomes a death trap. Since
and unmarked power lines.                                                            protect them, and      the canal will no longer be
They maneuver safely around                                                          work in other          accessible to native wildlife
live roadway and runway                                                              areas.” “From the      as a source of water, crews
traffic that zooms perilously                                                        bridge, we hung        are also creating large, safe
close beside and just above.                                                         steel about 10         watering ponds.
    Crews face additional envi-                                                      feet down and              The small burrowing owl,
ronmental challenges when                                                            tied black fabric      not much larger than a man’s
they work in biologically sen-                                                       to it, shielding the   fist, caused several delays on
sitive areas along rivers,                                                           bats and their         the Mineta San Jose
canals and other natural habi-                                                       babies from the        International Airport job.
tats. Protecting wildlife is a                                                       dirt and dust-up of        Instead of nesting in trees,
major concern for both R&L                                                           our operations.        the burrowing owl adopts
Brosamer and state wildlife                                                          We also had to         vacant holes, burrows and
preservationists, who work                                                           fence off the bot-     dens on the ground. Unlike
                                   Desert tortoise.                                  tom so nobody          most other owls, they are
together to advance the quali-
ty of life for humans while           Crews relocated while the          could walk or move equip-          active during daylight. And,
respecting the health and          birds did their                                                          they were all over the airport.
welfare of animals.                work.                                                                        The state biologist tried to
    Tim Chen, project manag-          “They’re not                                                          re-locate the owls before con-
er of the Palmdale HOV             endangered, so                                                           struction to other parts of the
Widening Project, has spent        we were still                                                            infield, where no construction
the past two years in the          allowed to work,”                                                        was planned. But, nobody
Antelope Valley managing           Tim says. We just                                                        notified the owls, and they
construction of a six-mile         had to jump                                                              ended up back in the middle
HOV lane.                          around, and wait                                                         of runway construction.
    “The HOV lane runs down        until the birds                                                              They took up residence
the middle of Avenue R,” says      were old enough                                                          in stockpiles of demolished
Tim. “There are six existing       to leave the nests.                                                      concrete and asphalt, earth-
bridges we’re tying into; we’re       “From down                                                            moving equipment and storm
also retrofitting and strength-    below, under the                                                         drainpipes. After many con-
ening those bridges, and, as       bridge, we had to                                                        struction delays, the biologist
it turns out, birds and bats       fence off the area                            Burrowing owl.             finally relented and allowed
are living up in the crevices      with orange con-                                                         crews to scare the owls away,
and hinges of three of the         struction fence — we call it          ment or do earthwork under-        as long as that did not cause
bridges, right next to the         snow fence. It protects the           neath the bridge. We couldn’t      them to fly into the path of
work area. We were warned          bridge bottom so that dust            work at the wall until the         oncoming or departing jets.
of desert tortoises on the         and dirt doesn’t fly up and           babies were born and old           Despite the challenging critter
ground, but we haven’t             affect the nests and eggs.”           enough to handle the intru-        issues, crews managed to
encountered any of them.              Crews brought in a man-lift        sion.”                             complete the project on time.
We encountered birds and           for the Caltrans biologist,               The birds and bats are             To this day, when people
bats, lots of them.”               who made several visits to            safe, and we’re on target for      fly into or out of San Jose,
    First, there were the birds.   monitor the nests, the eggs           a June completion.                 they can look out the window
    It was March 2005, and         and the babies.                           The endangered desert          and see hundreds of little fig-
the females had just laid their       “When she said, ‘It’s okay,        tortoise is an issue on the        ures out in the infield poking
eggs. Crews found scores of        they’re all gone,’ we knocked         Coachella Valley Canal job         up out of the ground. They
Northern rough-winged swal-        down the nests, removed the           (front page), where every          are not squirrels, but the
low nests with eggs and had        snow fence and got back to            employee must watch a              infamous burrowing owls.

                       MEET OUR NEW EMPLOYEES
BILL MEYER                                                             are attending Chico State. Laura is a
   Project Manager on the LAX Project                                  teacher at Merrywood School, a private
                                                                       preparatory school. Gene is a Texas A&M
ADAM COLTON                                                            alumnus, where his focus was in construc-
    Adam began working for us January 17                               tion and occupational safety and health.
as our Equipment Superintendent. Adam                                     Gene shares a familiar hobby to many
migrated from Coast Crane Co. in San                                   at R&L in that he enjoys cars and flying.
Leandro. He is a Las Lomas High School                                    Gene is implementing programs to train
graduate.                                                              managers and employees in worksite safe-
    A single parent of three, Adam’s son                               ty practices. He is passionate about safety
and oldest daughter live with him and his                              and will continue his career path in this field.
youngest daughter lives with her mother.                                  He is a man of few words but recommends visiting Alaska.
    Adam enjoys fishing, crabbing, and is
an avid sports fan. Adam appreciates                                   JOHN BEIGHTLER
NASCAR, the Sharks, A’s and 49ers.                                         John has been working for R&L since
    Representing such a well-known and respected company               October 2005. He is a Structure Engineer
make Adam’s job enjoyable. Another highlight of Adam’s job             and works out of the home office. John
is the opportunity to travel to various jobsites and to work           has 23 years experience, having worked
with many great people. Adam’s future plans include continu-           for American Civil Constructors and Guy
ing his career with R&L.                                               F. Atkinson Co.
                                                                           John and his wife, Ria, have a blended
CHARLES CHOE                                                           family of eight. Three of the children, actu-
   A recent graduate of UC Davis, Charles                              ally young adults, reside with their parents
began working for us in April. He is cur-                              in Danville.
rently fulfilling the duties of a Project                                  An outdoorsman at heart with attractions to hiking, stream
Engineer as well as a Paving Engineer.                                 fishing, camping and traveling, John loves spending time with
   Cerritos and Davis are both home to                                 his children but says it is wonderful to escape with his wife.
Charles. Davis is also known as Cowtown                                    One aspect of John’s work that he finds fulfilling is being
and the golf capital of Northern California.                           a part of a team, building something that’s real and being
Charles majored in mechanical and aero-                                able to see it in a completed state, knowing that one played
nautical engineering, and minored in                                   a role in its creation and production.
technology management. He is a commis-                                     John is enjoying working with many talented individuals at
sioned officer in the Army National Guard. Thank you Charles           R&L, and he is looking forward to working with many more.
for your service.
   Charles’s parents live in Cerritos, but he has adopted the          SUSAN BLAIR
R&L family from Mineta San Jose International Airport —                    Sue started with R&L in November
Scott, Mark, Bill and Cindy. He has greatly appreciated the            2005. She is working in our accounting
support of his co-workers.                                             department supporting the field.
   His enjoyable leisure time is spent playing golf, cycling,          Previously, Sue worked at American Civil
running, basketball, soccer, rock climbing and any water               Constructors West Coast, Inc.
sport.                                                                     California is home to Sue and her fami-
   Charles loves the fact that there are many new, different           ly. She has been married to her husband,
challenges and variables each day. He is enjoying the fast             Mark, for 25 years. They are the parents of
pace and the opportunity to think outside the box to solve             two beautiful girls, Marcia, 18 and attend-
problems. He is truly enjoying the interaction he has with             ing DVC, and Heather, who was a light in
many individuals every day.                                            their lives for almost 21 years. They love animals and have
   His future aspirations include emulating his current men-           two cats and two dogs.
tors, Mark Petty and Scott Norgren.                                        Sue loves to hike and do any outdoor activity. She also
   If you are looking for an adventure, Charles recommends             enjoys reading, when she can find the time. Expanding one’s
playing cheap, relaxing golf in Davis (when it’s not too hot)          mind is of interest to Sue, so she is looking forward to taking
and enjoying daily specials at a local bar afterwards. If you’re       a few science courses at a community college.
interested, give him a ring and he’ll be happy to give you the             R&L has welcomed another co-worker into their lives and
details.                                                               made Sue feel like she was part of the team from day one.
                                                                       Sue enjoys being busy and not having to look for things to do
GENE LIGHTSEY                                                          to occupy her time.
   Geno, as he is known by some, began working for R&L in                  Sue and her family have traveled to France, and she would
March. He is a Project Safety Engineer spending the majority           definitely recommend visiting Paris and Provence.
of his time at the Napa project. Previously Gene worked for
G&G Risk Management Consultants, Inc.                                  JUDY BEEDON
   His home is in Martinez. Gene and his wife, Laura, have               Judy began working for R&L in August 2005 at the
three daughters, Lindsay, Lydia and Logan. Lindsay and Lydia           Coachella project. Her past experience was working in the

                       MEET OUR NEW EMPLOYEES
HR department of Huntington Hospital, in                               BRAD RIGG
Pasadena.                                                                 R&L and Brad began their relationship
   Judy resides at the Fountain of Youth                               in March. Brad is working as a Senior Field
Spa, but her real home is on five acres 30                             Engineer at the Napa River Project. Before
miles east of Palmdale. Judy is married to                             R&L, Brad worked for American Piledriving,
a wonderful man and has two step-daugh-                                Inc.
ters and three grandchildren. One daugh-                                  Home for Brad and his family is
ter works for Safeway Foods in manage-                                 Brentwood. He and his wife, Jodi, have a
ment and the other works for the U.S.                                  15-year-old daughter, Rachelle, and an 11-
Consulate in Israel and is interviewing to                             year old-son, Ryan. They also have a
become a foreign diplomat.                                             Weimaraner named Rufus and an Austrian Shepard Rottweiler
   You can find Judy spending her free time shopping, swim-            mix named Shasta. Shasta was an Incline Village stray who
ming, playing water volleyball or line dancing.                        adopted them. The kids nicknamed her “Hitchhike.r”
   Judy enjoys everything she does at her job. She has really             Brad enjoys spending time with his family at their home.
enjoyed working with Veronica, Shawn and “the guys.” Judy              He and Jodi enjoy raising their two awesome kids, along with
says that they have all been more than willing to teach and            snow skiing, water skiing, hiking and traveling.
explain the construction business to her. Judy, like many oth-
ers at R&L, loves her job, the people she works with and the              Welcome back GUY CULP, MARK HARRINGTON and
fact that she is never bored. As for the future, Judy is willing       SCOTT NORGREN
to go with the flow, wherever life takes her.                          GUY CULP
   You could say that Judy and her husband are “cruisers.”                 Guy began working for R&L in January.
They enjoy different cultures and experiences. They are                He is a Paving Superintendent. Previously
looking forward to their 13th cruise.                                  he had worked for 3 – B’s and R&L, so he
                                                                       is a recognized entity to many.
JOHN RODRIGUEZ                                                             Peoria, Arizona is home to Guy and
    Johnny, as he prefers, began working                               wife, Vonda, their son, Dallas, and Lacey,
for R&L in the Equipment department in                                 their daughter. Guy enjoys horseback
June 2005. His home is in Lafayette.                                   riding and roping.
Johnny has never married and doesn’t                                       Guy’s education took place at the “Ted
have any children. Having said that, mar-                              Blevins Academy of Hard Knocks.” Guy
riage is in the 5 – 10 year look-ahead plan,                           says that paving is a constant challenge, but getting it done is
along with purchasing a home.                                          the reward.
    He enjoys archery and hanging with his
friends. As far as traveling, John has yet to                          MARK HARRINGTON
see anything more beautiful than                                          Mark is working at the LAX project as a
California.                                                            Project Engineer along with Bill Meyers, the
    Johnny’s job takes him all over; wherever equipment is             Project Manager.
needed, that’s where you’ll find him. He enjoys the constant
learning, as every day is different, bringing with it new people
to meet. Johnny would like to make a difference at R&L.

    R&L and Rob began their history togeth-
er in February. Rob filled the position of
Safety Director. Familiar to the industry,                             SCOTT NORGREN
Rob had worked for Swinerton, Maxim                                       Scott is working at the Mineta San Jose
Crane and FCI.                                                         International Airport project as a Senior
    Rob spent his college days at Northern                             Project Engineer.
Arizona University, majoring in industrial
supervision, with an emphasis on safety.
    San Ramon is home to Rob and his
family. His wife, Janice, and he have a five-
year-old daughter, Laura, and are expecting the stork to bring
them a son in the near future.
    Golfing and diving are a few ways Rob enjoys spending his
leisure time, in addition to doing anything with his family.
    Rob says that he is very passionate about safety and likes
to be involved with people who are “doers.” Working with
people is an enjoyable part of his job. Rob looks forward to
continuing his career here at R&L over the next several years.
    Suggested places to visit would be Malaysia and Central
Pacific islands.

                                     MESSAGE FROM BOB BROSAMER

                                            UR BACKLOG HAS BEEN SWEETENED WITH THE ADDITION OF A $29 MILLION
                                            CANAL TRIMMING AND LINING SUBCONTRACT FROM KIEWIT
                                            CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. THIS WORK ON THE ALL AMERICAN CANAL
                                    We were second on an $80 million highway widening in Tracy. This job was an item joint
                                 venture with DeSilva Gates. We’re planning similar joint bids with DeSilva Gates on jobs that
                                 make sense in the Bay Area.
                                    We’re bidding a couple more P.C.C. overlay jobs on Interstate 80 near Emigrant Gap.
                                 These jobs will be joint-ventured with Granite Construction’s Reno Branch. We are also bid-
                                 ding with Granite on a plus $100 million runway replacement at Edwards Air Force Base.
                                    We are one of three pre-qualified bidders for a new R.O.N. apron at John Wayne Airport in
                                 Orange County. There is still a logjam of significant Caltrans work that is slowly working its
                                 way through the system. We’ve had both the CMI and Guntert Pavers through the shop since
                                 we have more than 600,000 cy to put in place this season.
     It was great seeing everyone at the Northern and Southern safety meetings. Your efforts and support are driving down
  our lost-time accidents.
     We will be building our crews back up with winter fading away so remember, talk to the new guy. Let him know that the
  safe way is the only way.

         “Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together”
                                                   — Woodrow Wilson
    It was renewing to spend time with each other at our              We have fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, sons
yearly safety meetings. There have been many long-term              and mothers, sisters with sisters, brothers with brothers.
friendships that have been formed along the way. In addition        Husbands and wives, in-laws and outlaws. It is a family affair.
to close friends, we have many families that work together.         See page 4 for the story on the meeting.

                                                                        Brandon,                                      Lucas
                                                                        Lori and                                      Carver,
                                                                        Charlie                                       Tim
                                                                        Douglas.                                      Miller
                                                                                                                      and Jim

                           John                                         Richard                                      Manuel
                           Pologar                                      and                                          Almodova,
                           and                                          Dave                                         Guy Culp
                           Rusty                                        Doud.                                        and Brian
                           Hoseley;                                                                                  Hayden.
                           and Pam

                                              (925) 627-1700

                   SK SHAWN                                                                           increased his ability and con-

                   OTHEIM,                                                                            fidence in working with peo-
                   R&L                                                                                ple.
                   BROSAMER                                                                               “Because I’ve had a wide
                   PROJECT                                                                            variety of responsibilities, I
                   MANAGER,                                                                           can see the total project from
                   what he likes                                                                      different perspectives. I have
most about working in con-                                                                            a good sense of what needs
struction, and he’ll say, with                                                                        to be done, but also, what
amusement, “I get to wear                                                                             each of those parts of the job
jeans and a T-shirt every day.”                                                                       needs from us to get the
    It’s more than that of                                                                            work done.”
course, for the man who,                                                                                  Shawn has never lost his
even as a young boy growing                                                                           boyhood curiosity about how
up in Big Sky Country, has                                                                            things work. For the last few
always been curious about                                                                             years, he has spent weekends
how things work.                                                                                      tinkering with his classic
    “I like being outdoors, and                                                                       1964 Chevy Impala SS con-
the field atmosphere. I like                 SHAWN OTHEIM AND CARTER                                  vertible, taking it out for
working with these guys —                                                                             Sunday cruises. Recently,
real guys who work hard for a      made the move to the             engineer, Shawn has been          however, the Chevy has taken
living — every day, solving        Golden State, where he took      structures engineer, paving       a backseat to his newest
problems and building              his first field engineer job.    engineer, project engineer        “construction project.”
things.”                               In July 1999, Shawn          and project superintendent.           Shawn and his wife,
    As a kid, Shawn used to        joined R&L Brosamer, Inc.,       He is project manager of the      Tabetha, are the parents of
“tear stuff apart to see how it    as a field engineer on the       Coachella Valley Canal Lining     11-month-old Carter, who
worked,” he says. “Then, I’d       Highway 4 project. Over the      job in Southern California.       keeps dad very busy and
put it back together and find      next seven years, he moved           “Each project and each        delightfully entertained.
something else, and tear it        from project to project, tak-    position has given me differ-         And how’s fatherhood?
apart.”                            ing on a variety of positions,   ent experiences, and I think          “It’s really fun – much
    His inquisitive nature led     gaining valuable experience      I’m a better project manager      more fun than I ever thought
Shawn to Montana State             in both job and personnel        for it,” he says. “I’ve learned   it would be,” he says.
University, where he majored       management.                      so much about the whole               Chances are, it won’t be
in civil engineering. Recruited        He worked on the Wasco       field of construction with        long before Shawn is showing
right out of college by a          Canal Lining, 580                each job, as well as the little   Carter how to tear stuff apart
California construction com-       Interchange, San Jose VTA        details of each aspect of the     and put it back together
pany, Shawn turned his             light rail and Guadalupe River   jobs.”                            again.
hobby into a profession, and       box culvert jobs. From field         His experiences have also

                                                                                              PAYROLL           STAFF
                                                                                                 Before the Northern
                                                                                              California Safety meeting we
                                                                                              had an opportunity to meet
                                                                                              with all the office managers
                                                                                              and the home office staff
                                                                                              that supports them. It was
                                                                                              an ambitious agenda that
                                                                                              covered exchanging ideas
                                                                                              and standardizing our cur-
                                                                                              rent procedures.
                                                                                                 These ladies are in charge
                                                                                              of getting our payroll checks
                                                                                              to our union employees each
                                                                                                 (L-R) Veronica Murray,
                                                                                              Tobi Upson, Danielle Amerio,
                                                                                              Debbie Bolin, Cindy Gann,
                                                                                              Idy Wilson and Michelle

                                     THE SAFETY ZONE
A safe work environment is the result of training
and on-the-job monitoring of safe work habits
                  ORKERS IN                                                                            How do we utilize consis-

                  THE CON-                                                                         tent use of personal protec-
                  STRUCTION                                                                        tive equipment (PPE) when
                  INDUSTRY                                                                         only a portion of workers use
                  TEND TO                                                                          it? How do we involve our
                  RESPOND                                                                          employees in the job hazard
                  better to                                                                        analysis (JHA) if we don’t
what is seen rather than on                                                                        review it with them and
what is heard or read.                                                                             engage the employee in it?
   The same is true for safety                                                                         Keys to integrating a new
and health. If we hear some-                                                                       employee into a crew include,
thing regarding safety, it is                                                                      but are not limited to:
greeted with caution; when                                                                             1. Introduce yourself to
we witness safety issues, we     type of work. At other times,    better than if the employee is   the new “guy.”
respond much more quickly        the worker is experienced,       told one thing, and then goes        2. Be a leader when it
provided we recognize them       but not with our people or       out onto the job and sees        comes to safety and “coach”
as issues.                       our methods. In either case,     something quite different.       each other on safe work
   Our statistics show new       the outcome is the same —           We provide every one of       habits. This is not just a
employees are more than          an injury or incident of some    our new hires with an orienta-   supervisory responsibility; it’s
twice as likely to sustain an    type.                            tion geared toward providing     the responsibility of every-
on-the-job injury than some-        If what the employee sees     that employee with our rules     one.
one who has been here for a      and hears is reinforced with     of conduct and an idea of            3. Communicate any
while.                           what was described during        what to expect on the job.       observations that could
   Why is this?                  the new employee orienta-           Consistency is a main         adversely affect the safety of
   In some instances, the        tion, the potential for an       issue in dealing with job        the person or the crew.
new employee is new to our       injury-free employee is much     expectations.

            Effective June 9,
      R&L Brosamer’s new address is
        1777 Oakland Boulevard
                Suite 300
        Walnut Creek, CA 94596.
        Our new phone number is
           (925) 627-1700.
         Our new fax number is
            (925) 935-1700.



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